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DISRUPTIVE- Relevant Entertainment doesn't want to just make films, we want to completely reimagine the industry.
PROFESSIONAL- our team has almost 50 years of experience working in TV and film.
INDUSTRY CONNECTIONS- our partners have relationships with major studios such as Universal, Sony, Paramount, and MGM.
BUSINESS EXPERTISE- our CEO has 18 years experience in leadership for Fortune 10 companies such as T-Mobile and Toyota.

Our Team

Media in all its forms is the main driving force behind information and even the shaping of peoples' beliefs these days. However, it seems that only one minority voice/viewpoint is heralded in media, at the expense of society as a whole. This must change for the sake of future generations. As the saying goes, when good men do nothing, evil wins.

Hollywood is Broken.

Media has become the dominant form of communication and influence on society over the past 50 years or more.  During this time, people of faith somehow started viewing entertainment and the arts as enemies; this has led to a vacuum of morality, integrity, and  truth in the entertainment world, which is destroying our society.  If we stand a chance at regaining a culture where values and morality are held as important virtues to possess, then we must overhaul our entertainment.  

We believe there is a HUGE base of everyday movie-goers who want to watch movies without having to compromise their morals or values and are willing to support ANY film like this, AS LONG AS it has studio-quality entertainment with a solid story that relates a real world message of hope and truth...and would love to not only support this mission, BUT SHARE IN THE POTENTIAL PROFITS!  Are you ready to learn more and find out what's in it for you?  Keep reading...

The Solution-  Entertainment Professionals

The only way to truly alter the message in media is to transform the industry from the inside out.  You wouldn't go to your doctor to fix the engine on your car, so why would you think those with no entertainment industry experience are capable of understanding the mechanics behind good filmmaking?  The simple answer is they're not!

We will not only ensure that the truth and hope of our faith is woven into the stories of our films, but we will be a film production company created with the intent to share the gospel with those who work in Hollywood, as well.

 First headshot in 2000                             Current Headshot

Matt- The Early Years                                  Current Headshot

Pictures of Vicki and Matt on various TV and Film Sets

What's In It For You?

We are using an updated, revenue-friendly, and much more sustainable system to ensure that our production model, which is a proven-method for securing financing and distribution for major studio pictures, allows for the highest ROI and global success in all avenues of financial windfall possible.

This means whether you invest $100 or $500,000 every investor will receive 110% of their investment (pro-rata the percentage of your investment) back. After each film begins its global distribution, each investor receives their full proportional share of 25% of the film company's global profits from all of the motion pictures revenue sources. Plus, you will be able to say that you helped produce multiple major motion pictures!

 We are offering an "early bird perk" for all investments up to our first $100,000 raised. Keep reading to see how you can take advantage of this great offer.

A Long Standing Career in TV and Film

The CEO and Co-Executive Producer are people of faith who combined have almost 50 years experience in the film and TV industry in the areas of acting, directing, and producing with our projects seen on numerous networks and big screens, while our distribution liaison has over 30 years experience in all aspects of film distribution, including direct involvement in the distribution of over 250 major films.  His industry experience and relationships include the following major players:  Paramount, Disney, Sony, Warner Bros, Universal, MGM, and Lionsgate.  As mainstream professionals with creative and business experience, we will work to create the same great studio-quality entertainment that you all desire and expect! We invite you to join us on this journey!

Our Focus- Future Generations

Our goal is to help shape the future of the next generation through media.  Although we believe our films will appeal to most movie-goers, we will be a company in this industry who places an emphasis on stories that relate and speak to the Millennial and Gen Z audiences- who combined are the largest movie-going audience.

                                 **Stats according to the 2019 MPAA Theme Report**

                                  **Stats according to the 2019 MPAA Theme Report**

Why is This Important?  We Are Losing These Generations

One thing for sure is that not only is the current environment in media and entertainment disruptive for society as a whole, but it seems to have a much more direct and long term impact on the younger generations, and what happens with these generations affects us all!

Just take a look at the current line up of TV shows, films, and online streaming content, and what you see on display all too often are film and TV shows that meet the criteria these generations desire in entertainment, but they also glorify the dark side of life, while encouraging the acceptance of unhealthy beliefs.


