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Tree-free and plastic-free household paper company

Last Funded December 2023


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Gross revenue nearly doubling year over year since founding and pacing to exceed $18M this year.
The leading sustainable national branded toilet paper sold in 900 Targets and 200+ add'l stores.
A business led by experienced CPG brand builders from P&G, Mrs. Meyers, and Kimberly-Clark.
Over 13k 5-star online reviews and a loyal base of nearly 50k subscribers.

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Let's transform household paper together!

We are flushing our forests, but there’s a simple solution. 

The statistics are staggering: traditional toilet paper production accounts for 15% of global deforestation, with the average US consumer using an estimated 141 rolls of toilet paper every year. 

While toilet paper may not feel like an unsustainable item, the everyday consumption of the product and irrational use of virgin trees have led to a supply chain where century-old forests are being logged to provide a single-use paper item that's flushed down the toilet.

These century old forests are essential carbon stores for our planet (Canada’s Boreal forest contains at least 12% of the planets carbon), homes to hundreds of indigenous communities, and are homes for countless species of wildlife.

Consumers want to shop sustainably, but they haven't had the opportunity.

With three incumbents controlling 60%+ of the category & most sustainable alternatives to date feeling scratchy or super thin - we saw an opportunity. By creating a premium, 3-ply toilet paper that matches the softness and strength of traditional brands - we have provided customers with an option that feels good for them and the planet.

Premium, sustainable paper is the answer.

By offering consumers a premium, sustainable product - we have made it easy for them to find toilet paper they love and do their small part in helping the planet.

With more and more consumers looking sustainable products, tree-free paper is expected to grow from only 1% of the household paper category to up to 20% by 2030.

We are seeing the results already.

A few highlights about our flagship toilet paper product:

  • Made from sustainably-sourced bamboo fiber 
  • 3-ply composition for premium-level strength & softness  
  • Plastic-free packaging 
  • Modern, contemporary design  
  • Septic-safe / Lint-Free, dust-free / BPA Free  
  • No Inks or Dyes

Our exceptional results go beyond sales; it's about impact!

With over 100,000 people making the switch to tree-free paper, we have made a significant impact in saving our forests and preventing the use of single-use plastic.

We have already demonstrated tremendous success in the three sales channels that are the key to transforming the category. Based on our current trajectory we expect (but cannot gauratee) to reach $100mm in sales over the next three years.In less than 4 years since launch:

  • 100,000–150,000 monthly site visitors
  • 100,000+ customers to date
  • 45,000 active subscriptions
  • 82.0 net promoter score
  • 94% customer satisfaction score
  • Email database of 120,000+ names
  • 40k+ followers on social media

Customer Retention is one of our many superpowers.

Our subscription program has an industry-leading 2.5% churn rate and nearly 60% of all of our customers make at least second purchase in their first 12 months with us.

The strong economics of our best-in-class retention have been amplified by an Average Order Value that has increased 26% over 2 year period and that should only continue to increase as we develop our line of products.

One of the leading U.S. retailers in innovation across household essentials chose Reel as its premium bamboo paper brand in 2021.

  • Toilet paper launched in 200 Target stores across the U.S. in June 2021
  • Exceeded Target's initial velocity expectations by 2.5x
  • Reel’s store footprint expanded nationwide to 900 stores in April 2022

  • Reel brings new shoppers to stores: 52% of Target buyers had not purchased Toilet Paper in Target despite 1+ trips per week.
  • Reel attracts valuable, strategic shoppers: Millennials @ 175 index, Income +$125k @ 147 index, College/+ @ 130 index.
  • Reel grows the category for retailers: +15% price premium vs. category avg., double retail margin.

Success on highlights opportunity across eCommerce

  • Reel launched toilet paper on Amazon in early 2021
  • One of the highest rated tree-free toilet paper
  • Already exceeding $5mm annualized sales with over 10,000 Subscribe & Save customers
  • Frequently highlighted as “Amazon’s Choice” with Lightning Deals and Prime Day activations

*all forward-looking statements and projections are estimates and subject to change

*all forward-looking statements and projections are estimates and subject to change

  • DTC business has tripled behind continued subscriber growth, improvement in CAC, strong retention and expanding AOV.
  • With our expected retail footprint expanding to +6,000 in 2024 - we plan to put Reel in front of more consumers and solidify it as the category leader in retail.
  • Paper towels continues to scale the business and Customer LTV should greatly improve with further product line extensions expected in 2024 and beyond (facial tissues, napkins, etc.).
  • Our plan is that retail becomes dominant channel across mix by 2025.