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Ron Artesano

Handmade rum made in the mountains of Puerto Rico


Our rum is made by hand by one of the most respected experts in the world of rum, Mr. Javier Herrera
Intended international distribution: Caribbean, Europe & USA by Q4 2021 (year 1).
Lean business model should allow profits from year #1 (not guaranteed).
Artesano is created in Puerto Rico, the Rum Capital of the World.
A federal law called "Rum Cover Over" returns part of the tax paid to sell in the USA to rum makers
51% employee-owned. Now, we will be opening our ownership to our fans worldwide.

Our Team

1. We are all rum lovers. 2. We all understand the business and the opportunities the business presents because we all have worked in the business for many years. 2. We have a world-class team. 3. Because we know we can actually produce one of the best rums in the world 4. We will sell internationally from the start.

How this started...

When I started working in the alcoholic beverage business, I fell in love. I loved the energy, the dynamics, and the people. It's a fun business that makes a lot of money...What's not to like?

When I was working with OTHER rum company, I met Javier.

He was consulting the company I worked for on some technical issues, while I was Brand Marketing Manager for a top rum brand. Javier is a very important person in the rum business, and I was assigned the responsibility of coordinating his activities during his visit. We got to spend a lot of time together and we "clicked" immediately.

After Javier met with the Rums of Puerto Rico Director, he understood "Rum Cover-Over".

"Rum Cover Over" is a unique Federal Law that gives back a percentage of the Federal Excise Tax to Puerto Rico rum producers. Between Rum Cover Over and other manufacturing & tax incentives Puerto Rico is the most profitable place to manufacture rum in the world. That is the reason Bacardi, the #1 rum brand in the world is established in Puerto Rico.

Javier told me he had always dreamt of having his own distillery, and we agreed to do it in Puerto Rico as partners.

After a couple of meetings with investors we immediately realized we needed a Distillery if we wanted to get ARTESANO off the ground....that's how I met Luis.

We met in a restaurant for lunch, both with our computers. I presented ARTESANO to Luis, he presented his distillery and brand portfolio to me. ARTESANO needed a Distillery, and the Distillery needed a Sales & Marketing person. In that very meeting, we understood we could help each other.

We got started on fine-tuning our plan, discussing go to market strategies, efficiencies, best business models and now...we come to you to help us get the fuel to make ARTESANO really happen. The funding we need is to purchase raw materials, packaging materials and to fund our sales & marketing efforts to make ARTESANO an international brand from the first year.

ARTESANO - WeFunder.pdf

Our 2021 timeline as planned with key milestones:

Note: Projections are not guaranteed.

"As a leading figure in the Puerto Rican cocktail and Bar scene we fully support the efforts of Destilería Cruz and Artesano Rum in creating a truly Artisanal rum. They've become an asset to the local distilling community by incorporating the use of copper pot stills in their production, not just following what has become the traditional method of industrial rum making for Puerto Rican Rum Brands. We believe Artesano will become a historic brand by showing the industry - locally and internationally - that Puerto Rico can make Pot Still Rums. We're eager to show the world what this Puerto rican Rum can do!"
Leslie Cofresi
Owner - La Factoria (#32 Worlds Top 50 Bars), Jungle Bird, Caneca Coctelera Móvil.

"There has been very little transformation in the spirits market in recent history but ARTESANO is about to revolutionize the world of rum. I want to be part of it and so should you!"
Henry Irizarry
Accomplished International Business Executive & Global Strategy Visionary