Our Slate of Original Films

When you invest in Relevant Entertainment, you're not just investing in one film, you're investing in a slate of films.  We currently have 3 projects in the works and a fourth project being created with more to come.  By offering films that range in genre, tone, and topics, we aim to offer more financial stability to our investors over the years to come.  We plan to use the profits from our first three films to fund subsequent films in the future.  We are in this for the long haul!

Our First Film:  "Through Thick and Thin" is a story about a young man from Dallas with a promising future who learns firsthand how cruel, difficult, yet redemptive life can be after finding himself homeless.  It seamlessly blends the struggles, heartache, and laughter of everyday life together in an entertaining and poignant way.  Think Napolean Dynamite meets Steel Magnolias.

Our Second Film: "Another Way" (working title) 
is based on a true story.  Although Brad Riley grew up in a typical church-going, family-oriented suburban city in Texas, his family was far from typical.  By the time Brad was finishing middle school, the lack of affection shown in his family, abusive behaviors, and the desire to constantly be as far from home when possible, led Brad to gravitate to a group of similarly lost friends his age.  Their poor decisions eventually led to all of them doing jail time by the end of their senior year in high school.  God's story for Brad, however, was not done.  This film is about how he went from someone with six different stints in jail to the lead worship pastor at one of the most influential churches in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

Our Third Film:  "The Other Side of The Moon" is a story about a young man in his 30's who is on the verge of losing his family and career when he is presented with a personal story of love and tragedy from an unexpected source that inspires him to step out of the shadows and into the light.

                ***No poster at this time***

The Business Model- Redefine The Business of Independent Filmmaking

We're not asking you to invest in a vision with good intentions.  We're offering you the opportunity to invest in a professionally run business with a gospel-centered mission.

One of the main things that sets us apart from other production companies is in how we go about making our films.  Financial success in filmmaking requires a methodical and highly-developed set of plans.  

The majority of independently produced films result in a financial loss, as most investors will tell you.  This is due to a lack of proper structuring in the development process, which is why we employ the most successful roadmap for filmmaking that currently exists in the industry.  

Here's what we do-

The Stages of Development- How This Works

Stage 1:  Developing The Story-   During this time, the story is developed with the goal of positively overwhelming the masses from around the globe, but especially our target audience.  If there is no script, a screenwriter will be hired to write the story.  If a completed script already exists (which is the case for 2 of our 3 films), then this time is used to hire screenwriting professionals whose job it is review every aspect of the script and give a detailed analysis of what works and what doesn't.  Then, the notes are taken back to the writing team to make the needed adjustments on the screenplay, so it can be sent back to the screenwriting professionals for another look.  Most screenplays will go through this routine between 20 to 40 times before the screenplay is ready to take to distributors.  This entire process can take anywhere between 6 to 18 months depending on whether you are starting with a completed screenplay or not.

Stage 2:  Greenlight Analysis-  During this time, we analyze likely global earnings from all sources compared to it's total production, branding, and distribution costs.  The profit to cost ratio must be 2 to 1 before we will proceed.  Here's a list of just a few of the activities that are done during this time:  identifying target audiences while doing an in-depth comparative analysis, a producer's global gross and share profits report, confidential investment memorandum, diligence materials memorandum for investors, production funding analysis and architecture with prospective partners report, and more.  We wouldn't be moving forward if these scripts and the premise for our 2nd film wouldn't have passed the initial screening.   We are ready! 

***Note that for our completed screenplays, Stage 2 will overlap with Stage 1 of developing the story, which will shorten our runway on this timeline.***

Stage 3:  Further Development with Distributors-  Once each film passes the green light process with our distributors, it's further developed and considered for each major global market to determine the specific needs for each market.  It is also at this point that the CEO of Relevant Entertainment will be working to negotiate various licensing deals with companies for marketing and branding purposes.

Stage 4:  Engage Distributor License Agreements in Major Global Markets- When we are able to secure these distribution agreements along with other collateral and the film's completion bond, then we can fully secure the bank production loan needed to fund the making of the movie.  

Are you ready for some big news?

We are currently working on securing international distribution in the 8 largest global markets outside of the U.S.  Our goal is to have at least the 9 largest markets globally (this includes the U.S./Canada) on board before production begins!

