Invest in Outerthere is an outdoor recreation discovery platform for locals.



reserved of a $50,000 goal
Future Equity
 $5M  $4.5M valuation cap
Early Bird Bonus: The first $100K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $4.5M valuation cap
$300, $500, $750, $1K, $2K, $5K, $10K


$25,000+ in TTM. Poised for explosive growth.
$98 AOV from 690 customers to date.
30k user sessions in 2023 (doubled from 2022) and doubling again.
37% avg retention rate.

Our Team

People who love being hosted outdoors represents a $50 billion market

Hi 👋 We're Outerthere, an outdoor recreation discovery platform where locals can start and grow their outdoor business hosting their communities.

And we found a problem in the outdoor recreation industry.

Hold up. What's a host?

Well, where are all these hosts?


Got it. So, if Meetup and Facebook aren't working for outdoor hosts, what will?

Wait, 13% of the market isn't being served right now? Yes. Ask Penn State, who did the study.

And by our estimate, not only is that market growing (at 15% to 30% CAGR, depending on who you ask), but they want to find ways to get back outdoors.

And that's where our solution comes in.

Seems pretty obv, right? So why hasn't anyone else done it?

Well, they tried. In the travel and tourism industries. But dozens of startups have all discovered the same problem - the "inventory" is not as digitized as say, hotel rooms and airline seats. So outdoor activities, like the kind that 13% want to experience, have largely been ignored as a market.

So, what makes us think we've cracked the code? Because we're addressing the market as hosts and communities, not as professional tour operators and "customers".

And by doing those two simple things, we suddenly see the bigger potential. And it's huge!

It's pretty big

By enabling outdoor hosts - who are already doing the job as volunteers! - to monetize their passion for getting their local communities outdoors, we're finally able to value this market.

And it's working 🤯

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But wait, aren't there other companies out there doing the same? No. Take a look:


So how has everyone else missed this opportunity?

Because everyone else has either been a customer or tech bro trying to solve the problem of convenience or digitization.

What they've all missed is that "secret sauce" that only comes from hosting. And any solution that doesn't solve a hosts' problems won't work. Everyone on our team has been a guest and a host.

We've got a head start and want to keep it. And with your help, we got this!

And who knows, maybe someday "outerthere" will become the verb for guests and hosts to do outdoorsy things together! (Lucky for us, we already trademarked the name 😄 )