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Team of experienced entrepreneurs with a proven track record of building industry leading companies
$12B total addressable North American market
Scalable supply chain and an innovative revenue share program to accelerate unit deployments
Award winning eco-friendly lodging unit designs

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Deploying Luxury, Year-Round Glamping Structures to Owners of Iconic Properties and Sharing the Revenue

In the face of skyrocketing demand, the luxury glamping segment has a massive supply shortage.

The luxury glamping market in the USA and Canada has a Total Addressable Market (TAM) of $12.6 billion*, but with only 2,118 units in operation**, there is a staggering 111,066-unit shortage. At the current development rate, supply doesn't catch up to TAM in our lifetime due to substantial planning, zoning, & permitting barriers in addition to fierce local opposition.

*Source: Management Estimates, KOA 2023 Glamping Report **Source: Sage Advisory Report, 2022

The Solution - Deploying luxury glamping units to tourism businesses at scale to capitalize on the growing demand for experiential travel

Posh Outdoors supplies owners of iconic properties with high-end glamping accommodations and backend support, at no up-front cost to the landowner, through an attractive revenue share model. Targeting existing tourism businesses, Posh enables operators to add unique lodging experiences with minimal capex. This enables Posh to avoid many of the lengthy and expensive pitfalls associated with ground up developments.

Company and Investment Overview

Posh Outdoors has developed a highly scalable platform comprised of: (1) the supply and installation of turn-key, unique, all-season modular glamping units with award winning eco-friendly designs, (2) a menu of tech-centric, labor-light hospitality and revenue management services, (3) an innovative revenue share program to partner with outdoor tourism businesses such as wineries, ski resorts, ranches, and existing glamping operators.

The Posh revenue share program provides partners with turn-key luxury glamping units and services with minimal up-front cost to the partners, enabling them to add unique experiential lodging to existing tourism operations. The Posh program generates more demand for a partner’s existing tourism operations, and existing tourism customers represent built-in demand for the new Posh Outdoors lodging.

De Waard's "Big Oak" canvas structure

Investors in the current Posh Regulation CF offering of convertible debt expect to benefit from the company's scalability and a projected average unlevered yield on cost (UYOC) of approximately 30%, significantly higher than the typical 7-12% range for hotels and apartments. With the first location secured and a large pipeline of other North American locations, Posh Outdoors is poised to rapidly scale its number of keys while avoiding the costs and risks associated with traditional ground-up developments.

Company Positioning

Posh Outdoors has developed a scalable, boutique luxury glamping platform that fills a gap between ultra-luxury glamping resorts ($2,000+ per night) and larger mid-range luxury operators like Autocamp and Under Canvas ($300-$600 per night). This is what boutique luxury glamping entrepreneur-operators, such as Posh Outdoors’ board member Ben Wolff’s Onera, have done with huge success, but nobody is yet doing it at scale due to the aforementioned barriers. The Posh Outdoors solution breaks down those barriers.

Investment Thesis

Experiential tourism is surging with 66% of travelers also prioritizing eco-friendly lodging. Yet few immersive eco-friendly lodging retreats exist – amounting to a massive 100,000 unit shortage in North America. Posh Outdoors unique business model enables rapid scaling of eco friendly luxury glamping units.

The build up to this critical moment in this category can be tracked over the last 5-10 years.

2014 | New Era: Airbnb Reaches Mass Market

  • Late-stage private equity firm TPG invests $500M at a $10B valuation
  • Funding propelled Airbnb into mass market over next 5 years to IPO
  • Innovative platform empowered millions to become hospitality entrepreneurs

2017 - 2020 | Birth & Rise of Unique Stay

  • Small, entrepreneurial hosts experimented with fresh ideas
  • Single-unit, unique outdoor properties began to spring up and catch fire
  • COVID-19 drove travelers to nature, fueling demand for these unique stays

2021 | Airbnb Takes Notice

  • These properties became the most trafficked & demanded on Airbnb
  • Airbnb made unique stays a prominent part of its 2021 rebrand
  • New marketplace UI pushed unique stays to the top of the list

2021 -2024 | Unique Hospitality Gathers Momentum

  • More and more single-unit properties validate the unique stay concept
  • A few ambitious developers decide to take this now proven idea to scale
  • A new sub-category emerges: boutique luxury nature hotels
  • Growth is severely limited by permitting, costs, and local opposition
  • Biggest brands in the space have faced pushback that halted plans

2024 - 2030 | New Concepts Needed to Meet Demand

With an estimated shortage of 100,000 units in the luxury glamping category, there is a desperate need for new means & methods of creating these properties that avoids zoning & financing pitfalls.

Competitive Advantages

In the rapidly evolving glamping industry, Posh Outdoors is positioned as a partner for operators of existing high-end tourism businesses with a need to add unique accommodations to their locations. Traditional ground up glamping developments struggle with multi-year site design, planning, zoning, & permitting efforts in the face of local opposition, plus costly infrastructure and common area investment. The Posh model mitigates these risks and accelerates time to market during this critical 3 to 5 year period for operators to build market share and brand recognition.”

