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Leaning into ESG, Policy & Innovation to drive EQUITABLE FINANCIAL INCLUSION

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Targeting market opportunity of over $1T & $12T in consumer banking & life insurance, respectively
From Day 1, we have purposefully incorporated EARLY and INCLUSIVE ownership and design
Raised over 95% of our capital to date from Immigrants, People of Color, and Women
Launched our Personal Financial Management tool in Q4 2021

Our Founder

Many Americans are considered financially unhealthy, with the highest concentrations being from historically disenfranchised communities. I am using my personal experiences as an immigrant and a black man who navigated America’s financial system and professional success to help millions of struggling Americans improve their financial health.

OurBanc’s Mission and Approach

Our mission is to provide historically disenfranchised Americans with more transparent and equitable financial products and services. To do this, we are leaning into ESG, public policy, and innovations in faster payments and open finance to drive sustainable financial inclusion.

There is more to be done to advance equity and a just recovery

Black and Hispanic families have considerably less wealth than White families. Data from the 2019 Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF) shows white families have the highest median and mean family wealth levels: $188,200 and $983,400, respectively. Black families' median and mean wealth is less than 15 percent that of White families, at $24,100 and $142,500, respectively. Hispanic families' median and mean wealth is $36,100 and $165,500, respectively.

Financial Health among Communities of Color continues to deteriorate

Source: Financial Health Network of America, August 2020.

LMI families spend more on everyday financial services. 

Low-to-Moderate (LMI) households have less than 80% of their respective community's average annual household income. On average, financially vulnerable families spent 13% of their household income on everyday financial services, compared to 5% and 1% for coping and financially healthy households.

OurBanc offers a Solution

We created an inclusive and equitable platform that improves the financial health of our customers. 

Our Approach to the Problem

Our Personal Financial Management application provides our customers with personalized, actionable insights and an easy way to manage spending, savings, and borrowing. We have designed our product to address some immediate challenges in underserved communities. 

To help lower cash withdrawal fees for our members, we have introduced a feature that shows nearby in-network ATMs and stores that allow cash back at the point of purchase for no additional charge. 

To address liquidity constraints and lack of trust, we partner with financial institutions and local community-based organizations to provide our members with cost-effective consumer loans, investment solutions, insurance products, and actionable financial education. 

We will also continue to engage our community members to refine and improve the services offered to meet future needs.

Disclaimer: OurBanc Corporation is a Financial Technology company offering banking services through our banking partner(s).

Market Opportunity

The Financial Health Network of America reports that in 2020, LMI households spent $255B, or 13% of their household revenue on fees and interest for everyday financial services. This equates to $1.9 trillion in LMI household income and represents the market opportunity for OurBanc.

Furthermore, over 100 million Americans are uninsured or underinsured, representing an estimated US$12 trillion coverage gap. Despite this awareness among consumers, the Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association estimate a $12 trillion coverage gap, with about 50% of Millennials planning to purchase coverage within the next year.

Go To Market Strategy

In addition to marketing through social media, local and national news outlets, and community advocates, OurBanc will leverage relationships with community and corporate partners, educational institutions, and public sector entities that are aligned to increase financial inclusion and reduce the racial wealth gap in our country.


At OurBanc, we understand and appreciate the nuances of the economic challenges within underserved communities and have incorporated proper remedies into our designed solutions. 

We are creating a sustainable business model that benefits all our stakeholders by utilizing the latest innovations in more equitable and accessible faster payments.

We have allowed everyday Americans to invest in us EARLY alongside institutional investors without taking outsized risks relative to their net worth. 

We place a strong emphasis on earning the TRUST of all our stakeholders and continue to build a foundational business that is sustainable and long-term focused.  

We value TRANSPARENCY because this goes a long way in building and maintaining trust among all our stakeholders. 

We are building a diverse and inclusive ecosystem based on the principles of fairness and equity through our comprehensive approach to incorporating real-time financial education, personalized financial management insights, and access to equitable financial solutions.

How we plan to make money

OurBanc generates revenue from fairer and more transparent fees when members use their OurBanc debit cards and initiate payment transfers for daily needs. OurBanc will also receive commissions from third-party partners that provide equitable loans, insurance products, and other financial solutions to our members.

Disclaimer: This section contains forward-looking projections that cannot be guaranteed.

Use of Funds 

Timeline and Roadmap

Disclaimer: This section contains forward-looking projections that cannot be guaranteed.

Our Call to Action

We invite you to invest in OurBanc and support the movement to increase financial inclusion and reduce wealth inequality in America by providing millions of people with an easy and economical way to improve their financial health. 

We firmly believe in including the communities we aim to serve early in our journey as consumers, co-creators, and future owners of OurBanc.

Disclaimer:  The name of the Public Mobile App and associated Operating Entity may differ upon launch. All names are subject to change.