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$20M valuation cap
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We are on a mission to spread happiness in the world through music... and financial services
Solid traction 150,000+ installs and 20% week-over-week growth*
+1 Million User Target in 5 Years and $1.2 Billion Revenue Ambition by Year 5
$100 Revenue per User/Month: $50 subscription | $30 network spending | $20 loyalty program

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An AI-powered credit card with financial tools and lifestyle rewards that resonate with your passion!

"With PuraVida we wanted to build more than a digital bank or just another credit card ... but rather a subscription to the good life!"

Driven by our AI technology and our deep understanding of what truly matters to you, PuraVida wants to pave the way for your financial freedom — while enabling you to live your best life.

Addressing the real problem.

Today's banks and credit cards companies have missed the mark for Millennials and Gen Z, creating financial stress instead of support.

While talking to our customers we identified 2 main pain points:

  1. Most of our customers have high anxiety about their finances
  2. The overwhelming majority are disappointed with their card benefits. Their rewards are often complex and disconnected from what younger consumers truly value.

1. A Generation in Distress.

A tone-deaf banking system, combined with the constant comparison of the outrageous lifestyles on social media, has left the majority trapped in a cycle of financial anxiety and unhappiness.

2. Card's Benefits are outdated, impersonal and overwhelming…

  • Their rewards catalogs are overwhelming
  • Their points are hard to redeem
  • The customer experience is inconsistent

In fact, and after speaking with our users, they were only able to identify the miles and cashbacks reward programs…. And the majority feel that even those programs are not that valuable for them.

Now imagine a credit card that fixes your finances and rewards you with experiences you love ❤️

An AI-powered credit card with amazing lifestyle rewards that resonate around your passions!


  • Organize your finances: Though our AI-driven personal finance tools that will organize your finances so you don’t have to worry about making ends meet.
  • Save & make money: We provide you with discounts that you can invest so that you start saving money and building some passive income revenue streams.
  • Subscribe to your passion: Last but not least, we give you access to amazing curated experiences that revolve around your passions.

PuraVida is a pivot of a digital bank we started called Bankiom.

The story of Bankiom. 

Our roots are in Bankiom, a digital bank that made waves with its swift, hassle-free banking solutions.

We raised $1.9M and built a full-on banking platform with card issuance capabilities, iOS and Android apps and AI-powered financial tools.

Our Traction at Bankiom

Built a full-on banking platform - Acquired 150,000 users - Raised $1.9M

Bankiom went through 3 accelerator programs — 500 Global, Google for Startups, and YC Startup School.

Traction/User Engagement:

  • 400,000 users on our waitlist by demo day
  • 150,000 users installed our app and activated their accounts
  • 30,000 users were verified and issued cards
  • Weekly Growth: 20% week-on-week
  • Strategic Partnerships: Signed with Mastercard a strategic partnership

We also signed a multi-million dollar deal with Mastercard.
*These statements pertain to Bankiom - PuraVida will be buying Bankiom within the coming 3 months for a representative $1

Despite our early success, we encountered 2 crucial challenges:

  1. The need for a sustainable revenue model with better unit economics
  2. Pesky regulatory requirements that were delaying our growth

It became clear to us that moving forward, we need to drastically improve our unit economics and design a licensing free model... and the best way to do that is talking to your customers to understand better their pain points.

The origins of PuraVida...

Our AHA moment happened during our trip to Costa Rica where we got introduced to the Pura Vida way of life!

In our pursuit of happiness at PuraVida; we discovered a simple yet potent formula for happiness:

Eliminate UN-happiness & Follow Your Passions... 

Our approach is two-fold:

  1. Eliminating UNhappiness: To be happy, first you need to eliminate all sources of unhappiness and anxiety. Through our AI-powered financial tools; PuraVida works on organizing your money and optimizing your finances to eliminate a major source of unhappiness and anxiety
  2. Following your PASSION: Once we organize your finances and switch you to wealth mode, you will have the mental space to follow your passion. PuraVida has designed a loyalty program that allows you to subscribe to your passion and access those real-life unforgettable experiences.

Our mission is to spread Happiness in the world by combining your passion... with smart financials solutions

Your Passion, Our Priority.

PuraVida makes it easy for anyone with a Mastercard to earn rewards they actually want rather than the standard hard-to-redeem hard-to-use reward points that current banks are offering on their cards. 

Earn rewards towards something you love rather than vanilla points

Imagine earning rewards tailored to your true passions. With PuraVida, that's what we do. You tell us what you love, what you are passionate about and we'll customize a reward program just for you... with amazing experiences that you love

PuraVida is a credit card that rewards you for doing what you love ❤️

Our initial focus? Music festivals.

With your PuraVida membership, you can access all the music events, and get your name on the guestlist of nightclubs for free… and while using your PuraVida Mastercard for everyday spending you earn "heartbeats" ❤️— our points system that you can redeem for experiences you love

From backstage passes, to flights and accommodation: each grocery bill and dinner out brings you a step closer to the festivals on your list. 

Our unique card will provide access to:

Gone are the days of unreachable bank rewards - Our heartbeats ❤️ - are designed to be straightforward, easily redeemable, and relevant to you and what you love. In just a few months, you can redeem your heartbeats, and cross off that first festival off your bucket list.

