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$4.0 million raised to date from a combination of public funds, programs, and grants.
$6.0 million total raised to date across equity, grants, and loans.
First RE project has already broken ground with an additional three projects in the pipeline.
Focused on opportunity zones in Central PA and the Mid-Atlantic region with potential tax benefits.

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OZFund goes beyond the conventional definition of real estate;  it operates as a purposeful federal 'Qualified Opportunity Fund' with a clear mission—to revitalize distressed or underserved areas through strategic property acquisition and redevelopment. The OZFund is taking an assertive approach to tackle the housing challenge by procuring undervalued real estate within Opportunity Zones and subsequently transforming them into vibrant and dynamic residential and commercial centers.

Affordable housing for hardworking families in the United States is becoming more difficult to find. Over the past six decades, rental costs have surged by a striking 61%, whereas renters' incomes have seen only a modest 5% increase. This glaring disparity has forced renters to allocate more than 30% of their income exclusively to housing expenses. When factoring in transportation costs, the overall expenditure soars to an alarming 72%. 

This simply isn’t affordable for the majority of working families. 

OZFund, Inc. is a community-oriented Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF) with a unique specialization in acquiring distressed, below-market properties situated within the Opportunity Zones of Central Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic Regions. 

Our core mission revolves around revitalizing these properties, transforming them into rental housing for hardworking American families, as well as versatile commercial spaces. At present, we are actively engaged in one construction project (52 apartments tailored for working families and a 7,000 sqft. grocery store emphasizing healthy food options). We've pinpointed three additional properties for future acquisition. By fall 2024 construction will finish on our first project 

Looking ahead, our strategic blueprint outlines a commitment to complete a total of ten projects over the next decade, furthering our dedication to community development and economic growth. In addition to our real estate ventures, OZFund may also explore selective investments in businesses located within Opportunity Zones, reinforcing our multifaceted approach to making a positive impact in the region.

Current solutions designed to provide affordable housing programs, subsidies, and grants, whether administered by governmental agencies or non-profit organizations, suffer from inherent limitations that significantly restrict their scope and overall effectiveness. These constraints manifest in the form of bureaucratic red tape, financial constraints, and various other challenges that impede their capacity to adequately address the housing needs of low-income families and minority communities. Furthermore, these initiatives may also lack cultural sensitivity and overlook the distinct requirements of the diverse populations they aim to support.

The additional factors highlight the necessity of our product:

Our rental apartments tailored for working families, alongside our commercial spaces for lease, are committed to filling the void in housing options. We prioritize cultural sensitivity and strategic location, ensuring that our rental housing remains affordable for hardworking families. Our approach goes beyond merely offering shelter; we deliberately position our projects in Federal Qualified Opportunity Zones. This not only addresses the affordability gap but also plays a pivotal role in the economic rejuvenation of underprivileged communities. Our mission directly caters to the housing needs of historically disadvantaged individuals and households, preventing them from being pushed out of the housing market by providing quality, affordable housing in these Opportunity Zones.

  • Expanding Project Portfolio: OZFund is rapidly enlarging its portfolio with a diverse array of forthcoming property acquisitions and proactive engagements in bidding for new ventures. This expansion reflects the market's strong belief in our capacity to execute and deliver results.
  • Strategic Alliances: We have developed strategic alliances with government entities, community organizations, and industry partners to underscore our reputation and capability in the affordable housing sector. These collaborations are testimony to the trust and credibility we have established.
  • Brand and Market Penetration: Through strategic marketing efforts, OZFund has crafted a robust market presence, generating heightened interest and demand for our rental properties, indicating our growing influence in the sector.
  • Strategic Land Holdings: OZFund has identified multiple prime sites earmarked for future development, demonstrating our strategic foresight and commitment to expanding our affordable housing footprint. We are actively negotiating to purchase development sites for two projects.
  • Investor Confidence: We have cultivated strong relationships with financial institutions and investors, reflecting their confidence in our business model and growth trajectory.
  • Regulatory Mastery: We have fine-tuned our track record in obtaining regulatory approvals. We have identified expert firms to ensure our projects advance with the same efficiency as our inaugural development.
  • Construction Excellence: Our existing partnerships with construction organizations are poised for expansion, backed by a General Contractor renowned for driving down costs and shortening construction periods through innovative methods, enhancing our operational efficiency.
  • Public and Media Relations: Our proactive public relations campaigns have garnered positive media attention, alongside accolades from community entities, government bodies, and investors, underscoring our impact and presence in the industry.
  • Social Contribution: We have developed building plans for future projects that advance community-centric opportunities, including affordable housing and essential services like convenience stores that serve and elevate the community. These are the key metrics included in our existing and future designs.
  • Eco-Conscious Development: OZFund has prepared development plans that integrate sustainable practices in our building processes, aligning with consumer and investor values around environmental responsibility.
  • Performance Indicators: We have prepared a financial analysis for future projects demonstrating robust growth with year-on-year revenue surges, an expanding workforce, penetration into new markets, and scalable operations.
  • Innovation Through Partnerships: We have forged connections with architects, suppliers, and tech innovators, showcasing our traction and proving we are at the forefront of delivering innovative and cost-effective housing solutions. 

