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Our Mayberry

Business Marketing and Financial Technology Platform Driven by Values


World's first cause-driven commerce platform connecting businesses, charities, and consumers.
Superior financial tech system that enables every type of purchase for any product or service.
Novel business model leverages social influence of charities to drive buyers to partner businesses.
Early traction with organizations (e.g., Rotary clubs) helping us acquire customers at low cost.
COVID-19 crisis has highlighted our value proposition for struggling small businesses and charities.

Our Team

We are passionate about community and anguished and angry at how the current ecommerce model transfers wealth from mom & pop stores to conglomerates. We know that most people now want their purchases to matter and know that charities are hurting too, facing growing needs and a shrinking pool of donors. We connect them all, for their mutual benefit.

Helping communities, one purchase at a time.

We started in 2018, with the conviction that we had to stop the hollowing out of our communities caused in part by today's commerce model. We know that the consumer of today wants their purchases to make a difference, hates ads, and wants to support businesses that reflect their values. We also know that if the current model persists, transferring wealth from mom and pop stores to global conglomerates, while local charities suffer as their donor bases shrink, our communities will collapse. We built the Our Mayberry cause-driven platform to address these problems comprehensively, to meet the expectations of consumers and reinvigorate small businesses and nonprofits in your community.

Our Mayberry connects the growing legions of consumers wishing to “vote with their dollars” to support businesses engaged in helping the community who make direct contributions to local nonprofits. We attract fundraisers by offering a comprehensive digital campaign management platform that solves key problems in the current fundraising “model” by enabling them to promote fundraising campaigns to consumers and small businesses through direct outreach, digital marketing, and visibility on the platform, and raise funds from transactions without paying a fee.

We leverage the passion of campaign supporters and mission-driven consumers to recruit small businesses to contribute to their community cause(s) of choice by promoting some or all of their products and services on the Our Mayberry platform. Our key value proposition is making it easy for any charitable group to place and promote their fundraising campaigns online and deliver their campaign supporters as motivated referral customers to businesses who support their campaigns.

Build it and they will come. We spent two years in intensive development, and now we've launched and are helping small businesses and charities thrive.

Any Business. Any nonprofit. Every consumer.

Law firms and designers can participate on Our Mayberry as readily as restaurants and candy stores. Our top-notch tech team has developed a superb and comprehensive set of financial transactions capabilities that will handle ANY type of purchase: online, in store, B2B or B2C invoices, true contactless payments, and order pickup scheduling. The contributions to nonprofits are made at the point of purchase, meaning that no one touches those funds except the designated charity. Full transparency and elegant simplicity!

We make money from software service fees and a portion of card transactions fees. Businesses get free access to the platform, all financial technology tools, and one nonprofit partnership. A monthly fee is charged for 2-10 nonprofit partnerships ($19.95) and unlimited partnerships ($49.95). We project a substantial return on investment for businesses on the platform because the subscription fee is based on the number of nonprofits the business has partnered with, each of which has a self-interest in promoting partner businesses to their supporters. In addition, businesses will benefit from the financial technology tools we provide that are especially valuable now, and from the fact that Our Mayberry will occupy a unique position as a global cause-based marketing platform that will provide exposure to cause oriented travelers through geo targeting and enable businesses to have all their products and/or services consistently displayed to a growing national and international audience.

We make it easy for businesses and nonprofits on Our Mayberry to connect with other partners and their current, and NEW, customers.

We provide a comprehensive set of marketing and operational resources for businesses and nonprofits to promote themselves to one another and to consumers directly and on social media. That's another reason we are quickly gaining traction with charities and small businesses, mostly by word-of-mouth because we have spent very little on marketing.

For example, on September 16, 2020 Our Mayberry served as the digital commerce and fundraising platform for an online event that kicked off a three month campaign to raise funds to fight homelessness in a community near Seattle. Our Mayberry enables individuals to make direct donations to the campaign and indirect contributions when they purchase from participating businesses.

The local chamber of commerce and Rotary Club selected Our Mayberry because our business model is directed at supporting communities by connecting local charities, businesses, and consumers for their mutual benefit. Instead of paying for advertising with dollars that are sucked away from the community, businesses on Our Mayberry make contributions to local nonprofits with each sale. Supporters of the nonprofit are motivated to buy from local businesses because it benefits a cause they believe in.

This successful event will serve as a model which can be used by others, including 48 additional chapters of Rotary International we have presented to, multiple chambers of commerce and related business associations we are partnering with, and local, regional, and national nonprofits we have engaged with. 

See what the Sioux Empire Community Theater and their business partners say about Our Mayberry.

We're now ready to CHANGE THE WORLD!