Let's Talk Geek. Social video and collaboration app rivaling TikTok 🦄

Last Funded April 2021


raised from 219 investors
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28,000+ monthly active users in US, Canada, and Europe since March 2019
Partnerships with HBO and Warner Bros.
~$200K revenue since app launch
Competitive landscape valuations ( $50 Billion)

Our Team

As one of the 76 million people in the US who participate in anime and gaming fandom, I found it hard to find people to talk to without facing harassment online. Our company spent a year interviewing and working with hundreds of cosplayers, gamers and geek creators to create a platform where people feel supported in exploring their interests.

We believe niche online communities are the future of social networking.

At our company, we spent a year interviewing and working with 300 hundred of our early adopters of cosplayers, gamers and geek content and event creators to create a platform where people feel supported in exploring their interests online.

QuirkChat is a social video and collaboration platform for geeks and hobbyists that emphasized community moderation and community building.

There are 3 main features to the streamlined update for our app: Quips, Podchats and Squads


Members can create 15 second collaborative video responses to user generated topics to voice their opinions and combined 4 quip responses to share on other platforms. For example, if I wanted to give my opinion of Why K-Pop is better than country music, several other users could also chime in with a video response.


QuirkChat has added all the tools for community organizers to take the connections they’ve made elsewhere on the app or on the internet and create channel chats for closer connections with like-minded individuals. 

 Business Model

Our business model is direct to consumer and in-app microtransactions. Similar to other gaming centric platforms, users can buy digital goods or tip their favorite creators with “Snacks”. For math, 1 qoin is $0.03 USD and Snacks cost between 35-250 qoins. These are already actions that users are familiar taking on adjacent platforms like Twitch and Discord.

Competition, Financials and Exit Strategy

*Projections in charts above are not guaranteed.

Niche online spaces are the future and are positioning ourselves to be the platform of choice for community builders and candid geek fandom conversations If you would like to learn more about our company and support us while we build a better social network for the current and future generations, please download our app.