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First drinkware with truly effective roofie protection built in!
Market-ready, fully-engineered product in early manufacturing stages
Veteran-owned and operated - Team with combined 90 years experience in mission-critical skillsets
PATENTED! Full Patent issued October '23. International patent in process.

Our Team

Making it Easy & Fun to Create Cocktails Anywhere

Pnü Corp. is pioneering an entirely new drinkware product category:

Portable Cocktail Creators

We're building a full line of water-proof, rechargeable, portable devices—ranging from handheld units to large units capable of making more than 100 different types of cocktails without expensive pods!

Make perfect mixed drinks anywhere with our patented Dual-Core Mixing Technology & Liquor Control Dial. Create and share amazing cocktails while doing the things you love - safely!

pnümix features and benefits

Born Of Experience

We invented the pnümix to solve problems we personally experienced while entertaining friends and business associates.

We knew there had to be a better way for avid Hosts and non-mixologist cocktail aficionados like us to easily serve quality cocktails when hosting a get-together. We were tired of slaving away through every gathering just to serve our guests (and ourselves) not-so-great cocktails.

And we're always looking for a good adventure! Whether it's boating, snowboarding, tubing, hiking, camping, golfing, or tailgating, the pnümix makes it easy for us to enjoy great tasting mixed drinks while doing the things we love!

Making A Difference

In addition to the problems above, many of our loved ones have had their drinks drugged. We've met hundreds more who've suffered from this crime in the last 16 months while doing product demos for the public.

When we realized our product was the first-ever truly roofie-proof drinkware, Pnü Corp's mission became clear: Make a BIG positive impact on this widespread problem.

Pnü Corp Is The "YETI" Of Cocktail Creators:

How The pnümix Works:

Our flagship product, the pnümix, is the world's first Portable Cocktail Creator. It is also the first-ever TRULY roofie-proof drinkware!

  • Ingredient Reservoir: High-quality, vacuum-sealed thermos with two compartments.
  • Liquor and mixers are kept cold or hot and separate until served.
  • Proprietary dual-core mixing technology perfectly blends and aerates any mixed drink, cocktail, mocktail, flavored coffee blend and more!
  • Liquor control dial: Wide range of mix options for making any drink perfectly—you can even adjust how strong the mix is in-between drinks!
  • Patent-pending — patent approval expected before first product ships.
  • Manufacturing has begun!

World-Class Manufacturing & Design

Product engineering and Design for Manufacturing (DfM) is complete. We are in early manufacturing stages with a projected ship date of December '23.

Our manufacturing partner is world class! They manufacture HydroFlask thermoses, hydration-based products for UnderArmour, and many other well-known, high-end products in kitchenware and electronics.

First Mover Advantage

Consumer demand for cocktails on-the-go is booming. The Ready-To-Drink (RTD) cocktail market is the fastest growing spirits segment by a factor of 2!

The pnümix, and all our future portable cocktail creator products, are one-of-a kind. We are first to market with a new, patent-pending technology.

As a complex physical product, it takes lots of money and up to a year or more of engineering and manufacturing to create a competitive product...and only if they can find a way around our patent!

Nothing out there measures up! Current solutions are either not portable, don't mix your drink well, or cost 15% to 60% more than making cocktails with your own ingredients.

RTDs are the most expensive way to enjoy a cocktail on-the-go and contribute significantly to aluminum and plastic single-use-container waste.

Our Portable Cocktail Creators solve these problems!

We've estimated that a single Host, using a pnümix instead of RTDs for 6 person outings, with an average of 25 outings per year, can save more than 1,000 aluminum cans!

With the pnümix, customers can make cocktails at the same cost-per-drink as making them at home. Everyone can choose their own ingredient quality and control their costs.

And because the pnümix keeps liquor separate from mixer you never waste unused liquor! Just pour what liquor is left back in the bottle it came from.

Everyone Loves The pnümix!

We've experienced amazing customer response to the pnümix through social media and hundreds of in-person promotions at lakes, bars, and events.

As we near our projected ship date of December '23, we're ramping up our Go-to Market strategy with a multi-pronged approach to product awareness & pre-orders.

Building a Lifestyle Brand

We're starting with a Direct to Consumer model, selling via Kickstarter and our website. As consumer sales grow we will add online and brick & mortar retailers to our distribution model.

As the company grows we will market pnümix systems for use in Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, and Entertainment Venues.

Ludicrous Speed!

We've come a long way since making our first concept art in late '21. We built dozens of prototype iterations in our garage, performed tons of customer feedback sessions to obtain product-market fit, and obtained our first Angel investors.

Now, only 7 months after finding our first investor, we're already beginning the manufacturing process!

Strong Leadership Team

With a combination of Manufacturing, Distribution, Sales, Marketing, Leadership, Engineering, and Product Design skills, our Co-founders bring the experience and skills necessary to build Pnü Corp. into an industry-leading organization.

Our Angel Investors and Advisors are heavily involved, providing invaluable insight and support backed by decades of success.

Positioned to Do Good

We are dedicated to making a positive impact for both social and environmental good. As we succeed we will give back by supporting efforts that make the world a better place and give us all a reason to raise a toast!

Invest in Pnü Corp.

We’re raising $1.2M to finish manufacturing and reach our growth goals. Our investment proposition is clear: Pnü Corp's first-of-a-kind Portable Cocktail Creators address an unmet customer need in a vast and growing market ready for innovation.

Join us today as we create an entirely new product category: Portable Cocktail Creators. Together we can make enjoying cocktails with friends easier, safer, and more fun than ever before!