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💰 High yield savings app, earn 1% to 10% APY
💪Team experienced @ Google, Grab, Qwant, w/ Cambridge University postgrads on Finance, ML, risk
🏦Global online banking market size valued at $11.43B in 2019, is projected to reach $31.81B by 2027
🚀 Selected by Daily Finance as one of the 'Best Fintech Startups Founded in 2020/2021'

Our Team

"Growing up, I experienced firsthand life’s difficulties from financial setbacks. With the pandemic, many are going through similar challenges. Hence, Qinta was born, to help people recover from the financial setbacks caused by the pandemic."

Introducing Qinta ‘High-Yield Savings Wallet’

Qinta is solving a big problem

The recent pandemic devastated people’s livelihood. Many had to cut working hours, others lost their jobs. In the U.S. alone, 50% of Americans were unable to achieve their financial goals.

The world is now in a tougher economic climate. Interest rates are at an all-time low and higher inflation is upon us. Moreover, existing financial solutions are insufficient to help people achieve their financial goals.

1. Rock-bottom interest rates: With traditional savings accounts, you earn close to nothing (0.04% national average) on your hard-earned money.

2. Fees are eating up your money: Fees more than offset any return you get from traditional savings accounts.

We need a solution for our time

We bring you Qinta, the high-yield savings wallet for our time. Earn market-leading returns and reach your financial goals confidently and with ease.

Our solutions include:

How high-yield returns are generated

Users’ deposits earn high yield by being placed in various traditional and digital investments including but not limited to: (a) derivatives (b) trading financial assets (c) algorithmic investment strategies (d) lending and so forth. Returns are maximized because everything is done via code eliminating the need for any middlemen, which traditionally reduced net returns from any investment strategy. Risks are mitigated by Qinta’s proprietary risk-return models and insurance covers.

We are an outlier in a sea of sameness

Qinta high-yield savings help you earn 1% to 10% interest without any hidden fees.

We've built a world-class team

The Qinta team includes Cambridge University postgrads with finance, machine learning and risk management expertise with experience at Google, Grab (Decacorn Southeast Asia), Qwant, and FTI Consulting.

Meet Our CEO

Early traction: 2,000+ signed up in 1 month

We ran a 1-month organic campaign to reach out to potential customers and over 2,000 individuals signed up for early access to Qinta.

How Qinta will make money

*The image above is illustrative and not meant to be an exhaustive list of the company's future revenue streams.

Our roadmap

* These are forward-looking projections and can't be guaranteed.