All-in-One Period App for Cycle Tracking, 24/7 OB-GYN Access & Sustainable Products

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The only cycle tracking app that offers real solutions: quality products & 24/7 OB-GYN access
35K+ app users; 76% retention; 30% engaged monthly; Acquiring new users 4% per month with ZERO SPEND
Positioned to disrupt the fast-growing $1.2B menstrual health tracking app market
The first menstrual health brand that puts Data Privacy and Education at the center of our products

Our Team

Why Orchyd?

"My passion for humanitarian issues and social justice is the driving force behind Orchyd’s mission to ensure inclusivity and transparency in period care." - Courtney King

"I created Orchyd, with my sister, with the firm belief that menstruators deserve more affordable and accessible solutions for their unique cycle needs." - Morgan King

  • Cycle tracking apps are not data secure nor provide education, but rather filled with scare tactics and impersonal ads.
  • Early detection & diagnosis of medical issues is an afterthought, leading menstruators to self-diagnose or seek no treatment at all.
  • Menstrual health commerce is taking place, but its uncomfortable & inconvenient - especially in brick-and-mortar stores.

Orchyd is the innovative 360° solution.

  • An always-FREE cycle-tracking app where your data is 100% secure, always.
  • On-demand, 24/7 telehealth with a team of board-certified OB-GYN's built right into the app.
  • Online marketplace for all your menstrual cycle needs with Orchyd Original’s safe and sustainably produced pads, cups & tampons, and other approved brands.

  • Women love talking about their periods.
  • Our growth has been 87% word of mouth from 35,000 happy users.
  • In the last year, we doubled Orchyd's community of users with $0 in marketing spend.

Orchyd presents a huge market opportunity.

Other apps? Their revenue models are outdated.

When you do right by people, the rest falls into place. Our user-first model just happens also to be the most fruitful path to revenue.

90% of people delete their period tracking app after the first ask to upgrade. There goes your customer and your business model.

The Orchyd app has a retention rate of 76% with 30% of the users becoming active monthly users.

Orchyd Blossom™

  • Powered by our proprietary AI
  • Blossom provides insights and recommendations based on your unique cycle patterns and symptoms.
  • 45% of our community already takes advantage of Blossom.

Orchyd MD™

  • Speak with a board-certified doctor in less than 2 minutes for help with UTIs, birth control, PMS, and more - anytime, anywhere.
  • Only $29 per visit (cheaper than the average co-pay) and no insurance is needed.
  • Easily download a health report of your cycle to share with your doctor.
  • Save time and money–skip the doctor’s office and get RX prescriptions filled at your local pharmacy when needed or hop into the Orchyd Marketplace!
  • HIPAA-compliant

"Our dad and brothers built and scaled a direct-to-consumer company called MANSCAPED, achieving eight-figure revenue growth in just a couple of years.

This influence has strengthened our business expertise, and fueled our deep-seated passion for menstrual equity. With such a strong foundation of advisors, we are ready to accomplish our goal of making menstrual healthcare more accessible to all and to grow a major organization along the way." - Courtney & Morgan King

  • Project users by 2026: 500,000
  • Repeat purchases: 65,000
  • Market orders: 300,000

Become an owner in making menstrual healthcare more safe & accessible. And an owner in the financial success of Orchyd.