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Piper Wallet

Making bitcoin paper wallets is a hassle. Piper makes it easy.


The only company in the world selling this type of product.
Shipped dozens of units already, with no advertising.
Trusted and in good standing with the bitcoin community.

Our Founder


If you've heard of bitcoin, you've probably heard the stories of massive bitcoin theft. With nearly instant, irreversible transfers, bitcoin is a common target for thieves. A single drive-by infection on an normally innocuous website can mean that you lose all your hard-earned bitcoins in an instant.

But what if you could keep your bitcoins off of computers entirely? What if you could store your bitcoins on paper, and an attacker would need physical access to the paper in order to steal your bitcoins? This is the function of a "paper wallet".

I created Piper because I tried to move my bitcoins to a paper wallet one day, and it was a real pain. To create a paper wallet securely, you must be sure that the machine you use is secure. On a computer, this usually entails physically unplugging the internet, booting to a LiveCD of some sort, and making sure that any bitcoin software or printer drivers are loaded on the CD beforehand. Most computer users don't even know what a LiveCD is, let alone how to download and use one. You shouldn't have to be a computer expert to securely store your bitcoins.

Piper has a single button which, when pressed, causes Piper to print out a paper wallet. Piper also has a switch with two options: Remember and Forget. In Remember mode, Piper stores the keys it generates to it's internal memory. You can plug in a flashdrive at anytime and Piper will automatically back the keys up to it, and then eject the drive. This allows the user to securely store their bitcoins in more than 1 place. In Forget mode, Piper does not store the keys it has generated, and the keys will only exist on the paper they are printed on. Since Piper has a USB port, you can also hook up your own USB printer if you'd like. And finally, Piper supports encrypting the paper wallets it prints with a password. So even if someone finds your paper wallet or USB backup drive, they can't steal your bitcoins without knowing the password.

All these features work together in Piper, making it the most secure way to store bitcoins on the planet.