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Last Funded September 2021


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First 100% virtual, residential solar company in the cloud.
1,000% Y-O-Y Revenue Growth in 2020.
$96M in Revenue in 2020.
2021 forecast is $196 million in revenue (not guaranteed).

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Welcome to Powur's Reg CF investor page

This offering page is for investments from $250 to $24,999.

Investments of $25,000 or more will be handled through a Reg D.

Here is our daily update on the combined capital raised in both offerings as of 2 PM PST on 7/30/2021.

    • Reg D: $4,150,220 (Warrant threshold has been reached)
    • Reg CF: $3,184,518
    • Combined: $7,334,738



Everything began in the heart of the Amazon rainforest…


We debated a lot whether we should do another crowdfunding round given the business is currently holding over $18M in cash and is a pretty late stage for Reg CF. Ultimately decided we wanted to create a small opening for ownership within our network for 2 reasons.

1) We intend to file for an IPO within the next 24-36 months 
(not guaranteed).

We want to give our most important stakeholders one more chance to own a piece of Powur and share in the upside of this valuable business we are building together. We believe the more invested our most important stakeholders are in the long-term outcome of Powur, the stronger our business will be.

2) We’ve got several investments we want to make in our technology platform that are longer-term in nature. 

We see opportunities to differentiate from our competitors and add enormous value to the solar fulfillment process utilizing AI and machine learning and think it’s a better strategy to de-risk the investments by not using current working capital.


The opportunity for this company is not just to be an innovative model for how customers are acquired for sustainable energy. Although that's a hugely valuable company, that's not even close to the real potential of our organization.

What we're really building is a new global model for a clean energy utility, and a clean energy utility is not just going to supply electricity in the future.

Powur’s future potential is to provide sustainable essential services at breakthrough costs. It's going to be energy, storage, transportation, food, water, materials, and housing. That is because society is morphing out of its extraction-based economic and resource model, where we extract from the world around us to provide for our needs.

We believe society is moving towards a technological creation-based model. We're not going to need to extract energy anymore, we're going to create energy. We're not going to need to extract water, we're gonna create water. We don’t need to extract from the environment to create livestock for meat, we’re going to grow meat with precision fermentation, etc. So, this is the big technological shift happening on the planet right now that is an opportunity for many essential service sectors.

The idea is that Powur can become the organization that supplies people with the technologies they need to create the resources they require to sustain life at breakthrough costs.

Energy is just the first one, but as you look over the coming decades at disruptive technologies like precision fermentation and 3D printing, and many more things that are coming, we think we're gonna have an opportunity to provide those technologies to our customers and scale this model internationally. That's the vision we have.


Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.



At the core of everything is our platform. We are the hub of the residential solar ecosystem, and we have three stakeholders.

We have consultants, this is our 1099 salesforce army. We are the best in the world at creating, training, and developing this army. Our consultants then acquire customers and we recruit installers or a third-party labor network to fulfill these customers utilizing our proprietary software platform.

Meet our Consultants

Meet our Customers (Homeowners)

This is the flowchart of how money moves and how the relationships function across our platform:

There's no other company that's come close to digitizing electricity the way we have. We are a 100% virtual solar company. We install thousands of mini power plants on customers’ homes every year, and we don't have a single truck, a single office, or a single warehouse. We operate the entire company in the cloud already, and we're the only solar company in the world that does that.

Imagine a truly in-the-cloud utility, which is where we're going. 


Our revenue is exploding, we grew revenue by 1,100% in 2020.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

We introduced the latest version of our business model in Q2 of 2019 and instantly started seeing revenue double quarter over quarter. So, in 2019, we generated $8,387,000 of revenue. In 2020, we did $100,931,000 in revenue. And so far 2021 is pacing to $206 million in revenue. 

We have become the fastest-growing residential solar company in the world. 


This is because we have built the most asset-light virtual solar business model in the world.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

We have created a company that is printing cash in the energy business as it grows and has required zero investment dollars.

We could not ask for a better fundamental business model, quite frankly, than the one that we've built, and we expect cash to end the year at 25 million without any proceeds from this raise.

At present, we are not optimizing for cash or profit; we're optimizing for growth. This means investing as much as we can into building all sorts of new departments, expanding our technology teams, our training teams, our maintenance teams, our operations teams, our finance teams, our customer service teams, our marketing teams, and our compliance teams.

We're focused on growth because we believe that the opportunity is to be a billion-dollar company within the next 24 to 36 months while continuing to generate substantial cash. 


We faced massive hurdles that we had to overcome to mature the operational side of our business and make it as good as our front-end sales engine and technology. That is our major focus for 2021.

Despite the challenges of extremely fast growth, organic consultant growth is continuing to climb.


Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

One of the things we're most proud of about our business is that we do more with less than any of our publicly traded competitors.

Compare how much money it took our peers to reach the same milestone we've reached.