Affordability: Our apartments are priced to fill the gap between low-income housing and market-rate apartments, providing a much-needed option for working families.

Safety and Cleanliness: All our properties will be well-maintained, with a focus on cleanliness and safety. This includes well-lit common areas, secure entryways, video surveillance and regular maintenance checks.

Modern amenities: Not only will our properties be affordable for renters, but they will include the latest amenities. This includes a community room, built in washer and dryer, 24/7 security monitoring, a rooftop garden, free parking, EV charging units, and high speed internet access.

Community Integration: We work closely with local communities to ensure that our developments blend seamlessly with the neighborhood's character and meet the residents' needs.

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John Suarez, OZFund Investor - “The location is in dire need of development. The neighborhood and City could use MORE affordable housing and the project is going to meet a need. I have 13 years of experience working with low-income housing and I have lived in this community since 1981 and I know for a fact that the city is in great need of more affordable housing. This project will also offer much-needed medical services, food service, daycare, and a general store. All these positive attributes helped me in my decision to invest in the OZFund.”

Nathan Shea, OZFund Investor - “It was a fantastic opportunity to support the community and help elevate the southern part of Lancaster City. It also offered the opportunity to invest in a property and with Jeremy and his team alongside so many other purposeful investors as well as taking advantage of the tax incentives of the OZFund. It was a win-win.”

Chad Rodenberger, OZFund Investor- “I jumped at the opportunity to invest in the OZFund. Though ESG investing is hot and popular these days, I’ve been skeptical of its authenticity in most cases. But the OZFund is an exciting opportunity for real ESG investment, and in our own community. I’m a big believer that private capital will always do a better job than government spending, yet investment is assuredly needed in historically neglected areas to support historically neglected people.”

Cinthia Kettering, OZFund Investor - “Investing in a project like the OZFund was a no-brainer for me. Our community needs workforce housing and services for the tenants occupying the premises. In addition, the project aims to bring businesses and working families back to a location that’s been vacant for ten years. It’s a win-win for all parties involved..”

Robert Shenk, City of Lancaster Zoning Hearing Board - “I applaud the goal of this project, that part of the city is really lacking in pretty much everything, and services especially.”

Chris Delfs, Director of Community Planning and Development- “The plans align with the City of Lancaster’s policy goals to expand housing supply, offer additional affordable housing options in the city and foster neighborhood amenities and services.”

Jeremy Young, Community & Economic Development Manager - “Lancaster City Alliance is pleased to support the residential/commercial project planned by the OZFund in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It will provide attractive new housing and commercial opportunities.”

Marshall Snively, President Lancaster City Alliance - “There is much-warranted discussion concerning affordable housing in Lancaster and the challenges of ensuring a city in which everyone, regardless of income level, can choose to live.”

OZFund intends to expand into other Opportunity Zones within Central Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region. Cities currently under consideration for OZFund initiatives include Lancaster, PA; Columbia, PA; York, PA; and Hagerstown, MD.

Our team stands as our most invaluable asset, equipped with a diverse knowledge base spanning across multiple industry verticals, from government to entrepreneurship. What truly sets us apart is our extensive network, a unique advantage that our competitors lack. Our journey is guided by seasoned industry experts, and each team member brings a wealth of experience and an unwavering passion to the table. Together, we are the driving force behind OZFund's ambition to become the real estate development leader in our target markets.

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