Leveling the quant playing field for independent investors

Last Funded November 2022


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📈 QuantConnect’s award-winning platform trades over $750M/mo, up 12.5x since 2018
💵 Reached $1M in revenue (cash basis) in 2021 with 2.5x year-on-year growth
👨🏼‍💻 1,500 paying clients and a community of 200k+ write over 1M lines of code each month
🌟 LEAN, our open-source framework, is in the top 0.4% on Github with 6,000+ stars

Our Team

The world's top financial institutions operate in a system that favors the privileged few. QuantConnect solves this problem with a platform that empowers anyone with a brilliant idea to create quantitative trading strategies at just 1% of the cost.

📈 QuantConnect levels the playing field by making quant investing simple, affordable, and accessible.

🧠 Quant trading is the most common way to invest.

With the right tools, the right data, and the right knowledge, anyone can learn to create and trade with quantitative strategies. The result is a more level playing field and an overall healthier market where everyone benefits.

🤔 But, quant investing is impossibly hard for most investors.

Quantitative trading is complicated, costly, and unattainable. Tech barriers to setting up a quant system are high, SIP data feeds cost $15,000-20,000+ per month, and education opportunities are limited and expensive.

In the quant world, investors live or die based on the success of their ideas, their trading, and their models. But, top funds that hold exclusive access to tools, platforms, and systems limit their client rosters to ultra-high net worth individuals – leaving independent investors to fend for themselves.

✊🏼 Democratizing finance since 2012.

We are making quant investing simple, affordable, and accessible with an ecosystem that handles 90% of the complicated math and data processing. 

QuantConnect users trade over $750M in live volume and write 1M lines of code, every month. We have over 1,500 paying clients and reached $1M in revenue (cash basis) in 2021 with 2.5x year-on-year growth. More than 99% of all site traffic is organic and from word-of-mouth referrals.


🚀 We offer industry-leading tools at 1% of the cost that institutions are paying.

Our end-to-end ecosystem super-charges every part of a quant team. This includes everything from onboarding and training, to scaling a cloud infrastructure, and even preparing and maintaining datasets. Lastly, our system also helps perform analysis, run back-testing, and can also execute live trades.


📟 Our platform empowers quant traders to evolve at light speed. 

QuantConnect handles all of the data plumbing and infrastructure so you can focus on what matters most without worrying about foundational systems. Data processing and connections, and brokerages are all there - all you need to do is dream and make your ideas a reality. 

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📊 QuantConnect’s open-source framework, LEAN, is in the top 0.4% of all GitHub projects with 6,000+ stars.

Our entire platform runs on LEAN, an open-source framework that anyone can learn to use thanks to our free educational tools and courses.

LEAN handles 90% of the heavy lifting, letting you focus on your strategy’s secret sauce. Common challenges with quant trading are handled for you, and there is a large community of engineers familiar with the codebase.

LEAN has more than 500,000 lines of code and was built over eight years with contributions from 160 engineers around the world.


🌎 An active community of 200,000 quants and trading firms.

We’re on a journey to power the next stage of open-source quant investing. Every week we see more businesses choose to start up on QuantConnect and LEAN. Our community is made up of sophisticated individuals and the next generation of quant funds, from around the world. 

As a company that is built on the shoulders of its 200,000+ community members, crowdfunding is the obvious next stage. 

Our community means everything to us and we believe that the future of QuantConnect’s success will depend on YOU. Leveling the playing field in investing won’t just take a village, it will take a movement.

🌄 QuantConnect will become the OS that underpins every investment on the planet.

Imagine this: by 2030, every brokerage in the world is integrated with LEAN, QuantConnect’s fully open-source framework. Every integration you can think of was contributed by the open-source community and the brokerages themselves, saving developers years of wasted time reimplementing the same REST API plumbing.

In the future, QuantConnect will offer tens of thousands of datasets all updated in real-time. Datasets are easily installed with a single line of code virtually eliminating ETL (Exchange Transform Load) for every alt-data source in the world. 

As our community library of code snippets grows, quants can prototype and test even faster than before. A no-code quant strategy builder has enabled millions more to build, test, trade, and share their ideas.

Getting to tomorrow starts right now.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

💼 Addressing a multi-billion-dollar market opportunity.

QuantConnect sits at the intersection of three major market opportunities.

  • 1. Cloud Financial Analytics - Companies that seek to perform financial analysis in the cloud for faster research and lower overall costs (a $100B global market in 2022)
  • 2. Financial Data - Firms that are regularly purchasing datasets for on-premise analysis (a $37B global market in 2022)
  • 3. Asset Management - Assisting users to raise assets and monetize strategies, earning a share of management fees (management fees totaled $2.14T globally in 2022)
Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

We are projecting our revenues to increase seven-fold over the next three years as cloud infrastructure sales, on-premise data sales, and B2B partnerships continue to climb. When we've invested in our technology in the past, we've unlocked equally large bumps in revenue growth. Because of this, we will continue investing to make LEAN one of the world's top algorithmic trading platforms.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Note the below projections are hypothetical and cannot be guaranteed.

🔋 Your investment will power the next stage of open-source quant investing.

Your investment will power the next stage of open-source quant investing. We aim to build and maintain the world’s most advanced and comprehensive quantitative trading and investment data platform. Our ultimate goal is to raise $5M entirely from our community.

We'll reserve 50% for research and development to improve QuantConnect and open-source as many brokerages and datasets as possible. We'll deploy 22.5% towards education to lower the barriers to becoming a quant and 20% toward improving our business sales processes. 

💵 By investing in QuantConnect, you’ll be able to directly impact the future of open-source quant investing.

Beyond just equity, we’ve got a series of tiered perks that investors can earn depending on their level of investment. These tiers are cumulative, which means you are entitled to more perks the more you invest. Moreover, the upgrades will be deployed to the LEAN open source project and QuantConnect Cloud. Ultimately, these perks benefit everyone in the community.