🚀Global Real Estate Platform With Real Buyer Cashback & Time-Limited Events

Last Funded November 2021
Important Notice

RealtyHive LLC raised a total of $1,638,500 in this round. $188,500 was raised on Wefunder through Reg CF, and $1,450,000 was raised outside of Wefunder.


raised from 70 investors
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🤑Completed initial phase of the raise - $950,000 on the same terms as offered on Wefunder
💪12 months operation in 2020 - $1.7 million in revenue
💸New product extension - Cashifyd offers Cashback in Real Estate by Local Experts
🔥Worldwide established products with an 85+% adoption rate by consumers

Our Team

RealtyHive-Current Real Estate marketing is outdated and ripe for disruption. Agents out of pocket marketing budgets are slim & unless a property sells quickly, many linger on the market. Cashifyd-By allowing buyers to control themselves as a lead and release data to a group of selected agents; they can participate in Cash-Back incentives.

Join Us in Expanding the Gold Standard of Real Estate & Buyer Cashback

RealtyHive is a tested, tuned platform with real results and we are just getting started...

This is an opportunity to invest in a ground-level company with multiple revenue streams, well-tested products, and industry traction.  Your investment with RealtyHive will assist in further development and global expansion.

Solutions to the industry with 85+% consumer adoption

Current clients include Private Property Sellers, Buyers, Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Financial Institutions, International Developers, and more.

To coin a phrase from the philosopher Aristotle - the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This aptly describes the multiple connected product lines developed under RealtyHive’s umbrella. These programs cater to each individual client's needs and economical changes, while also ensuring maximum consumer choice and company revenue.

Issues identified - we solved 3 really big ones!

RealtyHive analyzed billions of dollars worth of properties across the globe. We found broad sections of the industry being underserved, leaving many sellers and agents needing additional options when traditional marketing fails. We also found a massive need for a free, open-architecture platform to connect buyers with agents offering real cashback at closing.

The solution to issue #1 - globally connecting Buyers & Sellers through Time-Limited Events

RealtyHive is a proven worldwide real estate platform that pairs intelligent digital marketing with strategic Time-Limited Events to connect buyers and sellers from around the world.

The platform is designed to identify the properties needing the most help, expose them to the right buyers, and incentivize them to act.

RealtyHive’s exclusive Time-Limited Events use a range-pricing methodology to create a sense of urgency in the marketplace.

Think of Time-Limited Events as the icing on the cake, the creme de la creme, the best of the best in Real Estate exposure and marketing results.

Yeah, it's a big opportunity!

The Solution to Issue #2 - we then created the first CASHBACK app for REAL ESTATE, and it's free for buyers to use

Cashifyd is connecting property buyers with real estate agents who offer real cash back at closing, giving consumers money back at closing, without being forced to a particular agent, company or property, and without releasing their contact information to a mass of hungry agents.

To get cashback, consumers simply have to download the app and submit their buying criteria to start receiving cashback offers from agents. Their contact info will only be released to the agent they select to work with.

What to expect from Cashifyd:

Cashifyd is an entirely new concept in money-saving apps. Instead of saving you money on products you use in your home like Ibotta, Rakuten, and other couponing apps, Cashifyd gets you real money on the biggest purchase of all!

Choosing a real estate agent can be a bit like dating. With Plenty of Fish in the sea, making the right pick can hinge on using the right technology. Similar to, but for real estate, Cashifyd lets you view agent profiles, videos, read bios, and learn more about someone before actually connecting with them to get your cashback.

So, how big is this? ...Really Big!

The Solution to Issue #3 - we gave Agents & Lenders a unique way to differentiate themselves in their marketplaces

In a very commoditized service world, Real Estate Agents & Mortgage Lenders are continuously looking for new and unique ways to stand out and obtain new business in their marketplace.

RealtyHive has developed programs that allow agents and lenders to use our Platform and promote themselves as marketplace experts using our products. These new programs create recurring income streams and the local experts market the RealtyHive services.

Let's put it all together!

In a nutshell, RealtyHive is a firm with multiple, globally-connected product lines that all end up working in tandem to create revenue, get consumers real money, and build optimal success for our clients.

Want to dive a bit deeper? We've got you covered - check out our full pitch video:

We’ll let our clients take it from here