Money raised to break 200 million in revenue:

  • Sunrun raised $235 million by the time they hit 200 million in revenue.
  • Solar City raised $338 million by the time they hit 200 million in revenue.
  • SunPower raised 146 million by the time they hit 200 million in revenue.
  • Sunnova has not even hit 200 million in revenue, and they've raised over 2.4 billion to date.

So, at our current revenue run rate, having raised only 3.5 million in equity capital, that gives us a revenue-to-capital ratio of 57x.

It's not even in the same ballpark as our competition.

We flat out do more with less, and that's who our management team is.

We are just some of the most efficient entrepreneurs and most cost-effective entrepreneurs to ever exist and enter the solar industry, and that is clear through our results.


Once again, compared to all of our competitors, we did a revenue per employee of $1.12 million in 2020; which is just a multiple better than any of our other competitors and we're now raising money to invest in AI and machine learning to keep making our platform more efficient and see our costs relative to competitors plummet.


Bottom line, Powur 's results are frankly superior in a lot of ways. Yet, we have a tremendous amount we still need to work on in our business. We've got to get the operation side of our business as good as our model in the front end of our business, and that's really where we're focused right now.

And as we unlock that operational throughput, and core competency in fulfilling these projects, we believe that the model is poised for exponential growth for all the reasons above.

And certainly, the industry is just getting started. The forecast for solar energy could not be better.

There are decades of exponential growth in front of us. The industry will be quadrupling just over the 2020s alone.

The solar industry is going to install four times more than all the solar that's been installed to date, in the next nine years; which is just phenomenal growth.


Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

The market is forecasted to be in the US 13% adoption by 2030. We're at 3% adoption today. That still leaves the decade after that to be mainstream America going solar. You could see 40-50% of homes adopt solar.

We're talking about one of the biggest market opportunities in energy in our lifetime, and Powur is perfectly positioned to own a piece of all residential solar and all of this market adoption. We are confident that we can be a huge company.


We sell residential solar, we sell energy storage, and we have a SaaS platform where all of our users pay us monthly to be on our platform.

In the future, we want to sell EVs and EV charging systems. We know that the opportunity to partner with EV manufacturers is tremendous, and we want to go head to head with Tesla and achieve the valuation of an EV sales company and residential solar company. We think that opportunities are ripe.

Also, home electrification (all of the electrification of the appliances at home) essential services, food, water, housing, and mobility.

We see a path into all of these markets building the largest sales force to sell these products in a platform that is the ecosystem, with our labor network wanting to earn additional revenue by getting certified and trained to install all of our products. Partnerships with manufacturers, just like we have today, and sales and fulfillment being done through our 1099 network and platform.


Tesla, Sunrun, Vivint, some less known nonpublic entities... Titan Solar, Freedom Forever, there's a lot of competitors out there competing for this space, but what we do better than everyone else is clear.

Powur Advantages:

  • We're the only company that has a SaaS recurring revenue model where our users pay us to be on our platform.
  • We have a fixed customer acquisition cost model; we make money on every single deal we sell.
  • We have the lowest fixed operational cost of any of our competitors.
  • We do not employ a single truck, a single office, a single warehouse. We can install just as much volume with 1/10 the headcount.
  • We have a flywheel business model.
  • We're 100% virtual, operating in the cloud.

We have serious competitive advantages that we've figured out that none of our competitors have.


Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Our financial projections are massive. We hopee revenue is going to grow 100% year over year again, and we just see massive sustained growth. 50 to 100% year over year growth for the next few years, provided we can really nail the operational model and deliver a very quality experience.


If you look again at what all of our publicly traded competitors are currently trading at, it's anywhere from a 4x to 19x multiple over revenue.

Powur right now is pricing at 1.1x over 2021 forecasted revenue.

With a valuation of 225 million, and revenue pacing 206 million this year, we are pricing very competitive relative to other residential solar companies in the marketplace, which we think makes for a really exciting investment opportunity.


Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Over the next 24 months, we'd like to achieve a revenue of 400 million in annual sales, and we're looking to IPO somewhere in the 4 to 5x, revenue multiplier ballpark. Which again, is under where most of our competitors are at.

If we can achieve this, our target IPO valuation is somewhere around 2 billion.

It depends on our capability to achieve this... of course, we're not making any claims whatsoever, these are all projections and forecasts, and not guarantees.

But again, if we can achieve our projections and take the company public at a 2 billion valuation, the target ROI for your investment today is somewhere in the eight to 10x return on investment.

We firmly believe that, by the end of 2030, there will be many companies in the clean energy space valued at $100 billion. Certainly 20, 50, 100 billion-plus.

The above projections cannot be guaranteed.

So, our goal ROI by the end of 2030 is definitely to be a publicly traded company in the 20 to $50 billion valuation range (not guaranteed).

We invite investors who want to be in with us for the long haul of this vision, who value the 20-year vision for the company, and who want to be a part of the ride to build an international decentralized clean energy utility.

That is fundamentally what we're building on Powur, so we invite you to join us and become an investor, become an owner and shareholder, and let's go create the sustainable energy infrastructure that we know the future depends on.

Thank you.