Revolutionizing manholes, storm drains and utility vaults - SAVES MONEY

Last Funded May 2023


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Privately raised over $2.3M
Saves Money - Simple, Safe, Fast, and Accurate
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Three patents registered and two trademarks issued.

Our Team

I knew there had to be better way to set manholes. The use of prybars and shims is inaccurate, slow and unsafe. As a developer and road owner my projects had to be done right, completed within budget and without injuries or delays.


RimRiser continues to join membership and trade organizations to help promote our products.

When we show RimRiser to contractors and public works crews, there is always a few people who will say, “why didn’t anyone think of this 100 years ago.” RimRiser not only means “saving money” it means working safer, faster, more accurately. Instead of pry bars or excavation equipment to adjust heavy structures to the exact elevation and slope, a single installer can simply turn the screws without lifting or hand placing shim material.

Simple, Safe, Fast, Accurate, reduces Labor and crew size, reduces the risk for hand and back injuries, a leading hazard on construction sites. Set it right the first time and eliminate the re-adjustment of manholes and catch basins after pavement has been laid, accurate installs last longer and require less maintenance.

RimRiser is easily integrated into any current municipal casting or precast concrete top for civil construction. Any project with parking lots, sidewalks, roadway, new construction or repair, is a revenue opportunity for RimRiser.

RimRiser does the work of heavy machinery and multiple crew members, saving time and money. Currently in Maine, RimRiser is being used to set precast concrete tops weighing more than 7,700 pounds.

RimRiser has multiple state and agency approvals and many more in the works. We're working to make RimRiser the standard across the nation.

Three USA patents and two trademarks have been issued. We are continuing our patent and trademark pursuit in Europe, Australia and Canada.

RimRiser was officially introduced to the country at the 2020 Precast Show in Dallas Fort Worth Texas. RimRiser was very well received.  Click here for links to the articles listed in the following slide.

In person product demonstrations are provided for contractors, civil engineers and municipalities. Customers recognize the value of RimRiser- Simple, Safe, Fast, Accurate- a superior method of installation. Again, saving time and money.

We have lots of success hosting product demonstrations at our HQ in Vancouver, WA. Local agencies have adopted and spec’d RimRiser after seeing it in action and recognizing the safety, efficiency, and accuracy benefits.

Below is a list of some of the companies we work with across the country

RimRiser continues to join membership and trade organizations to help promote our products.

RimRiser has sales in excess of $200,000 and contractors are beginning to place orders by the truckload. There have been a few larger corporations in the industry looking to acquire RimRiser. They realize the company that holds the patents will eventually control the market. A quote from one of the industry leaders. "RimRiser made cast iron sexy again".

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