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We've shipped 10 million Square Packs (dose packs) and generated revenue in excess of $26 million!
The pharmacy market is $500 billion annually. So we have plenty of room to grow.
We focus on the 41 million Americans who take 5 or more medications.
Our proprietary RX2 Mobile app and monthly "Care Calls" help us "surround the patient with care."

Our Team

The pharmacy industry is ripe for change. Care should revolve around the patient. PersonalRX makes it easy for patients to take the right medication at the right time. Patients are also provided the direct phone number of the PersonalRX technician who helps manage their medication regimen.

We make it easy for our patients to take the right medications at the right time.

PersonalRX places the patient at the center of the pharmacy care model. We are a home delivery pharmacy providing VIP services and packaging to improve patient compliance — with no added costs. Our pharmacists are available 24/7, and each patient has the direct phone number of their dedicated pharmacy technician. 

We are in a hot market with a need for personalized innovation. In 2020, prescription drug expenditures total $358.7 billion. Pill Pack was acquired by Amazon for nearly $1 billion in Jue 2018. More recently, DivvyDose was acquired by UnitedHealth in September 2020 for $300 million. Bottom line - the pharmacy market is large enough for many companies to do well. 

Our services focus on the 12.6% of Americans who take 5 medications or more — a patient group in need of an easier synthesized medical solution. This equates to 41.3 million Americans and a market size that exceeds $126.4 billion annually. Our company is fully prepared to perform at scale with our proven sales model.

We’re licensed in 38 states, and our traction is huge. We produced and delivered our 10 millionth Square Pack last year, in addition to onboarding a Fortune 500 Pharmacy Benefits Management company. This year, we began accepting referrals from a new Medicare Home Health partner with over 200 offices.

We made an app for our patients.

Since the inception of the PersonalRX brand in 2016, we’ve served and acquired a growing number of patients in the home delivery market. In 2019, we developed our digital platform — the RX2 Mobile app, a progressive web application (PWA). Available across iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems.

We made a dashboard for us.

We completed RX2 Admin in 2020, a proprietary Patient Relationship Management Tool (PRM) that drives end-to-end workflow for pharmacy home delivery — from billing and day-to-day communication to packing and shipping. This makes it simple for us to provide the best service with efficiency. Our workflows are automated, utilizing pharmacy robots for faster-than-manual processes.

Our goal is to lead the pharmacy industry in providing excellent patient care, nationwide. PersonalRX has the infrastructure, experience, team, and business relationships to operate at scale.

COVID-19 has created a “new normal” in creating a desire for a contactless experience. We’re bringing a sanitary solution right to your doorstep, and we’ve built a scalable business that continues to grow as we reinvest in it. Our subscription model builds revenue quickly, leading to significant profits and a rewarding ROI for investors.

We’re more than pill packers. We’re delivering healthcare. While our competitors deliver individual medications, we deliver a full-service, personalized experience that protects the patient while improving care outcomes. 

PersonalRX is technology-enabled, not technology dependent. In other words, we use technology to drive workflow. But hiring great people who provide the personal touch is paramount for superb healthcare. All told, our team totals 100+ years of experience in entrepreneurship, pharmaceuticals, management, and business development. 

Merging technology and human compassion, we are fueling the next generation of retail pharmacy and we hope you’ll consider fueling this movement. The opportunity for investors is to enter early in our growth cycle, with a promising market in need of innovation. Join us to fuel the next generation of healthcare.