Quioveo Energy

Access to Renewable Energy for All

Last Funded June 2021


raised from 138 investors
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⚡Black immigrant-led enterprise designing proprietary tech to unleash sustainable energy at scale
👨🏽‍🔬👩🏿‍🔬Partnerships with Wharton School scientists and the Red, Black, and Green New Deal
🌐Designed to democratize access and ownership of energy, centering marginalized communities
🔓Billions invested in renewables but they remain underutilized - tech optimizes what already exists

Our Team

Leo grew up on an island, in a dis-invested yet resourceful community, hundreds of miles out to sea. With Leo’s passion for problem-solving & his engineering training, we are fueled by a personal connection to the lived experience of climate change & a hunger to apply innovation to it, centering communities like his own so that we all benefit.

The New Energy Paradigm

Growth in sustainable renewable energy has only been incremental over decades - and most of the decrease in coal has been taken up by natural gas, not renewables.

We can’t change what we don’t understand. We need better insights into the technical, economic, political, and environmental barriers to sustainable renewable energy.

Quioveo Energy’s mission is to catalyze the actual use of sustainable renewables by the US electric grid, through technologies that enable community ownership and optimize the flow of energy that is already being produced.

Our cross-sectional business model connects affluent and historically disinvested communities, residential and industrial users as well as the philanthropic sector.

Access to the platform will be based on a combination of a freemium and a subscription model, where customers of different sizes and needs can access more robust versions of Illuminator at different price points. This will be Quioveo’s primary revenue stream as we enter the market and continue to refine the product. (See appendix for a diagram of our revenue model.)

“Business Intelligence is the use of historical and current data to provide actionable insights to drive immediate and future business decisions. Along those same lines, Climate Intelligence (CI) is the historical, current, and predictive information on our natural and built systems to power insights for climate mitigation and adaptation. In other words, CI can be defined as the data analysis of climate information to understand what affects climate, how climate is changing, and how those changes affect our society and economy.

-Jessica Eastling, Senior Associate, Better Ventures

We will work first on democratizing information at the intersection of the electric grid, climate and human geography. We aim to have a more informed citizenry and increased participation and ownership of energy assets by communities most impacted by the worst effects of climate change.