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Your Personal Safety Barometer


🏆 Leadership team has 100+ years of combined risk intel experience + entrepreneurial track record
💪🏻 Improves health, safety, and security awareness | Will reduce preventable injuries + disease
💥 Currently have over 600 test users from multiple industries beta testing product
💰 1st to market on a $5B+ opportunity size
💡 Obtained comprehensive patent for personal risk scoring
💯 Long term goal is to establish InsureTech equivalent of the FICO score
🎯 Revenue generating | Already closed 1st Fortune 500 customer
🤖 Web3 - Blockchain - DAO data economy/ecosystem champion | Architecture design in progress

Our Team

Our survival instincts and risk perception are often biased or ill-suited for our modern life - resulting in poor decisions, unwarranted anxiety, and fear. Using mobile and wearable tech, big data analytics and both human and artificial intelligence our app can empower millions with higher safe-esteem, improved risk judgment, and unafraid lives.


Humans abhor uncertainty - which is a leading cause of stress and anxiety and fueling the growth of quantified-self technologies.

All the scores we get from sleep, fitness, and mindfulness apps are ultimately helping us reduce such uncertainty and feel more in control of our lives.

But the most consequential and universal domain of uncertainty is our personal safety - our ability to survive and thrive - and this is where Safe-esteem comes in.

Safe-esteem is laying the foundation of a new data and communication ecosystem to improve quality of life, personal resiliency, and safety awareness. 

The app insights and information will help reduce preventable injuries, accidents, and disease for millions around the world.

Millions of consumers use and pay for apps to receive safety and security alerts or track their family members' location and activities. All of these are sidestepping the real questions and needs all humans are hardwired to resolve: "How safe am I?" and "Is my family safe?

Safe-xplore Personal Edition User Feedback

Rather than exploiting and amplifying fear, Safe-esteem is the first personalized risk measurement solution committed to leveraging behavior design and user profiles based on humane technology principles.

By augmenting our situational awareness, judgment, and decision-making with big data, analytics, and human + Artificial Intelligence (AI) we can measurably improve personal health, safety, and resilience.

Bob Duggan Testimonial
Bob Duggan | Executive Security International

Safe-esteem is poised to benefit from an enormous commercial opportunity in quantified-self technology trends and personalized solutions. We have a first-to-market advantage and intellectual property protection in this growing movement focused on well-being quantification, awareness, and personal resilience.

InsureTech unicorn Root achieved a $1B valuation based primarily on the projected value of personalized risk pricing data in the narrow domain of driving and car insurance. The Safe-esteem business model and patent extend that measurement domain to a much broader spectrum of personal lines insurance,  adding a much richer and more compelling value proposition for consumer adoption and retention. 

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

Millions of consumers already have shown strong interest in apps and tools relating to wellness, fitness, and other aspects of self-monitoring.

Our Total Revenue projections for upcoming operating years 3 – 5 reflect the growth potential inherent in these trends and the multiple revenue stream models.

We are already disrupting the Travel Risk Intelligence industry with our recently-released Safe-xplore Professional and the free Safe-xplore Personal Edition (SXPE) featuring the most advanced Violent Crime Global City Index and personalized risk metrics. 

We recently onboarded our first Fortune 500 customer to Safe-xplore Pro and started seeing double-digit outreach growth with our current SXPE release and early marketing efforts. Analytics

Safe-esteem’s next steps focus sharply on customer outreach, growing our core team, and fine-tuning our technology to deliver an outstanding user experience. 

Join us on this journey as we bring our personal safety barometer to market and help people around the world achieve higher safe-esteem and live unafraid lives!