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Invest in (YC Alumni)

We convert car windows into high-definition displays


Global demand & exponential growth opportunities for our system
Our technology is patent-pending
Earn income showing ads and videos
Innovative alternative to digital media and outdoor marketing
Unlimited worldwide inventory as our technology converts any glass window into a digital screen

Our Team

Founder & CEO
Founder of Pranos | Founder of Community for Global Innovation ( Non-profit) | Mentor/Sponsor for Computer Science & Informatics Senior Capstone Projects at UC Irvine | Co-owner at Grabb-it ( YC S18) |
"At Pranos we realized the out of home landscape is the next frontier for consumer generated content. So we reimagined the automobile to be used for self expression which unlocked unlimited possibilities. Our focus is to provide premium tools for our users & creation of our decentralized grid of communication." - V.V.V.
Co-founder & COO
Co-Founder of Pranos | $3.5 billion in completed transactions over 20 year investment career | Graduate of UPenn's Wharton School of Business - Distinguished as a Martin Bucksbaum Fellow| Father of five - 4 girls & 1 son
William Stanislaus Co-founder & CTO
Cofounder & CTO Grabb-it (YC S18 ) | Principal Software Engineer at Ericsson | Sr Engineering Manager at NETGEAR | WLAN Design & Release at Avaya | University of Aberdeen |

PRANOS State-of-the-Art Display Technology

Our digital screens allow your vehicle to interact with its environment and your network 

Our pioneering technology is designed to switch your window into a high-definition display so that you can deliver content outdoors on the fly.

The Mission

Our mission is to empower our customers with the uncensored freedom of self-expression outdoors enabling consumers to amplify their voice and allowing businesses to monetize their brand.

The Vision

Our vision is to unite the people of the world  by establishing a decentralized network of outdoor digital displays that are dynamic, interconnected, easy to use, and affordable. At scale, our system will be the primary conduit for content distribution and emergency communication outdoors.


Here are a few reasons why you should invest in Pranos (other than because our system looks really cool and our Company is projected to be extremely profitable : )

#1. First to Market - Early mindshare with consumers and advertisers yields profitability

#2. Patents - Patents pending covering all products in US and international markets

#3. Team - Diverse team of highly skilled professionals to scale the business

#4. Rapid Scalability - Our system cost less than alternative products

#5. Easy Setup - Works on any window and installs in minutes

#6. Display Quality - Interactive high-definition images and video vibrant at night 

Furthermore, our competitive advantage consists of years of research and development, supply chain optimization, deep industry connections in advertising, entertainment, media, technology, manufacturing, government, and automotive manufacturing, prior experience working together as a team, and knowledge from implementing real life case studies.


HoloGlass & HoloWalls

Use your car window or storefront to showcase any content you want… videos, commercials, demonstration signs, or custom artwork. 

Anything you play on your phone you can mirror on HoloGlass and HoloWalls!  

There are two (2) options to publish content on your vehicle with HoloGlass.

#1. HoloGlass - Rear Windshield

#2. HoloGlass - Rear Side Window

HoloWallProjection Display

Our HoloWall system lets you publish dynamic evening content on your storefront.

* rendered drawing show above *

HoloGlass & HoloWall Display Units

Current Version 1.0
• Bright, Hi-Resolution to garner attention
• Internet connectivity via mobile phone
• Pranos custom built media player  for content delivery
• Custom OS with Pranos app
• GPS Geo-fencing support
• Internet connectivity via mobile phone or using optional LTE module on the unit itself

Phase II

• High resolution transparent digital flexible OLED screen integration for display on rear passenger side windows and rear back windows


Current Version 1.0

• Consumer mobile app for media content to be broadcasted on the HoloGlass/ HoloWall
• Creating playlist from local content on the mobile device gallery or using internet content such as YouTube, Facebook, TicTok, etc

Phase II

• Migration of content from local mobile device to cloud managed CMS
• Real time location tracking of HoloGlass/ HoloWall displays
• Content delivery based on Geo-fence
• Revenue stream for display owners on The GRID
• Integration of programmatic ads platform such as Trade desk, Vistar Media, etc
• Social Media and peer ads push support


As one might expect, the origin of Pranos began with advertising.   David Valverde and Nate "Alizé" Allison, both new to Silicon Valley, met on the legendary Sand Hill Road at Rosewood in July of 2018.  David and Alizé bonded quickly in their new ecosystem becoming friends, and eventually Alize joined David & William Stanislaus at their Y-Combinator backed start-up that was focused on selling geo-targeted ads on ride share vehicles.  

Corporations and big brands loved the advertising platform and the company was featured on Tech Crunch and in several international media outlets.  But the start-up was unable to meet the media industry's desire to have a national outdoor advertising platform with only a hundred cars in San Francisco equipped with new display technology.  So, after the start-up ran out of runway, the question became:

"How do we scale an outdoor publishing platform globally in the most cost effective way?"  

The answer was a shift from a B2B advertising model to a B2C model built on consumer preferences and mutual benefit.  Big corporations, artist, and entertainers all want effective communication tools to better reach their target audiences outdoors.  However, to be effective you must be able to disseminate information across large networks fast.  Participants are a vital ingredient to building a strong network, and individuals must be incentivized to ensure continued participation within the network's platform. 

