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Invest in Pendram

Invest in an Entire Portfolio of Breakthrough High Tech Smart Storage Products!


Woman Founded/CEO leading the company with over 25 years of expertise in launching technology products.
Totally unique and compelling "Smart" product line based on core, patent pending technology.
Investment includes entire portfolio of breakthrough high tech products for "Smart Storage".
Seasoned team has proven track record in start-ups delivering fast cash exits for Investors.
Flagship "Smart-Lid" Product chosen as Tommy Chong favorite for 2020 with strong demand.
Clear need and demonstrated demand for a high tech storage solution. Huge market potential.

Our Team

CEO and Founder
25+ years of high tech management and marketing with numerous awards and accolades for innovation in branding and strategic vision.
Many storage applications require optimum humidity, temperature and air flow to achieve long term positive results. There was a need for a miniaturized smart atmospheric control technology that can benefit multiple industries.
CTO and Founder
Previous company generated $24M cash exit leveraging less than $2.8M in Angel investments in less than 15 months.

High Tech Smart Storage Solutions