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On a mission to bring new hope and a brighter future to patients battling life-threatening diseases
$3.5 million raised from >4,100 investors: Crowdfunding and Angel investors
Our drug repairs damaged cells and kills cancer
Undervalued position, potential to buy low/sell high. PhorMed = $53M; Similar Companies = $290M-1.2B

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Ben Chang, CEO, “Our drug has the chance to alter forever the way diseases are treated”

Many common life-threatening diseases have few to no treatment options or require dangerous treatments with long-lasting side effects

Many patients are often faced with the harsh reality of either no viable treatment options or, in cases like cancer, having to endure harmful and painful treatments with severe, long-lasting, and possible organ-damaging side effects. These harsh treatments can increase the already high chance of relapse.  In some cases, severe side effects show up years after treatment.

Our platform* drug shows unparalleled promise in treating various diseases

We are currently in clinical trials, advancing the development of our platform drug, RP-323. This treatment targets life-threatening diseases like Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML/cancer), Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (cancer), Parkinson’s disease (brain disorder), and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS/lung disorder).

Our technology is a targeted therapy that can repair a variety of damaged and mutated cells while killing cancer cells in the process.

Platform is defined as one drug applied across many applications

We treat life-threatening diseases by repairing damaged cells and killing cancer cells

Our platform drug utilizes cell repair therapy to target damaged and mutated cells, having the ability to fix various cell types and kill cancer cells. Additionally, our drug boosts the cancer-fighting immune system, an activity called immunotherapy. The drug is administered through intravenous infusions (I.V. drip).

  • Remission in AML - 83% success
  • Tumor reduction in Hodgkin's Lymphoma
  • Reduced inflammation in the Lungs and Brain
  • FDA has Fast-Tracked Phase 1 and Phase 2 for both our cancer studies
  • White Blood Cells (WBC) & Neutrophils (NEUT) increase

(WBC & NEUT are part of the cancer-fighting immune system - see image below)

Our drug has been proven to be safe in early studies

The Phase 1 Study has been completed, establishing the safety validity of our drug. We are now in Phase II in 3 of our clinical studies.

Our treatments stand out from others by prioritizing safety and effectiveness in addressing the root cause of conditions rather than merely alleviating symptoms

While current treatment options for some diseases can cause devastating side effects and possibly damage internal organs and healthy cells, particularly with cancer drugs, other disease states like Parkinson's and ARDS are limited to treatments only relieving symptoms. 

Our drug is a targeted therapy that addresses the underlying cause of these diseases, preventing organs and healthy cells from being damaged. We aim to offer safe and targeted treatments in places where they are not currently available.

These deadly diseases are widespread, with many untapped markets clear of competition

Currently, the only medicines available for indications (medical conditions) like ARDS and Parkinson’s are symptom-treating drugs. We would control large sectors of the market void of completion with our targeted disease-focused treatments.

While we actively work on our go-public transaction, we continue to evaluate the possibilities of creating partnerships for our continuing R&D and future distribution, allocating funds in the most efficient manner to obtain our primary goal of clinical success.

These companies were chosen because of their similar pipeline profiles to PhorMed.


  • Phase 3: 0 clinical trials (all companies have zero trials in phase 3)
  • Phase 2: 2 or 3 clinical trials (PhorMed has the advantage with 3 clinical trials at this stage compared to others with only 2)
  • Phase 1 & pre-clinical: All have additional clinical trials and studies in development

With projected market values somewhere between $290M-1.2B, PhorMed has remarkable growth potential at $53 Million. Invest now and grow with the company.

Our drug can drastically improve the quality of life for patients while offering an exit strategy for our investors by going public

Ben Chang, CEO, "We have an opportunity to forever change the options available to patients suffering from these awful diseases. With our drug, patients will be able to take back their lives and won’t be saddled with long-lasting and damaging side effects."

The company anticipates a clear path toward an open and ever-growing marketplace. Our planned GO-PUBLIC translation offers our investors an exit strategy.