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We convert car windows into digital billboards



raised from 417 investors
$9M valuation cap Convertible Note
$500, $1.5K, $50K, $100K
Have you ever wanted to be part of something big - but you weren’t sure how, or you weren’t asked to participate? Have you ever said: “when I make a bit more money then I might start investing”?Hi, I’m Dr. Jeffrey Ayers and I have been practicing medicine for nearly 30 years. I am an entrepreneur, a certified investor and Ive invested in start up companies for the last 10 years. When it comes to investing - I focus on what I like, what I am passionate about and what I think is a fantastic idea. As the founder of the Gallery of Aesthetics - a new kind of medical spa in Utah (opening September 2021) - my space diverges from the typical glamorous bling filled space - and i have created an art gallery vibe. I will feature the art of emerging and established artists from around the world. Digital art in motion is a genre that I find compelling and will be included in my mix. While seeking the resources to project art (vs just hanging it on a wall) - I spotted Pranos while reading my regular Wefunder email. I saw the potential and I couldn't pass up on this opportunity to invest in the “next big thing”! Can you imagine being invited to invest in relevant technology that is easily attainable by the end user? Sound like a win for the investor! Can you imagine being the average woman or man wanting (or needing) another stream of income in a market they wouldn't have otherwise been invited nor benefited? Sounds like a win for the average person! Can you imagine being a business owner with a limited marketing budget needing a cost effective solution? Sounds like a win for the business! I want to personally invite you to invest in yourself, your family, or your business by investing in Pranos I wish for you the success you desire and deserve. Dr. Jeffrey Ayers
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📈 900+ customers signed up on waitlist (now growing at 30 per day).
💰 Partnered up with Vinfast ( automotive manufacturer ) for CES 2023
CEO is a Fortune Magazine& Forbes Contributor;COO completed $3.5B in transactions;CTO is YC alumni.
🤩 Billboards are boring. Our ads drive around town!
🌎 Huge potential global inventory. Our technology converts any glass window into a digital screen.

Our Team

"At Pranos we realized the out of home landscape is the next frontier for consumer generated content. So we reimagined the automobile to be used for self expression which unlocked unlimited possibilities. Our focus is to provide premium tools for our users & creation of our decentralized grid of communication." - V.V.V.

PRANOS State-of-the-Art Display Technology

Our digital screens allow your vehicle to interact with its environment and your network.

Our pioneering technology is designed to switch your window into a high-definition display so that you can deliver content outdoors on the fly.

The Mission

Our mission is to empower our customers with the uncensored freedom of self-expression outdoors enabling consumers to amplify their voice and allowing businesses to monetize their brand.

Pranos x Vinfast ( automotive manufacturer ) at CES 2023

The Vision

Our vision is to unite the people of the world by establishing a decentralized network of outdoor digital displays that are dynamic, interconnected, easy to use, and affordable. At scale, we hope our system will be the primary conduit for content distribution and emergency communication outdoors. 

Introducing the Hologlass display system...


Here are a few reasons why you should invest in Pranos (other than because our system looks really cool and we hope our Company be extremely profitable : )

#1. Highly Anticipated product

Our waiting list has 609 customers on it as of today ! 

#2. First to Market - Early mindshare with consumers and advertisers yields profitability

#3. Patents - Patents pending covering all products in US and international markets

#4. Team - Diverse team of highly skilled professionals to scale the business

#5. Rapid Scalability - Our system cost less than alternative products

#6. Easy Setup - Works on any window and installs in minutes

#7. Display Quality - Interactive high-definition images and video vibrant at night 


HoloGlass & HoloWalls

Use your car window or storefront to showcase any content you want… videos, commercials, demonstration signs, or custom artwork. 

Anything you play on your phone you can mirror on HoloGlass and HoloWalls!  

There are two (2) options to publish content on your vehicle with HoloGlass.

