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Invest in RAD AI

AI for Smarter and Faster Digital Content

$33M pre-money valuation Priced Round
$10K, $25K, $50K
Joseph Freedman
AI is transforming every facet of marketing. RAD is the only AI platform I know of that is focused on the massive influencer marketing space. They Use AI to connect brands with the right creators who generate authentic content that resonates with targeted audience. RAD's AI platform has created unprecedented engagement for brands like Hasbro by removing the guesswork that is rampant in today’s influencer marketing space. There is no doubt in my mind that AI enabled campaigns are quickly becoming essential for successful influencer marketing and RAD is poised to be the leader in this space.
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3X revenue growth year to date from 2022 to 2023 and growing
Customers including Dignity Health, Sweetgreen, The Black Tux, Roman Health & more
World-class team founders with 5 exits between them, Ph.D.s, & leaders from Wharton, Harvard and MIT
Backed by the Adobe Fund for Design
~5k investors including VCs like Fidelity, Expert Dojo, MaRS, Execs from Google, Amazon, Live Nation
Featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Entrepreneur, VentureBeat, Huffington Post, and NASDAQ
Positioned to disrupt the Marketing Technology and Analytics industries — valued at $633 billion
Recipient of AI Innovation Grant from Canada that covers up to 40% of annual product dev. costs

Our Team

I hired 20+ “marketing agencies” over a 4 year time frame while running Trendy Butler (exited in 2017). The common throughline was mediocre performance. For this reason, I learned digital marketing and how to make sense of it all. RAD is what I needed - a high-performance marketing engine that authentically engages diverse audiences at scale.

Invest in the future AI

We envision a world where AI makes all communication more human. RAD AI built an artificial intelligence that helps brands create more authentic communication tailored to their ideal customer. In short, we help our clients engage their target audiences with communication that lands.

We are scaling revenue and our client results have been recognized across the globe. We have nearly 5000 investors including VCs, Fidelity, Expert Dojo, Executives from Google, Amazon and Live Nation that all share our vision to become the gold standard AI for digital content creation.

Across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and every major social platform, there are more than 25 billion social engagements every day. We use these platforms to connect and communicate with one another. And each one of these social messages is an opportunity for brands to get their product in front of their target customer.  

This is why we’ve built a generative AI that helps brands get in front of their target customer the right way - with real authenticity. At the click of a button, we tell brands who their customer is, and how to best message them. Imagine a world where artificial intelligence and data give brands unbiased, highly actionable information that they can use to better message their target customer.  Everybody wins, customers connect more deeply with the brand, and these same brands, our clients, make better return on investment (ROI).

Digital marketing agencies have a dated business model that benefits from an industry built on impossible to understand results. This industry, valued at over $633 billion per annum, includes Marketing Technology (MarTech) and Data Analytics solutions across the globe.

Bloated fees and confusing results are normal. Until now, brands had to rely on agencies to build a marketing strategy with budget holders keeping their fingers crossed on whether the result of their spend would produce a return on investment. These same agencies have built books of businesses worth billions on this broken model.

Our competitive advantage lies in harnessing the power of our proprietary AI to provide actionable insights that drive content decisions. Today, our clients don’t guess about what type of content they should produce, how it should be made, and who the best influential personalities are to promote their message.  

These biased opinions serve as “validation” for big agencies over-charging their clients This multi-billion dollar problem means brands are forced to suffer with inflated agency prices and expensive guesswork around their next million-dollar campaign.

The days of guesswork are over. RAD AI takes content decisions and digital marketing campaigns to the next level by identifying the optimal campaign strategy and at the click of a button. With precise predictions, we produce results that consistently produce measurable return on investment. Our technology can be used for influencer activations, paid advertising and organic social media promotion.

Product Explainer, Video 2023

By developing and harnessing the capabilities of generative AI, we've unlocked the true potential of unbiased creative decision-making, enabling our clients to establish genuine connections with their target audience and achieve unparalleled success.

