Pippy Sips

Maia cools and monitors breastmilk so it's safe all day. Like a fridge that fits in your purse.

Last Funded March 2020


raised from 24 investors


Successfully raised over $20K from 182 backers on past crowdfunding campaign. campaign:https://ifundwomen.com/projects/maia.
Maia is a breast pump accessory product. The global breast pump market is valued at more than $2 Billion, and 75% of sales are domestic.
In the U.S. alone, over 2.5 million moms use a breast pump each year
73% of potential customers surveyed said they were likely to buy our product.

Our Team

Amberlee had to return to work after maternity leave.  But she wanted to keep breastfeeding.  This meant a lot of pumping at work.  A big issue for Amberlee (and many of her peers) was safely storing pumped breastmilk, for the whole day, without a nearby fridge.  No one had a solution to that issue.  So Amberlee decided to come up with one herself.


The first all-in-one system for storing, cooling, transporting and monitoring breastmilk.

Pumping at work can be incredibly inconvenient.

Pippy Sips Founder Amberlee had her struggles with breast pumping at work. While she was able to pump at her job - multiple times a day, for many months - the process was cumbersome. One of the biggest challenges was keeping the milk cooled.

Many moms bring coolers with ice packs to work.  These moms stress that the milk gets too warm, and until now there has been no way to easily monitor the milk's temperature. 

Our product makes pumping easier.

Our product, Maia, keeps milk at a safe temperature for up 24 hours.  And we've built an internal thermometer activated by double-tapping Maia's lid, so you can check the temperature anytime.

Maia's keeps milk cool with fewer parts.  Its shell is made of food-grade stainless steel so it's more durable than fabric cooling bags.  It connects to all bottle-based pumps (either directly or with the aid of an included adapter).  And it's small enough to comfortable fit in a purse or work bag.  

The market for Maia is big and getting bigger.

The global breast pump market is valued around $2 Billion, with 75% of sales generated in the United States.  Over 2.5 million moms in the U.S.  will use a breast pump this year, and that number replenishes and will increase each subsequent year.  More moms than ever before are going back to work after maternity leave, and more moms than ever before are continuing to breastfeed after maternity leave (which means they will be using a pump). 

Initially, our typical customer will spend between $110 and $15o on Maia and accessories (extra plastic bottle if one is in the dishwasher, extra cooling pucks to keep in the freezer).  We will increase that amount through additional product offerings over time.

An investment in Pippy Sips is an invest in American manufacturing.

Pippy Sips is confident that Maia has a durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal superior to other portable storing and cooling systems—all with fewer component parts. More still, Maia is the only such system being manufactured right here in the United States. The materials will all be domestically sourced.  And the system as a whole will be assembled and tested an hour from Pippy Sips's Philadelphia headquarters.

Also, even though Maia is not a medical device per se, Pippy Sips is having Maia built according to ISO 13485 quality procedures for FDA-regulated medical devices. Pippy Sips honors the trust of its customers by making sure it has done everything it can to build a product that will be safe for children and will put breastfeeding moms at ease.