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Pink Door Cookies

Fancy & whimsical cookies that transport you to a world of delight. By a Chopped Sweets champion.

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Founded by lifetime pastry chef and Chopped champion, Mathew Rice.
Production facility scoped to produce 10,000 cookies in one 8 hour shift.
8 hours of production per day fills 25,000 monthly memberships with revenue of ~$2,000,000
We've learned that if we can bake them, we have no problem selling them.
Once we scale into the second daily 8-hour shift at the production facility, we will build another.
We have an aggressive scaling strategy empowered by proprietary technology.

Our Team

The Pink Door Cookies Story

Founded by Mathew Rice, a seasoned pastry chef and Chopped Sweets champion, Pink Door Cookies arose from the ashes of the 2020 pandemic. After losing his job due to lockdown, Mathew took the entrepreneurial leap to harness his extraordinary talent, which was being underutilized by others. The brand was introduced to the world through an Instagram announcement, with customers scheduling pick-ups from Mathew's aptly named pink-doored home. What began as a simple home-based operation quickly flourished into a beloved brand, with Mathew's endearing personality and exceptional cookie creations winning the hearts of a growing clientele.

Thanks to a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, Pink Door Cookies' flagship store was established in Nashville's Chestnut Hill area in December 2020. During the intervening period between the campaign's end and the store's opening, Mathew's brand attracted the attention of former NFL All-Pro Evan Mathis. So impressed was Evan by Mathew's whimsical creations that he offered to buy into the company, propelling Pink Door Cookies towards reaching a wider audience.

Over the subsequent years, Pink Door Cookies focused on perfecting its concept and fine-tuning operations. Collaborating with UPS Intralogistics and Kamflex, the team has meticulously designed a 10,000 square-foot, custom-engineered production facility, due for completion in Q4 2023. Once operational, an 8-hour shift will yield 10,000 cookies, fueling the company's firm belief, "If we can bake them, we can sell them."

Owning production gives Pink Door the ability to distribute cookies and merchandise far and wide, establishing a robust online presence before strategically expanding their physical footprint with unique, immersive locations. By investing in Pink Door Cookies, you're not just investing in a business; you're investing in a brand that is fast becoming a household name, with a proven track record and an exciting future.