Adding more passion verticals...

Once we own the music festival vertical... we plan to expand to other verticals like Football, Soccer, F1, Travel, Food Experiences etc… 

PuraVida provides tools for banks to become in sync with the needs of their customers.

In its final form, PuraVida's goal is to become a fintech happiness platform empowering banks to issue their own PuraVida cards with relevant loyalty perks & benefits that revolve around their customers' passions...

"At PuraVida we believe that the banks of the future should be more human and should leverage it's clout and it's economies of scale to unlock those memorable experiences that money can't buy"

At the heart of PuraVida's mission are the HENRYs - High Earners Not Rich Yet.

This group, primarily composed of Millennials and Gen Zers, aspires to experience life to its fullest. They seek more than just financial success; they crave vibrant experiences, adventure, and the joy of living in the moment. 

Catering to this dynamic demographic, PuraVida offers not just banking solutions but a lifestyle enhancement, promising a blend of financial flexibility and access to exclusive experiences.

Massive opportunity.

Our goal is to get 1 million users in 5 years

*Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

Our business model and revenue: 

PuraVida makes money from 3 main revenue streams

We generate $100 per user per month:

  • Subscription fee: We charge a base subscription of $50 per month. This fee can be paid on a monthly basis by the user or it can be incorporated into the credit card fees through the annual fee.
  • Spending on our network: We forecast that our users will spend on average an additional $30 per month on top of their base package.
  • Loyalty program - Heartbeats: $1 spent converts to 1 Heartbeat. We charge our partnering banks 1 cents for every heartbeat earned. With an average monthly spend of $2,000, PuraVida should be generating around $20 per user per month from our Heartbeat loyalty program.

*Forward-looking statements are not guaranteed.

Our Path to a Billion-Dollar in Revenues.

Our projections are ambitious yet grounded in the value proposition we offer: by the fifth year, we aim to surpass $1 billion in revenue.

*Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

It starts with an invite…

Tell us more about what you love...

Boom you're good to go!

Activate PuraVida with your Mastercard...

To activate your PURAVIDA account all you need to do is link any of your Mastercard credit cards.

Activate your PuraVida membership with any Mastercard

If you don’t have a Mastercard, PURAVIDA will issue you one through our partnering bank:
PuraVida is built on the backbone of Mastercard's World Elite and will provide all World Elite privileges on top of ours

Eliminating UN-happiness.

Once activated, you have 3 simple steps to get going and let our algorithm switch you to Wealth mode:

Connect your banks though our open banking APIs that cover 90% of all financial institutions in the US, Europe and Asia.

We use AI to make sense of all your finances by providing you actionable insights on on how to: 

  1. Organize your money
  2. Save money
  3. Make money while you sleep

Switch to WealthMode with PuraVida by investing your discounts

Follow your passion...

Once that is done, we unlock for you a whole new world of benefits and perks related to your passion...

The PuraVida Benefits:

PuraVida is built on top of the Mastercard World Elite card. Our members will receive all the world elite perks on top of our PuraVida benefits.

What you get with PuraVida:

  • 2 backstage upgrades per year to any music festival you want
  • Free access to our all PuraVida weekly pop-up events (+50 pop-ups per year - Parties in secret location, Sunrise after parties...)
  • Free access to our yearly flagship events (2-day music festivals)
  • Free consumption in all PuraVida events
  • Discounts for up to 25% on: Selected fine-dining outlets / hotels / airlines
  • Your name will be on the guest list of all your local nightclubs in your city
  • A 24/7 dedicated lifestyle manager that will make sure you get the best service in town

Users pay a monthly subscription to access these unique experiences that take place across the planet and will accumulate heartbeats to redeem towards those experiences.

A Strategy for Growth: From Ibiza to the World!

We are launching PuraVida this Summer in Ibiza; the party capital of the world... then expanding to all the party cities in the world!


24h/7 After-parties in private villas all over Ibiza

Partnering with Ibiza night clubs to become their designated after-party destination

Ibiza and Beyond: Charting PuraVida's Expansion

Phase I starts with 24/7 after-parties in private villas in Ibiza, our vision extends globally, aiming to penetrate every major party city worldwide. 

Launch in Ibiza then spreading PuraVida in all major cities in the world

Our expansion plan has a phased out approach designed to amplify our brand presence and strategically aligns with our understanding of the target market's yearning to experience those unforgettable moments.

PuraVida's expansion plan

Our expansion strategy draws inspiration from Uber's successful playbook, a model our founder is intimately familiar with from launching Uber in KSA.

This strategy involves a three-step approach:

Introducing Our Board of Advisors: The Architects of our Success.

We have rockstars as advisors whose collective expertise has paved the way for over $1 billion in successful exits:

Our advisory board has more that $1 Billion in collective exits
Hustler, fintech expert, part-time DJ, and a 5x burner
The OG of music festivals
Serial entrepreneur, super positive energy and 2x burner

We are PuraVida... Our mission is to spread happiness in the world through music... & financial services!

For those who are having trouble streaming the main video you can find it here: