Parallel Flight Technologies

Drones that lift more & fly longer — Multiple Industries

Last Funded August 2020


raised from 71 investors


US-made drone technology with 1.7M raised already through grants, private investment, and Reg CF.
CEO was the Tesla Semi Truck lead electrical engineer. Strong technical founding team.
Partnership with NASA and NSF (National Science Foundation). Received SBIR grant. Proprietary tech.
Carries heavy loads for 10x the duration of competitive systems.

Our Team

I almost lost my home to a wildfire in California and I wanted to find a way to help solve the ongoing wildfire crisis. Parallel Flight Technologies revolutionizes the way we fight fires today...and its applications are endless.

Drones that lift more & fly longer — Think of the applications.

The time is now. We've secured funding from NASA and the NSF through the Small Business Innovation Research program, have LOI's signed from over a dozen customers in diverse industries, and are ready to apply our technologies — starting with the $10B wildfire industry in the US, Canada, and Australia.

CEO Joshua Resnick and the Tesla Semi Truck.

Our US-made technology carries heavy loads for 10x the duration of all-electric systems.

Our tech vs. competition

We have demonstrated the heavy lift capability and duration of our core technology with our prototype aircraft. Now we are applying everything we have learned to designing a Beta level product, which we will be flying later this year, and putting into customer hands early next year. 

For our first products, we are focusing our technology to fight forest fires. Federal agencies, such as the US Forest Service, and private companies are actively looking for heavy lift solutions for wildfire and other applications, but the existing solutions are too limited in terms of flight duration and payload. Our tech will be made rugged enough to survive the wildfire environment which will make it capable of surviving anywhere. 

The US spends $500M on controlled burns each year. Performing these burns with helicopters is dangerous and expensive, and a number of pilots have died. Agencies are starting to use drones for controlled burns but they need heavy lift systems that can cover more ground. We have partnered with a premier ignition payload manufacturer, Drone Amplified, to deliver a solution for large-scale unmanned controlled burns. 

Wildland firefighters use a drone to ignite a prescribed burn using the Drone Amplified system

We need Parallel Flight Technologies now more than ever because of the wildfire crisis happening worldwide — mainly caused by climate change and a growing wildland-urban interface. On average, firefighters only have air support for 8 hours per day. Unmanned aircraft will enable round-the-clock support for fire crews increasing safety and effectiveness.

We have 12 LOIs already signed by major corporate partners across multiple industries, including prescribed fire, wildfire applications, SAR, precision agriculture, heavy sensors, and invasive species removal.

Our heavy lift unmanned systems open new possibilities for firefighting, search-and-rescue, ship-to-shore, agriculture, construction, medical, remote logistics and many other applications.

We’ve already raised $1.7M through grants, private investment, and regulation crowdfunding, and our trajectory is strong. Here’s what this latest round will help us achieve.

Together, let's save lives, property, and the environment.