The outcomes our clients get as a direct result of our proprietary AI-powered insights is paving the way for unprecedented growth and impact, especially for clients seeking to maximize the value of their budget allocations.  With over $75 billion each year wasted on bad marketing campaigns - companies lack the capability to engage audiences at scale, leaving authentic connection and customer loyalty on the table.

Our advancements in AI have have been the catalyst behind securing major deals with today's largest enterprises. We constantly beat out the biggest agency service providers for the deals that matter most. Our team of 20 full-time employees (FTEs) surpasses agencies with 1000+ employees because we believe our solution is 10X better than the competition.  

New RAD AI-Powered Media Optimization technology unveiled at Adobe MAX 2023 Creativity Conference

Our commitment to developing AI that fundamentally changes content creation has delivered important partnerships, client wins and countless opportunities. Being selected for the prestigious Adobe Fund for Design is another win that has our team buzzing. Our build into the Adobe Express ecosystem utilizes AI to analyze images and videos, offering predictive insights for performance.

The Adobe Fund for Design commissions technical projects from developers such as RAD AI that are pushing boundaries and shaping the future of design. This marks another use case of how our proprietary AI can be used to solve content creation problems and we are thrilled to be a part of the growing Adobe Express developer ecosystem. 

Our platform was developed on a belief that digital marketing programs require AI automation, intelligence, and workflow systems to drive insights about the customers our clients want to attract. These essential gaps are filled in by integrating our AI-driven capabilities into content decisions that are vital for achieving high-performance results. Hence, our AI focuses on the most difficult and important elements of the content marketing processes.

Now brands can develop meaningful connections with diverse and global audiences at scale. Clients that use our product and methodology are rewarded measurable campaign performance and quantifiable ROI.

By blending the magic of storytelling with the mastery of AI, we help companies design authentic marketing programs for the audiences they want to attract.

Our economic moat and competitive advantage includes 12+ years of research, model training and data testing to bring RAD AI to market in its current form. To date, over $27 million has been invested, which includes funding from AI innovation grants and nearly 5,000 investors that all share in our vision. And clients are taking notice.

Our customers spanning the entertainment, gaming, healthcare, e-commerce, education, banking, travel/hospitality, finance and fashion industries, love our technology.

*Retention rate refers to qualified customers

Our customers are using our AI to activate faster, smarter digital marketing campaigns. This results in measurable ROI and unparalleled insights. We solve problems like what type of content should be produced and what influencers are best suited to deliver our clients’ messages.   

RAD AI makes money in a few ways

Net New Campaigns - We sign enterprise deals for pilots that have a minimum test budget of $100,000 or more. The gross profit margins on net new campaigns is between 55% to 65%.

Renewal Campaigns - After a successful pilot, customers convert to our solution to manage and/or execute budgeted campaigns. For example, one of our largest clients tested $160,000 in pilot campaigns 2023, then scaled to $2 million scheduled for Q4 of 2023, and another $1.1 million for 2023.

The Average Client Value - Including test pilots and renewal business is $385,000.  This is typically a fully managed solution.

We are currently best testing retainer models for Key Clients and partners starting $1.1 million annually for the use of our AI-based persona technology and cyclical campaign planning. This product is reserved for clients that spend north of $10 million each year on social content.

RAD’s technology is built on $27 million of investment which includes R&D by Atomic Reach, a company we acquired in 2021. The acquisition included our proprietary AI platform that helps marketers eliminate guesswork and produce content that delivers unparalleled results.

Our proprietary technology and team-wide expertise establishes RAD as the gold standard AI marketing platform for enterprise clients across the globe. We are using our IP as a moat to tackle both the MarTech and Data Analytics industries, which collectively are worth over $550 billion per annum.   

Nearly 5,000 investors have enrolled into our mission to bring our game-changing AI to audiences across the globe for today's biggest brands.  There are two multi-billion-dollar industries that we are disrupting.

Whats Next

Our investor base watched us defy odds as we grew during a recession, Covid-19 and a global economic slowdown. Our traction has nothing to do with luck. We’ve worked hard to put RAD AI into the best possible position to maximize shareholder value.  

