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Revenue Generating: We have already deployed the first site in December 2023 and are now profitable.
Proven Team: Quantum Expeditions combines deep industry knowledge and hands-on mining experience.
Abundance of power: A clear roadmap to grow beyond 100MW in multiple locations after Phase One.

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Quantum Expeditions has been vetted by some of the industry's top experts

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Stretch Goals

All investors of $100 or more are eligible to participate in the following events should we reach these milestones...

If we raise a cumulative $500,000 from all investors, we will create a "Texas Mining Giant" board game and send it exclusively to all crowdfund participants. (Cost price plus shipping and handling not included)

If we raise a cumulative $1,000,000 from all investors, we will host a massive bitcoin mining rave party with music, alcohol and special guests.

Industry Experts Steering the Ship

Why trust us? Because we've been there, done that, and have the expertise to scale.

Our core team, led by experts like Doug Hardwick, Oz Sultan, Mati Greenspan, and Trent Stephens has the cumulative experience, industry connections & mining expertise needed to turn this vision into reality.

Mati Greenspan is a well known entrepreneur in the space, he has been named top 100 movers and shakers in the blockchain industry by CoinTelegraph and his commentary is often seen in leading publications such as Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, and CNBC.

Doug Hardwick's local connections and knowledge of local power operations is second to none, while Oz Sultan brings over 20 years of datacenter construction to the team. Trent Stephens has several years of hands on experience deploying bitcoin mining machines across the United States and adds greatly to the vast knowledge of the team.

Cutting-Edge Tech and Innovation

Your investment isn't just for now; it's for the future. Our state-of-the-art technology targets long-term profitability.

From ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) sourcing to advanced cooling methods, we're at the forefront of mining technology.

ASICs need to be properly sourced, mounted, managed and cooled, and the technology behind each step must be the latest and most efficient to ensure longevity of the operation. Therefore the correct partners, suppliers and skillsets are consistently assessed, re-evaluated and updated for optimal results.

In addition to the work we've done already, our team is currently busy researching several proprietary technologies that will help in this venture.

Use of Funds & Dynamic Roadmap

Our team has already shown an uncanny ability to react to current trends and market conditions. As such, the use of funds from this crowd raise will play an integral role in our roadmap and help us gestate the company on our path to expansion.

It's important to note that we have many irons in the fire when it comes to funding and are in constant contact and negotiation with institutional investors who will ultimately end up doing much of the heavy lifting in our future growth. The success of this raise will undoubtedly give us greater leverage in those negotiations and a more attractive valuation.

Therefore, in Q2 of 2024 we will be focused on buying more ASIC machines and filling out our current site, which currently has capacity of an additional 15 PH. By Q3, we plan on moving to a brand new site, where we will own the entire infrastructure. After which, we can begin selling ASIC mining machines and setup retail hosting services. Once that's filled out, we will build another site, and another and another, all the while expanding each of our current sites.

Depending on how the market plays out, we'd plan to open a series A funding round by the end of 2024, which will put us on track for a tantalizing IPO by 2028.

Profit Potential

Many investors have asked us "what is the expected return on investment?"

This is a very reasonable question but before answering we need to highlight that our success depends on the success of bitcoin. The more bitcoin performs well, the more profitable the company will be.

QEx compared to several publicly traded companies

Our stated goal is to be a $1 billion company within the next 4 years. For those of you investing in the SAFE with a valuation cap of $33.3 million dollars this represents a total return on investment of roughly 2900%, or about 30x.

Of course, you don't necessarily need to wait until an IPO to start seeing returns as it is our plan to begin paying dividends from potential profits as soon as Q3 of 2024. All of our core team is currently being compensated by shares in the company or "sweat equity," so our interests to get paid out are 100% aligned with our investors.

A Bright Future Ahead

Bitcoin isn’t a trend - it’s here to stay. And so is Quantum Expeditions.

With the last Bitcoin not due to be mined until 2140 and global Bitcoin adoption set to hit 10% of global population by 2030 at the current rate of growth (Source; Blockware Solutions), our expansion plans are just the beginning. Future phases are already mapped out, awaiting subsequent rounds of financing.

As the total addressable market and Bitcoin's market capitalization expands, QEx itself can increase operations through our planned roadmap for growth. The current project is only Phase 1 of a multi-phase project planned for the next 12-18 months.

Visualization of Blockware Solutions' Bitcoin adoption forecast

Bitcoin mining is a cornerstone of the global Bitcoin network. Quantum Expeditions is designed to be a sustainable, profitable pillar in this essential ecosystem.

From transaction processing to network support, Bitcoin mining plays an integral role in the global network. However, efficient and profitable mining requires specialized skills, technology and access to a whole lot of electricity. That’s where Quantum Expeditions (QEx) comes in. We not only meet these requirements but also exceed them, setting ourselves to be a cornerstone of the bitcoin mining industry.



Ready to Invest?

Bitcoin is for everyone, and this crowdfund has been created on the same basis; that is to allow smaller (or "retail") investors access to the exact same terms as larger investors.

Almost all investment levels also carry extra bonuses ranging from company merchandise, naming rights of miners, access to the site itself and even mining revenue share paid in Bitcoin (above $50,000 only, dividends not guaranteed).

Early bird investors will have the additional bonus of a reduced valuation cap for SAFE conversion for the first $300,000 collectively invested.

Don't miss your chance to be part of something revolutionary.

Read Wefunder's guide to SAFEs, check out the tantalizing benefits and choose your investment level. Let’s make Bitcoin history together.

Investment Tiers (Perks!!)

In addition to part ownership in an amazing company and participation in the stretch goals above, take advantage of the following perks and swag...

$100 - Receive an exclusive Quantum Expeditions digital wallpaper and an optional shoutout on our social media channels. (Simply provide us with your Twitter X or LinkedIn handle and we'll send a public thanks.)

$500 - Above PLUS: Limited edition Quantum Expeditions baseball hat.

QEx Limited Edition Baseball Hat

$1,000 - All above PLUS: Limited edition Quantum Expeditions T-Shirt.

Quantum Expeditions bitcoin mining crowdfund T Shirts
Limited Edition QEx T-shirt

$2,500 - All above PLUS: A unique bitcoin ordinal inscriptions sent to your BTC wallet. Bitcoin ordinals are like NFTs minted on the bitcoin blockchain. (Please provide a UniSat wallet address to receive the ordinal.) Investors may receive more than one ordinal according to their investment amount. Every $2,500 invested is one ordinal. So an investor of $50,000 will receive 20 of them.

$10,000 - All above PLUS: Exclusive "10k" Quantum Expeditions hoodie.

Bitcoin mining investment hoodie
Limited Edition Hoodie

$50,000 - All above PLUS: Have the option to receive your quarterly dividend profits paid out in bitcoin to your own BTC wallet. Although all investors are eligible for dividends if and when they are announced, investors in this tier or higher will have the option to receive them directly in bitcoin rather than in fiat money. (Disclaimer: dividends are not guaranteed). AND... a special edition bath robe.

Limited Edition Bath Robe

$100,000 - All above PLUS: Naming rights! That's right you get to name a bitcoin mining container. Your name will be displayed on a plaque at the entrance of the mining container and uploaded to social media with a special thank you. AND... a one of a kind professional brief case.

Limited Edition Brief Case

See you in Texas!

From the entire team at QEx