#1. HoloGlass - Rear Windshield

#2. HoloGlass - Rear Side Window

HoloWallProjection Display

Our HoloWall system lets you publish dynamic evening content on your storefront.

* rendered drawing show above *

HoloFilm- Our film allows for 100% transparency & visibility 

HoloGlass Car Window Display System

Easy to install!

Current Version 1.0
• Bright, Hi-Resolution to garner attention
• Internet connectivity via mobile phone
• Pranos custom built media player  for content delivery
• Custom OS with Pranos app

Phase II

• High resolution transparent digital flexible OLED screen integration for display on rear passenger side windows and rear back windows


Current Version

• Consumer mobile app for media content to be broadcasted on the HoloGlass/ HoloWall
• Creating playlist from local content on the mobile device gallery or using internet content such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, etc 

Phase II
• Migration of content from local mobile device to cloud managed CMS
• Real time location tracking of HoloGlass/ HoloWall displays

  •  Revenue stream for display owners on The GRID
  • • Integration of programmatic ads platform such as Trade desk, Vistar Media, etc
    • Social Media and peer ads push support

The Problem


Our founders learned a valuable lesson from their first technology start-up.

All the drivers wanted to buy the system so why pay them to show ads when they can purchase the system and partner with us so we all make more money!

Letting consumers own their HoloGlass and HoloWalls system gives the power to the people.

In short:

The key to scaling in B2B advertising is by going B2C first and then building up customer relationships into partnership marketing job opportunities...

OPP and The GRID

Pranos is the creator of the digital Outdoor Publishing Platform ("OPP"), which is designed to be dynamic, uncensored, mobile. Our strategy is to construct a new medium for information flow that allows for monetization, freedom of expression, transparency in ad spend, and ultimately, transportation subsidies, as we get closer to the autonomous vehicle age.

"Pranos is the key to profitability in the ride share industry"

Stream content with high-definition Bluetooth sound directly from your mobile phone seamlessly, receive live news feeds, exclusive content, and relevant offers from sponsors, and earn hundreds of dollars in passive income per month while driving on The GRID.


The short answer is, No. Outdoor signage hasn't evolved since the advent of billboards. Pranos has pioneered the creation of the 1st fully integrated Outdoor Publishing Platform.

Pranos HoloGlass and HoloWalls are better than outdoor signs, taxi toppers, and billboards because these alternatives are:

  • poorly targeted.
    • constrained by limited inventory (In 2020 there were only 343,000 billboards in the US  according to the Out of Home Advertising Association of America).
    • Difficult to prove metrics and ROI to advertisers with static outdoor advertising

    HoloGlass and HoloWalls are:

    • hyper-targeted
    • large inventory worldwide
    • able to provide attribution data and detailed metrics to prove effectiveness


      There are over 1.4 billion private cars and millions of busses in circulation in the U.S. alone with and roads take up about 60% of the city's real estate.  Utilizing our technology to augment motor vehicles gives immediate scale opportunities within the city center achieving maximum visibility for your displays.  In addition, there's over 70 billion sq. ft. of commercial real estate in the US that's rip for expanding our OPP as well.     

      PRANOS has three (3) primary customer segments as follows:

      1. Consumers that drive our hardware sales and content distribution capabilities

      2. Content Creators that are looking for freedom of self-expression out-of-home

      3. Advertisers that provide money making opportunities on The GRID


      Pranos has established a network of global partners ready to support the launch of Pranos internationally.  Many of the markets that the Company is pursuing are shown above.  


      Pranos is raising up to $250,000 through a convertible note offering.  Early investors have the opportunity to participate in the offering at a discounted valuation cap of approximately $8 million for a limited time.  After our early bird is subscribed the rest of the round will be sold at a valuation cap of $9 million  

      For more information on Pranos and our HoloGlass and HoloFilm please visit our website or email us at [email protected]

      If you have any additional questions feel free to find a time for a zoom call on the calendar

      Join us on our exciting journey !

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