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Powering the NEXT Generation of Tech-Enabled Home Healthcare Businesses

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💵 Market leader in a $300B industry set to double in the next 5 years!
⭐️ Over 150 independent clinician-led businesses under contract; LTV $1m
📈Optonome CEO businesses will generate over $50m for local communities by 2023
🏢Optonome app screens businesses to become licensed by Medicaid and Medicare for home care services
⭐️ Staff receive up to a 100% increase in wages from Optonome licensed businesses
🏆MedCity News Pitch Winner, Health Wildcatters Alum, Goldman Sachs 10k SB Alum, Intuit Hck Finalist
Our perks give you a discount on starting your business and getting licensed for home healthcare services
5-10 new referrals enter the Optonome app per week requiring at least $20k/yr in services

Our Team

Our CEO loves solving problems! His love for housing and helping others helped him start to develop Optonome in late 2013. Over 30,000 hours of care were documented while in beta which helped reduce waste, fraud, abuse, and neglect all while offering higher wages to over 100 staff and affordable housing opportunities.

🧩The Optonome app is solving home healthcare’s greatest challenges

⬇️ The home healthcare industry is struggling with turnover rates and a lack of communication between care team members. This results in inconsistent services, lost records, burnout among clinicians, and a higher number of people being underserved by the only providers available to them leaving families hopeless.

📱Our Technology is Powerful

The Optonome app is born out of a need for simplicity in the healthcare industry. Led by an experienced team, it offers advanced features for home healthcare businesses such as recruiting and training of staff, electronic visit verification (EVV)  guaranteeing payment of services, mileage tracking, and expense management. Plus with integration on both community level and 3rd party levels, there are many more possibilities to explore for those with healthcare needs!

The world has been waiting so long for something like this that we can't wait any longer: Optonome- built from scratch specifically to meet the needs of clinicians, families, and home & community health providers who struggle every day with complicated regulations and software programs that fail them. The interface on this app allows you to communicate freely while maintaining security by meeting HIPAA compliance standards for patient confidentiality.The administrative back-office functions include electronic visit verification (EVV), reimbursement tracking, and other management tools for managing state regulations like our beacon sensors

Beacon sensors are discrete components of Optonome that provide real-time assistance to individuals, direct support professionals, and their care team members. These sensors not only offer training for staff but also better management of people with complex behaviors. With a virtual presence in the home or office, clinicians can monitor staff and clients' behavior without fear of abuse allegations or neglectful incidents happening again.

💻 We have been building a location-based training system using our beacon sensors since 2014 so everyone can learn how to care for an individual in need of care no matter their location or individual support plan.

  • See our advisor Dr. Nishikant Sonwalkar showing a demo in 2015 of our first-generation beacon sensors integrated with intellADAPT's learning management system. We have since built location-based adaptive training courses that can help adults with intellectual disabilities or autism receive remote training and guidance based on their learning style and much more!

Using the Optonome app, clinicians can become successful CEOs with a home healthcare agency in a box generating millions in revenues.

🧑🏽‍⚕️a. With Optonome, clinicians (behavioral specialists, nurses, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, etc.) have the opportunity to own their own home healthcare agency for an affordable price.

b. We are automating the pathway for clinicians to be successful with our home healthcare agency in a box using a proven home and community care framework and technology, solving all the major pain points for clients.

c. We currently have clinicians starting their business in over 30 states.

A Gift For Clinicians - Achieve governance in a network that provides quality care.

An opportunity worth more than $250,000, FREE for clinicians!

Be a part of history.

The Optonome app currently provides clinicians with an upfront guide with policies and regulations to make running the new company easier. This saves clinicians 90% compared to franchise businesses like Brightstar Care, Home Instead, or Visiting Angels! Using the  Optonome app, Clinician led businesses are qualified for non-medical services and medical services. The Optonome app recruits and trains direct support professionals, RBTs, CNA's. or any other healthcare professional who has been vetted and trained by the Optonome app guaranteeing quality service delivery. Such a solution creates a social impact that has never before been seen in the industry!

💵 We are helping people earn a living wage

  • Direct Support Professionals are among the most in-demand workers over the next 20+ years. The challenge is these positions have low wages. We are helping change that with more efficient businesses able to offer positions averaging from $15-20 an hour and some positions with the potential to earn $50/hour (with a bachelor's degree) once trained.
  • Staff hired by Optonome CEOs use Optonome's app to look for jobs, set their availability, get trained, and once hired, document service delivery with our built-in electronic visit verification (EVV) guaranteeing payment.
    • Each hour of EVV service will be documented on the blockchain where there will be Non Fungible Tokens created and made available to the general public. Base price of $20, the value can fluctuate based on market demand, which is ok because of the base price and the ongoing trade opportunities.  The benefit of HODLing CryptoDSPs is that you can receive home and community care by real DSPs based on your location.  CryptoDSPs introduce many benefits to the Healthcare and Defi space.
      • A self-sustaining network of business that is fail-proof
      • A network that increases the wages of staff no matter the payer
      • A network with clinicians that oversee all service delivery
        • Stay tuned for our whitepaper!
    • 🌍Did you Know? The Optonome app offers FREE training accessible to the world. giving everyone a chance to learn how to provide quality care and be mentored by a licensed clinician. Optonome has a built-in scalable solution for learning. It is called Intelladapt.

     🏘 Disadvantaged populations have more options to age in place and stay active within their community.

    🏠 Landlords can receive training, list, and manage their homes using Optonome to help people with long-term healthcare needs live a more comfortable life. 

    In addition, the housing crisis is the leading cause of homelessness for people with disabilities. It has been estimated that as many as two million non-elderly adults live in these conditions, largely due to a lack of affordable living spaces and abundant low-income ones available. The growing number can be attributed to increasing rates among those who are aging out of institutions or becoming disabled and because they do not have support networks around them anymore. Optonome is here to change that, helping homeowners offer subsidized housing so people with healthcare needs have a place to stay! 

     🚻 Anyone can use Optonome for an instant, free, and encrypted messaging or to just stay organized knowing the files stored are safe with HIPAA compliance, unlike other chat apps.

    🎯If you are looking for a company that wants to both promote social good as well as tackle a massive market opportunity, this is your chance to be in on an amazing opportunity.

    Optonome launched In 2014 to meet today's ever-changing needs when it comes to finding quality health services. With its focus on privacy protection as well as offering long-term solutions for our aging and disadvantaged populations (thus the twist optimal and autonomy), you can be assured that this will soon become another household word in America and beyond due to its convenience.

    Investing in the next big thing is more important now than ever before.