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Events are more fun with friends. We make events more friendly.

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The Elevator Pitch Event registration is a $100 billion industry. Approximately $2 billion will be spent on entry fees for run/walk/ride events in 2013, from local 5Ks to international triathlons. RaceMenu's all-in-one event management and marketing tools help these event organizers lower their costs and increase attendance through incentivized social sharing.

The Product

  • Raceday - our mobile app for on-site registration and payment.
  • Event registration pages are free, intuitive and highly social.
  • We now offer online ticketing - no setup fees and totally free for free events.
  • Traffic to our consumer-facing event calendar is growing rapidly.
  • Share - automatically posts real-time event activity directly to social media.
  • Customers - we've got solid traction with both local & national event organizers

Meet the Founders

Eyal Kedem
Chief Software Architect
Brad Mish
Timing & Results

Our Investors

Round 1
September 2012
Round 2
December 2012

What People Say

I am a runner, a race director who uses their registration software, and an investor. RaceMenu has an innovative product and a winning team, that I believe will take the race registration industry by storm. No one else is selling the complete solution to race directors, or runners.
Jason Zagami
I am an early stage investor of RaceMenu. I can say that the team is incredibly talented, dedicated, passionate and inspired. I'm also an athlete who understands the frustrations of signing up for races. More importantly, when I found out about the antiquated software and infrastructure that these races are literally 'run' on - I knew that RaceMenu was onto something. Participation in all types of races is exploding, and everybody knows that racing is more fun with your friends. Race Menu is addressing all parts of one of the most important adult recreation activities - that hasn't been touched by technology!
Beth Edwards
This is a huge market that is currently way underserved. The number of people who are signing up for races is growing rapidly year over year. RaceMenu is unique because they offer the full suite of services for race directors and event organizers and then tie in social elements that racers love.
Craig Zingerline
I'm a race director who uses RaceMenu to manage registration and timing of our events. We've grown over 250% in the last two years and utilizing RaceMenu as a core business partner has been critical to our success. Racers are social creatures and RaceMenu offers tools that we all trust and love.
Bob Wiles

Questions & Answers

What problem(s) are we solving?

Event organizers struggle with maximizing participation and profitability because they are bogged down by time-consuming administrative tasks, inefficient marketing methods and dealing with multiple service providers. Meanwhile, event participants struggle with finding the most socially relevant events and once there, the event experience is negatively impacted by inefficient, paper-based registration procedures and legacy systems for timing, results and photography.  

How do we make money?

Our core product is event registration; we earn a service fee on each transaction processed via our website at racemenu.com and Raceday, our mobile solution for on-site registration and payment. We recently launched Share, a social media tool which posts live race results and messages to Facebook and Twitter on behalf of the participants. In addition to our software solutions, we also offer race timing, results and photography services to event organizers of run, walk, triathlon and obstacle course events. 

Who are our customers?

Historically, most of our customers are typically either single-person event organizers or non-profit organizations producing their own fundraiser running events with 200-1,000 participants. Our timing services and recently launched Share app have brought in larger (4,000 participants) for-profit events and our beta mobile app has gained the interest of large, international events.

What makes us unique?

Our primary competitive advantage is an innovative all-in-one solution from a passionate team focused on user-friendly products and outstanding customer service. Our software as a service incentivizes social actions which turn event participants into event marketers. As we grow, we aim to scale this network into a highly social, device-driven aggregation of all endurance event activity.

Why is our team awesome?

We are athletes, event organizers and early adopters of new technology. We know our space better than our competitors, we operate lean and swiftly and we've got the grit, passion and skills to succeed.

Who are our competitors?

With more than 50% market share, Active.com leads the run/walk/ride vertical. Eventbrite leads the broader event registration/ticketing market and recently began targeting endurance events. Secondary competitors include ConstantContact, SignMeUp, BazuSport and IMAthlete.

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