Stage 5:  We begin production on the film-  This period of time includes hiring our crew, casting the actors, scouting locations, as well as many other necessary steps before we can begin rolling a camera, which usually is about a 45 to 60 day process.  Once we have everything lined up and ready to go, we can begin to actually shoot the film.  We slate around 4 to 6 weeks for what is known as principal photography.  Once the film is shot and finished, we then immediately move into post production, which entails numerous details in order to get the film ready to hand over to our distributors for screening.  Before we begin the production process, we will have a hard date set by the distributors for when this film will need to be ready to hand over for viewing.  This date will determine and drive our production and post production timeline.  

Comparable Films and Revenue

Large Market Audience- Limited Offerings

There really isn't much direct competition in this space. Major studios don't make many movies that appeal to the Millennial and GenZ audiences that don't come with an R rating.  So, for the millions of film loving people out there in these categories who are tired of having to choose to overlook a sexually explicit scene, ignore expletive rants, or even be told what their social/political views should be if they desire to be a good citizen of humanity, their options outside of the faith-based or animated world are becoming smaller and smaller these days.  Now, what if the desire of these average movie-going individuals, specifically Millennials and Gen Z aged people, such as: original storylines with strong acting, movies that explore complex and conflicting emotions, stories with authentic humor, young people in leading roles, and films that accurately portray traditional values was placed at the forefront of every film a production company made?   Combine this with the business model that major studios use to produce their films, and we believe you have movie gold like the comparable films in the chart below here.


Need For A New Financial Model

As you can see, exorbitant spending by major studios on films happens from the very beginning!  Most studio products will range anywhere from $30-200 million to produce.  However, more than 50% of these expenses are usually associated with costs that take place BEFORE production even begins!  Not only is this not necessary for character-driven films, it is not feasible for independent production companies to do.  We will make each of our films for $7-$10 million total.  This allows us to have the studio-quality professionals needed to bring our projects to life, while ensuring we are financially sound for years to come.

2020 showed us why there's a need for a new way of making and distributing films. Simply speaking, along with the economy, the way consumers receive their entertainment has changed dramatically, and so must the industry if it wants to survive. The days of bloated budgets and weak/tired storylines won't cut it anymore.

Investor Perks!

Why are we doing this?  Because we can, and because YOU are the best advertisement we could ever get!  We believe that by investing in those who invest in us we will be building a solid and excited fan base who will share our mission and projects with everyone they know!  We are on a mission to send an unmistakeable message to the world that excellent entertainment and values can and must co-exist.  Won't you join us?

Before We Call It A Wrap (as the saying goes in film)

Thank you for considering partnering with Relevant Entertainment on this journey! We couldn't be more humbled and excited about the opportunity we have before us to literally reshape society and our culture for the better, and being able to share this mission with people such as yourselves is so rewarding for us. Before wrapping up the story behind the vision, as CEO, I wanted to mention a few things worth noting.

We believe Relevant Entertainment is unlike any other company in the entertainment realm. This is intentional in design, as the business of entertainment is a broken business model in many ways. I want to take a few minutes to explain a little more about what makes us different in my own plain spoken, Southern way.

We want to energize "the silent majority" to unite with us on our mission to influence the world of entertainment. You see, it's not just about how we fund the company, but we feel more importantly, it's about how we alter the message in media. If we achieve this goal, we will have created an unstoppable force for good, and with your help, will have accumulated millions of dollars with which the company will continue to create amazing products for years to come because we will have a base that is emotionally and financially invested in our mission!

I am a big believer that you should never invest more than you can bear to lose. With that said, let me ask you a question. What will be the cost to each of us, as well as future generations if we continue to sit by and watch our society go down a path of moral and societal destruction without ever making a real investment to change it? If you're willing to take a leap of faith and shoot for the stars, we would love to have you on our team! We're not solely relying on our experience, money, and "know-how" to make this company a success, but we are trusting and leaning into the hand of the Almighty to do what only He can do, and He likes to work through everyday people!  Now is the time, this is the team to do it, and you are an important part of His plan.  Won't you join us?

Looking Ahead Together With You,

Vicki O'Brien

Founder and CEO of Relevant Entertainment