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We make cooking fast, fun and enjoyable

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Public Launch on Jan 15 @ 9:00 AM ET
 $19M  $17M valuation cap Future Equity
Early Bird Bonus: The first $500K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $17M valuation cap and 20% discount
Prepdeck’s innovative products and lifestyle brand continue to deliver on its promise of making things faster, easier, and simpler in the kitchen. We believe deeply in the company's mission and trajectory and even more so in the founder, Alexander.
Having known Alexander professionally for nearly 15 years, we have seen him build multiple companies into incredible successes. What he has accomplished with Prepdeck in such a short amount of time is impressive, but will ultimately pale in comparison to the success that lies ahead as Alexander and the team move into the next phase of growth.


🦈 Recently featured on Shark Tank!
💰 Over $16M in revenue already generated
📈 500% revenue growth in the past 36 months
🤗 Prepdeck has over 150,000 enthusiastic customers and supporters
⭐️ Projecting $30M revenue by 2025!
🌳 Growth phase is focusing on retail expansion and international reach
💪 Cutting edge kitchen solutions positioned to dominate the sector

Our Founder

Why Prepdeck?

Cooking from home shouldn’t be a nightmare.

We’re on a mission to make kitchen life easier... like it was meant to be.

Prepdeck - The original kitchen organization system that has taken the market by storm.

It all started in my tiny kitchen. See, I love to cook, and growing up in restaurant kitchens; I knew the key to cooking a quality meal starts with planning and organization. But I was spoiled for the longest time, always having someone to cook with. When my wife got pregnant, I found myself alone in the kitchen, and it was obvious how difficult everything truly was. I started to fall out of love with cooking. 

I knew there had to be a better way. A way that would contain the mess, keep things organized, and make cooking easier. 

At that moment, Prepdeck was born... And what a journey it has been...!

Prepdeck is now a world-renowned, award-winning, and patented cooking accessory with over 45 features that help you prep faster, cut down on clutter, and speed up the clean-up. (Patents are owned by the Company).

Prepdeck is our cornerstone product, but the company has grown into a lifestyle brand for the kitchen, bringing solutions to the home, and the art of cooking.

Today Prepdeck is made up of more than 20 products that our customers love, opening us up to even more tremendous opportunities to unlock as we move into new markets and expand into retail.

In 2021 we acquired Chef Caddy, paving the path to an even wider audience. Our expansion products complement one another and stay true to our core values, taking the headache out of cooking while making things fun and easy.

Our products are in over 150,000 homes, we’ve received thousands of 5-star reviews, generated over 20m views on TikTok, been featured on Shark Tank to an incredible response, and we won Amazon’s Innovator of the Year Award!

….and we’re just getting started.

Growth is our primary focus now.

To date, we’ve been building our Direct to Consumer brand through our website and Amazon.

To become a household name, we want the Prepdeck brand to be positioned among products with tremendous synergy - we are vendors for QVC & Costco but have our eyes set on stores like Target, Walmart, REI and more.

Our product strategy includes vertically expanding the Predeck system into growing, multi-billion dollar niche markets with products that solve pain points in sectors such as grilling, home pizza ovens and camping

We’re projected to grow to $30M in revenue by 2025, and we’ll do this by expanding our product line, growing through retail, and opening internationally to markets like Canada, the UK, Europe and Australia.

Forward-looking projections can't be guaranteed.
Forward-looking projections can't be guaranteed.

This round provides us the resources to further our mission by expanding our marketing and sales teams, increasing our marketing budgets, growing our inventory levels, investing in new products, and expanding internationally.

Invest in Prepdeck and join the cooking revolution!