The problem is no solid network exists to publish content outdoors.  So we built one....


Our founders learned a valuable lesson from their first technology start-up.

All the drivers wanted to buy the system so why pay them to show ads when they can purchase the system and partner with us so we all make more money!  

So, as opposed to paying drivers to display ads run on expensive leased equipment, Pranos developed a less expensive, higher quality display system that consumers could purchase and allowed them to play ANYTHING on it and keep the profit.  

Letting consumers own their HoloGlass and HoloWalls system gives the power to the people.  Our display systems are easily installed by consumers on any windows surface.  Owners can operate their system off-line in private mode enjoying all profits from the platform or users can publish content from The GRID, and get paid directly from Pranos for marketing and advertising across you network.  The GRID allows for screen networking capabilities to increase the reach of your campaign, and for drivers to get compensated for to sending and receiving programmatic ads and curated content.  

Once consumers have purchased the system, Pranos provides independent contracting opportunities on The GRID, converting an expensive paid driver workforce into independent owners and entrepreneurs.  In short: 

The key to scaling in B2B advertising is by going B2C first and then building up customer relationships into partnership marketing job opportunities...

OPP and The GRID

Pranos is the creator of the digital Outdoor Publishing Platform ("OPP"), which is designed to be dynamic, uncensored, mobile.  Our strategy is to construct a new medium for information flow that allows for monetization, freedom of expression, transparency in ad spend, and ultimately, transportation subsidies, as we get closer to the autonomous vehicle age.  Advertising and content distribution on OPP's will subsidize operating costs for transportation and offset retail occupancy costs for tenants.  As scale enough productivity can be gained from content distribution on OPP's to permit free transportation alternatives.  We've often been told that:

"Pranos is the key to profitability in the ride share industry"

The OPP is controlled by the Pranos app.  On the app users have access to money making opportunities on The GRID, which:

  • enables features that allow you to send and receive ads with HoloGlass and HoloWall units and 
  • permits screen sharing capabilities within you social or business networks to increase views 

Stream content with high-definition Bluetooth sound directly from your mobile phone seamlessly, receive live news feeds, exclusive content, and relevant offers from sponsors,, and earn hundreds of dollars in passive income per month while driving on The GRID.


The short answer is, No.  Outdoor signage hasn't evolved since the advent of billboards. Pranos has pioneered the creation of the 1st fully integrated Outdoor Publishing Platform.  Other outdoor publishing alternatives existing, such as bus shelters, taxi toppers, and billboards, but you can hardly describe these options as competition to Pranos display systems.  

Pranos HoloGlass and HoloWalls dominate outdoor signs, taxi toppers, and billboards because these alternatives are:

  • poorly targeted.
    • constrained by limited inventory (only 450K billboards in the US)
    • Difficult to prove metrics and ROI to advertisers with static outdoor advertising

    HoloGlass and HoloWalls are:

    • hyper-targeted
    • unlimited with inventory worldwide
    • able to provide attribution data and detailed metrics to prove effectiveness


    As of today Pranos considers any medium that distributes content in the OOH as a potential competitor. This includes billboards, taxi toppers , bus shelters and your missing cat sign on a nearby tree. Even though we are the first to create these devices for glass we are also the first to allow for an everyday person to own a high exposure publishing system for the out of home. This allows for a complete new market in content distribution and ubiquitous scale like never seen before. This will lead to consumers not only earning on the GRID but also to broadcast whatever content they'd like - whether it's their instagram story or their personal ideologies. That is the reason we are also considering social media platforms like Facebook, Tik Tok , Snapchat etc as competitors. These platforms are a place where people can express and communicate and we are allowing for people do bring that to the OOH to reach and even larger audience.


      There are over 1.4 billion private cars and millions of busses in circulation in the U.S. alone with and roads take up about 60% of the city's real estate.  Utilizing our technology to augment motor vehicles gives immediate scale opportunities within the city center achieving maximum visibility for your displays.  In addition, there's over 70 billion sq. ft. of commercial real estate in the US that's rip for expanding our OPP as well.     


      PRANOS has three (3) primary customer segments as follows:

      1. Consumers that drive our hardware sales and content distribution capabilities

      2. Content Creators that are looking for freedom of self-expression out-of-home

      3. Advertisers that provide money making opportunities on The GRID


      Pranos has established a network of global partners ready to support the launch of Pranos internationally.  Many of the markets that the Company is pursuing are shown above.  


      Pranos is offering an opportunity for you to invest in our first round of outside financing through this WeFunder campaign.  The Pranos executives have bootstrapped the operation since the Company's inception, and this inaugural crowdfunding campaign will bring our first outside investors onto the Company.  

      Pranos is raising $600,000 through a convertible note offering.  Early investors have the opportunity to participate in the offering at a discounted valuation cap of approximately $8 million ($0.80/ share of common stock outstanding) for a limited time.  After our early bird is subscribed the rest of the round will be sold at a valuation cap of $ 9 million ( $0.90/ share ).  

      For more information on Pranos and our HoloGlass and HoloFilm please visit our website or email us at

      Join us on our exciting journey !

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