Revenue Share Leasing of Glamping Units To Operators of Existing Tourism Businesses

  • 20-year revenue share partnerships with existing 4-season tourism businesses sidesteps barriers to entry associated with ground-up developments
  • Existing infrastructure, utilities and/or guest amenities on partner properties makes setup faster and cost effective
  • Strong supply chain through partnership with EJH Distribution ensures rapid deployment of glamping units
  • Revenue share model cuts out the lengthy and expensive property acquisition process, enabling rapid deployment of glamping units and diversification across multiple locations
  • Material new profit center for Revenue Share Partners within minimal capex

Off-Site Hospitality Management

Most Posh Revenue Share partners incorporate off-site hospitality management through our partners, Oasi. Services include:

  • Marketing & Branding
  • Social Media Content
  • OTA Listing Management
  • Direct Booking Optimization
  • Guest Communications

By offering these services, Posh Outdoors earns higher revenue share percentages, further enhancing the company's compelling unit economics.

Landowner Benefits

Through its innovative revenue share program, Posh Outdoors enables landowners and operators of existing tourism businesses to add unique experiential lodging at a fraction of the cost of buying units up front. The turnkey, modular nature of the Posh units ensures that our partners can open their doors to guests with minimal impact on existing operations and the surrounding landscape.

Robust Partner Pipeline

Posh Outdoors has no shortage of landowner partners seeking to join the platform. Founder Nick Purslow’s Glampitect North America, and Founder Edward Haynes’ EJH Distribution, generate a consistent stream of leads from landowners and business owners interested in adding luxury glamping to their properties.

By leveraging these advantages, Posh Outdoors can establish a dominant position in the luxury glamping market, by rapidly deploying glamping units while our competitors entangle themselves with lengthy and expensive land acquisition, site planning, zoning, permitting, and construction of infrastructure and common area amenities already in place on Posh targeted sites.

Compelling Unit Economics

Posh Outdoors' unique approach to glamping development and operations results in attractive unit economics for both the company and its partners.

This is made possible by Posh's unique blend of:

  • Award-winning, modular glamping structures (Tubbo polycarbonate cabins and DeWaard's Big Oak canvas structures)
  • Modular building system that reduces construction time by 80-90%
  • Proven social-based revenue management system, maximizing direct bookings
  • Revenue share model minimizes capex for infrastructure and common amenities
  • Tech-centric, labor-light remote hospitality support

Projected Average Operating Metrics

  • ADR: $552
  • Occupancy: 75%
  • Rev Share Rate: 50%

Target Locations

When evaluating potential partnerships, Posh Outdoors seeks locations that offer:

  • Iconic natural settings with stunning landscapes
  • Diverse outdoor recreation activities (hiking, skiing, fishing, etc.)
  • Proximity to major urban centers and transportation hubs
  • Established 4 season high-end tourism businesses on-site
  • Existing infrastructure, amenities, and hospitality support available
  • Necessary zoning and permitting for glamping operations
  • Rev share partners committed to guest experience and eco-friendly practices

Flagship Project - Skyridge Glamping, Kananaskis, Alberta (near Banff) | Opening Q4 2024

Posh Outdoors has secured an agreement for its first revenue share project. Skyridge Glamping is slated to open 10 Posh Outdoors units on an iconic 6.7 acres of Canadian Rockies Crown Land. The opportunity is tied to a 20yr lease with a 30% revenue share.

All units will have ensuite luxury baths & kitchenettes, decks & iconic views. The property and surrounding area offers awe-inspiring views of rugged peaks, glacial waters, and abundant wildlife. The property is a short drive from Calgary and its international airport and is the perfect “base camp” to explore the areas world class hiking, water sports, golf courses, skiing, mountain biking, fishing, and everything in-between – including Banff National Park, recognized as one of the top parks and beautiful areas in the world.

Learn more at: Skyridge Glamping website

Kananaskis Lake - approximately 10 minutes from Posh Skyridge site

Key Details

  • Lease Term: 20yrs
  • Unit Count: 10 Posh Units (+10 landowner units)
  • Land Size: 6.7 acres
  • ADR: $515
  • Occupancy: 75%


  • Project Cost: $6 million
  • Posh Investment: $1.7M
  • Land Partner Equity: $3.3M
  • Annual Gross Revenue Posh Units: $1,400,000
  • Deal Terms: 30% Rev Share / 20-year term
  • Annual Net Revenue Posh Units: $420,000
  • Posh NOI: $400,000


  • Q3 2024 - Complete financing & infrastructure
  • Q3-Q4 2024 – On-site Unit installation
  • Q3 2024 - Projected first guest stays for 10 landowner units

Company Projected Financials

With compelling unit economics and a clear path to scale, Posh Outdoors presents an attractive investment opportunity.

As the portfolio grows, Posh Outdoors will be well-positioned to generate shareholder liquidity through a sale or recapitalization with institutional investors seeking exposure to this rapidly growing segment of the hospitality industry. The Company will also evaluate the potential conversion to a private REIT.

Recent Transactions

  • Live Oak Lake ($7M / 7 Units, source)
  • Onera Fredericksburg ($7M / 11 Units, source)

Key Comp - Onera, Fredericksburg (Founded by Posh Board Member, Ben Wolff)

Developed by Posh Outdoors Board Member Ben Wolff, Onera Fredericksbury, a luxury glamping retreat in the Texas hill country, exemplifies the success of Posh Outdoors' innovative approach to outdoor hospitality. Onera Fredericksburg features 12 thoughtfully designed glamping units that blend style, comfort, and natural immersion. By implementing a pioneering social revenue management system, Onera achieved remarkable performance metrics that resulted in a $7 million exit to Summit Hotels after just 14 months of operations.

  • $700 Avg. Nightly Rate
  • 75% Direct Booking Rate

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