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Sustainable, rechargeable li-ion batteries for a better future


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Patent-pending, Sustainable, Rechargeable li-ion Paleblue batteries disrupting single use batteries
Huge Market: $17B+ serviceable obtainable market.The battery market is projected to grow at 10% CAGR
Product Market Fit : over 2M+ Paleblue batteries sold since 2019. Product available in 20 countries
Exponential growth: 2022 revenue was $3.3 million, an increase of 180% YoY

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Sustainable, rechargeable li-ion batteries for a better future.

Our Story:

Paleblue was founded in 2018, but our story really started 20 years ago when a near-death experience set our co-founder , Tom Bishop on a path to follow his passions and to support the people and places he cares most about. Only 23 at that time, his experience ignited a sense of purpose to pursue a life of meaning and impact. After many years working in product development and manufacturing of consumer products the stage was set. Born of a realization that a better battery was needed, Paleblue soon began changing the world of batteries and working to channel its success into wider impacts.

Our co-founders, Tom and Steve, combined their love of wild places  and their experience in consumer products, manufacturing and mission-driven brands to answer the question: how could we turn single use batteries, so terrible yet ubiquitous, into a sustainable, consumer friendly, power solution?  

The answer is a rechargeable, powerful, fast charging, super convenient  and long lasting li-ion consumer battery company with an eye on our planet’s future. 

Paleblue: What's in a Name?

On Valentine’s day 1981, 3.7 billion miles from earth, the most  revolutionary photograph ever taken was snapped. In the vast darkness of space, our planet Earth was captured floating; so tiny in the cosmos. The pale blue dot, as astronomer Carl Sagan so famously named this image, showed us all how precious our home truly is. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to replace inefficient and wasteful single use batteries with sustainable, rechargeable batteries. 

The US goes through 10 million single use batteries each and every DAY. That is 200,000 TONS of single use batteries each year. 

Globally, over 1 million tons of single use batteries are used every year (how many batteries is that?). With only 5% being recycled, most end up on landfills or incinerators. These unfortunate end of life scenarios are not for lack of trying. As a steward member of and a sponsor and supporter of Recycle Utah, Paleblue knows quite well how much money and effort goes into efforts to properly dispose of batteries. Management of used alkalines batteries is particularly challenging since there is not enough value recoverable from recycling them to justify their recycling - and subsidizing the recycling is costly.   

Paleblue  manufactures energy efficient, USB-rechargeable batteries made with powerful li-ion that provides up to 1000 uses per battery - saving our customers a lot of money, waste, and trips to the store.

The Product

Paleblue batteries come in the 6 most commonly used consumer sizes:  AAA, AA, C, D,  9v, & CR123A, each having an on-board battery management system (BMS) which enables fast USB-C charging. 

Each battery is made using li-ion, which is faster charging, longer lasting, more reliable and better performing then both alkaline single use batteries as well as competing rechargeables.

Paleblue batteries are USB-rechargeable, easily connecting to an existing electric outlet or mobile power source and can recharge to full power surprisingly fast (AAA in 1 hour, AA in 90 minues) . Very cool onboard LED’s let you know when the batteries are fully charged. 

Each battery has a 5 charge ROI compared to single use, giving a 4-pack of Paleblue batteries the potential to save a consumer as much as $1000 (even more for expensive sizes like D and CR123A) in battery costs over its lifespan.

In addition to our batteries, we also offer multipacks, travel accessories, and portable  solar charging panels.  

Proprietary, Patent-Pending Technology

Paleblue has been awarded a patent for our earth-friendly packaging with 5 additional utility and design patents pending. 

Sustainability is our Secret Sauce 

Sustainability is a core pillar of Paleblue; and one we are proud to continuously invest in.

Superior Packaging: Traditional single use batteries come in non-recyclable, disposable packaging. Our packaging is designed to be minimalistic and curb-recycleable without any disassembly by our customers, helping ensure these materials get recycled. Our batteries come in a reusable travel and storage case made of 100% post-consumer recycled materials. Reusable: Single use, alkaline batteries are just that- single use. Once their charge is completed 95% of these batteries end up in landfills or oceans. Our batteries are usb-rechargeable, and can be used for years and for hundreds of uses. 

Recyclable: Through our stewardship membership in Call2Recycle , we support a national effort that ever-more batteries of all types are recycled. We also sponsor and work closely with our local recycling non-profit, businesses, and school district to channel more batteries to proper recycling outlets. 

Solar Power: We don’t want our customers having to run to the store, no matter where they may be, whether at home, in the car, or out in the backcountry. Our newly launched solar panel product line ensures that our Proprietary Li-ion rechargeable batteries can tap into an infinite power source - the sun.  - no matter where you happen to be.

Our Competitive Space:

Paleblue is uniquely positioned to disrupt the single use alkaline battery market as well as incumbent and underwhelming  rechargeable battery options.

With the help of your investment, Paleblue will continue to expand retail and international sales channels, launch new products, and develop advanced technology to continue to advance our product lines.

Our Impact Partner Strategy Sets Us Apart

We are always aiming to extend our impact by partnering with forward thinking organizations.  That's why we have official partnerships with over 6 national and regional impact partners dedicated to various areas of environmental responsibility- from river cleanups, ecosystem restoration, and outdoor education. 

Paleblue is also a proud member of the 1% initiative; pledging 1% of every sale towards environmental causes, alongside companies like Patagonia, Kleen Kanteen, New Belguim Brewery, and Stasher Bags. 

How We Make Money

Paleblue makes money from direct sales and wholesale sales of our AAA, AA, C, D, 9v, and CR123A batteries as well as our battery accessories such as travel packs and mobile solar charging panels.

We have a robust DTC e-commerce distribution network via our website sales and Amazon partnership, as well as physical products stocked in over 350+ domestic and international retail locations. Our Products are also currently sold in 20 countries through premier distributors and we are regularly adding new international distribution


We have product market fit and are revenue generating. 

Our product is not only successful stateside, but internationally as well. International sales currently make up 25% of our revenue and this segment is growing rapidly.

We continue to exponentially increase our sales revenue every year. Our 2022 revenue was $3.3 million, representing a 180% increase YOY.

Market Opportunity

The consumer battery market is massive and ripe for disruption. With our first-to-market position, rapid distribution expansion, and manufacturing expertise , we are uniquely positioned to service the $17 billion dollar serviceable obtainable market for consumer batteries. 

Our Users Love Us.

Unlike the large single use battery brands, Paleblue inspires a passionate and loyal following from our customers. We are always surprised with great feedback about how meaningful our products are in our customers’ lives. Paleblue’s customer base advocates for our mission and our products, something you rarely see in the battery market. 

We Want You to Be Part of Our Future Success.

It is important for us as a company to create an impact. We view this fundraise as an opportunity to offer equity ownership to our supporters and share in our journey of success together.  

With all the ingredients in place, We are now in a perfect position to expand our reach globally. With your investment, we can take Paleblue to the next level.

Use Of Your Investment

We have raised two previous convertible notes totaling $2M which helped us expand our product line and distribution.

Your investment will enable us to supercharge our already impressive growth, expand our global revenue and retail channel partnerships and bring our new technological product innovations to market.

Paleblue is the Right Investment At the Right Time