Our numbers point to an exciting growth period projected over the next 12 months. Additionally, we’ve already doubled our campaign volume from 2022 to 2023 with 6X revenue growth from some of the largest brands on the planet.

The rise of generative AI marks a groundbreaking era of technological innovation positioned to reshape every facet of our lives. With visionary endorsements from luminaries like Bill Gates, AI is predicted to eclipse the combined impact of PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX, birthing a new generation of millionaires, billionaires, and possibly the world's first trillionaire. Industry giants, such as Bank of America and Forbes, anticipate generative AI's revolutionary potential, estimating its capacity to unlock a staggering $15.7 trillion in wealth. 

With momentum akin to the internet's transformative impact in the 1990s, this AI phenomenon, exemplified by ChatGPT, is surging at an unparalleled pace, embraced by corporations and investors alike. The stage is set for those who act swiftly, as generative AI promises to reshape industries and create vast fortunes, echoing the historic wealth creation of the internet era.

Exit Strategy

Nearly 5,000 investors have championed RAD by investing over $27 million into fueling the growth of our AI-driven technology. Over the past few years, we’ve seen our valuation grow from $4 million to $40 million+, and we anticipate continued growth as we increase revenue, add to our customer base, build our team, and enhance our technology. Delivering a return to each and every investor is, and always has been, core to our mission.  

As such, our team’s goal is to bring RAD to the public markets. We know nothing is certain, but for those of you that have gotten to know our team - you know we’ll continue to work tirelessly and intelligently to ensure every shareholder gets the best possible ROI.

This is our commitment to you. Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed and none of this happens unless we execute and continue building a sustainable business.

Use of Proceeds

To ensure we establish RAD as the premier marketing AI platform for enterprise clients, we’ll use the capital raised to continue building and scaling our technology, our product offerings and team. By supercharging our development and sales engine, RAD will further expand and develop key product offerings that lead to both recurring and new business revenue.  

As of today, RAD AI has 20 full-time employees, with plans to double in size over the next 12 months. Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed and none of this happens unless we execute and continue building a sustainable business.


It’s worth mentioning that we’ve been told we could raise at a valuation at least double the listed price for this round given that AI technology and software companies consistently raise at 15-50X contracted revenues, but we chose to price this round conservatively.

We chose to do this because the retail investor community is near and dear to us and we hope you see how important this mission is to the RAD team. As management, we’ve taken businesses to exit several times and have learned plenty of lessons along the way. By pricing conservatively, we aim to create meaningful upside for each investor.

We can’t wait to have you along for the RAD journey! 


How Does This Work?

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(3) In an effort to ensure fairness and provide an opportunity for all interested parties, we have set a minimum investment amount of $500 per investor.

(4) You'll receive an email to confirm your investment. Our SEC filings contain more financial information and investment contracts.  That it, you’re in.

I’d like to be a RAD AI user and/or client.  How do I use the technology and see if it’s right for me?

Please visit our website and click on the “request demo” button, this will direct you to a information capture form.  Fill in your information and a sales representative will reach out to you shortly.  Make sure to enter into the form that you are also a RAD AI investor if in fact you’ve invested. 

Do I need to be an accredited investor?

Yes for this current round, you must be an accredited investor. More information on the definition of an accredited investor can be found here.

What type of risk is involved with investing in RAD AI company equity?

High risk. All tech startups bring significant risk, and we caution people from investing in RAD AI (and generally any tech startup equity) if you do not have high-risk tolerance for your investments. Our business has been growing and RAD AI team members are feeling extremely bullish about our future prospects.  Thaty said, there is, and always will be significant risks in investing in equity for early-stage startups.

Reasons not to invest

RAD AI is still an early stage company and the nature of our business and product adoption is risky.  We are working hard on solving the problems our customers have with generative AI and have had success securing some of the most desirable contracts and clients at market.  Even with these wins, our competition remains well funded and intense.  This fact alongside a dynamically changing environment present more risk.   You should not invest any funds in this community round unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. Additionally, while our goal is to trake RAD AI to public markets, there is no current path to liquidating any equity you purchase in RAD AI.