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The First Performance Rucking Sock. Made in the USA with 100% American Materials & Labor.



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Revenue Share Loan
9% of revenue 2.0X payback multiple
$250, $1K, $5K, $10K


Special Operations Disabled Veteran-Owned Company.
Social media following of over 85k.
Total Addressable Market is $23.39B globally, growing at 2.72% annually through 2027.
$19k in revenue through the first 8 months.

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Ruck Sox: Stepping Up for America's Heroes and the Future of Textile Manufacturing

At Ruck Sox, we're tired of two things: blisters & American manufacturing jobs going overseas.

We've set out to change both of those things, but we need your support to effectively accomplish both missions. Together, we'll be part of providing service members and first responders with the highest-quality, American-made socks on the market while simultaneously revitalizing the American textile industry.

We believe the sock of choice for service members, law enforcement, firefighters, nurses, and EMTs should come from a company that actually has their back. We encourage you to research the company that makes the socks you're currently wearing to see where they stand on issues facing our country, and you may be surprised at what you read. Simply making socks in America does not inherently mean you love this country. One thing is for certain: we'd die for this country.

At Ruck Sox, a Disabled Veteran Owned Company, we're committed to readiness. This is why we've created The First Performance Rucking Sock® to make the demands of our customers' jobs a little bit easier. Our socks are designed to reduce blisters and hotspots which helps heroes stay in the fight longer. We believe painful blisters should be the last thing someone should be worried about in a stressful situation.

We're involved with very exciting companies and partnerships, and we're seeking investors primarily to enter into these partnerships and meet the demand for our socks. In our first 8 months, we had $19k in revenue with just a $250 digital advertising budget. The growth potential for our company is encouraging, as most of our sales came from word of mouth by interacting with our customers at events. When we create more engaging content for our following of 86k on Instagram, we believe the sales will undoubtedly follow. Strategic partnerships also add credibility to our brand, further expanding our reach and enabling us to have conversations with larger retailers.

According to Statista, globally the TAM for socks is $23.39B, growing at 2.72% annually through 2027. Apart from the military and first responder market, we see growth potential in the outdoor and hunting space as well. We believe on any given weekend during the fall, a service member should be able to go into their local sporting goods store to buy their hunting license, a box of ammo, a pair of Ruck Sox, and their favorite Veteran-founded coffee brand for an enjoyable and warm weekend hunt. There is also growth potential via government contracts as well, since our socks are Berry Amendment compliant.

Since our products are made with 100% American labor and materials, they aren't cheap to make. Under no circumstances will we be pressured by investors to offshore manufacturing for better profit margins. We'll sheer the sheep, comb the wool, spin the yarn, and knit the socks ourselves by hand if we have to before we ever consider offshoring.

We look forward to this journey, and we hope you'll be part of it. Thank you for your consideration.


Killian Nowrey, CEO

US Army Vet.