Pangea Brands

100% sustainable and regenerative luxury beauty brand, from soil to skin.

Last Funded April 2023


raised from 22 investors


Highly loyal customer base with 2-year LTV of $432 - 3x above industry avg.
AOV increase +42% to $89 since April launch of new Skincare collection.
Taking on the $534B Beauty industry – as a 100% sustainable premium beauty brand.
Founder is a sustainable pioneer – with extensive global network of over 50+ suppliers.

Our Team

The creation of Pangea was born out of a simple philosophy - bringing the world back together again. Our mission for twenty years has been to create community through creating products with purpose. When people choose our products, their support positively impacts our communities and our world.

Why Pangea?

Beauty Unpolluted is our guiding principle - every product we create is formulated with powerful, plant-based bioactive ingredients in completely plastic-free packaging.

Pangea is a true beauty brand truly committed to creating a better world by creating products with purpose. 

We're on a mission to create a more sustainable world and revolutionize the $534B beauty industry. Pangea is one of the only brands with a 100% sustainable supply chain - we provide everyone a choice to buy highly efficacious beauty products - with zero plastics. 

Consumer demand for sustainability is at an all-time high, and Pangea is at the forefront of an explosive movement and fundamental change within the beauty industry.

The above slide contains forward projections, which cannot be guaranteed. 

Joshua is a serial entrepreneur - leading a sustainable beauty movement with cutting-edge formulations that honor purity, people, and the planet. He knows that fair, forward-thinking business practices will positively shape the lives of his stakeholders – from employees to farmers – and those practices require a vision that stretches beyond the comfort of the mainstream.

Jaimee is highly regarded as a disruptive beauty industry leader with a deep passion for products and people. She has built today's leading brands, including goop, Too Faced Cosmetics, and Ole Henriksen Skincare. Jaimee balances a strong and emotionally intelligent creative vision with strategic financial acumen and has led the forefront of several record-breaking industry trends, including taking on some of the most competitive business categories (Mascara, Eye Cream, Complexion, Treatments) and catapulting products to #1 global positions. She continually demonstrates the ability to predict and be at the forefront of trends and conversations. She takes calculated risks to create new business categories, including one of the fastest-growth categories today (sexual wellness). 

DJ is the creative visionary behind bringing all of Pangea's brand storytelling to life. He is globally recognized as one of the most accomplished advertising executives, whose campaigns are still referenced as the best in the industry today. 

And we have incredible innovation leaders and investors behind our mission.

We believe we can reach a $50M revenue run rate by 2026 by launching in a major retailer later this year and maintaining strong Direct to Consumer channels.

For the last twenty years, it's been my mission to provide more sustainable solutions and eliminate single-use plastics within the beauty industry. I believe providing consumers with beauty products that are created with the safest standards in formulation and packaging should be a requirement for brands - and not a choice. 

Even in today's modern society, with access to continuing innovation in regenerative and recyclable materials, the industry is still governed by profit over people. 

Pangea is here to change that - this is our call to join forces with us in providing accessible, sustainable, and beautiful solutions for all. This is what Beauty Unpolluted means to me and why this is the guiding principle of our brand.

And we've dumped over 150Million metric tons of plastic in our oceans - enough to cover the entire surface of the moon.

Only 7% of plastic packaging ever gets recycled - it's much cheaper to create new plastic, and why 99% of brands still continue to use it. 

Over 70% of glass and aluminum materials can be recycled and repurposed - infinitely. 

Every company has a choice - our mission is to create a better world for all forms of life and future generations. 

Almost every brand in the beauty industry today uses plastics in their packaging - even if they are using aluminum and glass materials for primary packaging, many are still using plastic dispensers, caps, and seals. I knew we had to do better.

We went on a two-and-a-half-year journey, meeting with manufacturing partners around the world. Twenty-five partners turned us down in the very first conversation before we finally found one who, like us, knew there must be a way to make the seemingly impossible possible.

Collaboration with brilliant engineers led to the creation of our first custom mold and a new production machine, and a few trial runs later, voila! Our custom aluminum caps were born - we became the first brand to introduce these as part of our plastic-free packaging in the beauty industry in April 2022.

Circular sustainability guides our entire design process.

It's been my mission for the last twenty years to continually raise the bar on sustainable standards in our entire supply chain - both in packaging materials and sourcing our ingredients. And every detail matters; it's crucial for me to stand behind every product we create and provide all our customers complete transparency in how we are invested in creating products with purpose.

This is why our glass bottles also have 100% compostable molded fiber cartons - not only are they beautiful they're also extremely functional in protecting the product in shipping. The fiber cartons can be reused to protect the bottles when traveling or can be composted when no longer in use. This seemingly minor detail is trailblazing sustainability standards, and we hope to see more brands follow our lead.

You'll notice a topographical map on the front of our packaging. And that topographical map is actually a map of the region of the primary ingredient in each product.

This map is a reminder of not only the places where our ingredients come from but of the people that make these products possible. 

I first learned about organic ingredients at the age of 16. My mom had a coffee table book that inspired us to make a batch of organic soaps in our home. I started selling them at local farmers' markets and they continually sold out. This sparked my curiosity and passion to become educated on how ingredients were being produced and incorporated into the products I used daily.

I started traveling the world and meeting with organic farmers, where I was able to see firsthand how they were choosing to create ingredients without the use of chemicals and pesticides and how, for generations, they understood the importance of harvesting this way - even if it meant a more challenging task and more expense. For more than twenty years, Pangea has been committed to sourcing the best ingredients from the most caring, ethical farmers around the globe. Today, we are one of the very few select beauty brands supporting regenerative farmers - as we understand the importance of this and its potential impact on reversing climate change. 

I choose to support people and methods that provide preservation of our resources and believe everyone should have a connection to the source of the products they use.

Beautiful products start with sustainable partnerships.

Our formulas are fueled with nature-rich and clinically-proven ingredients at active levels between 1%-5% for highly efficacious and nourishing products that deliver powerful results our customers see and feel. 

Bioactive means to us that we are harnessing the best ingredients nature has to offer and incorporating the correct levels of each ingredient for maximum efficacy and performance.  We're really proud that our products deliver an exceptional experience. 

Bioactive seaweed is the superhero behind our iconic Superfood Smoothie Mask.

PANGEA is a prestige collection of skin and bodycare products fueled by rich, plant-based bioactive ingredients, 100% sustainable, and plastic-free packaging, which provides nourishing self-care and human care for all.

ALPINE PROVISIONS is a collection of everyday-use products that are good for you and the environment (and priced under $20). Organic formulas and 100% sustainable and plastic-free packaging support sustainable living every day.

Note: the exit of other brands doesn't necessarily predict the exit of Pangea Brands

Why Invest in Pangea?

Investing in Pangea is investing in the future of beauty, from soil to skin. By supporting regenerative farming and plastic-free packaging, we are investing in the health of our beautiful planet - creating healthier soil and cleaner oceans and rivers. 

Please join us in co-creating our future.