OnSky Health International

Continuous & Contactless Health Sensor: vitals, apnea & sleep for baby & elderly

Last Funded March 2023


raised from 48 investors


Patent-Pending Continuous & Contactless Health Sensor Technology (vitals, apnea, sleep) with AI/ML
Baby monitor: the First Contactless Health Sensor for babies (heart, breathing), a game changer
Virtual care for elderly, homecare, senior living: comfortable sleep, continuous & real-time data
On-demand subscription service for Urgency Detection, Alert & Call/Text for early intervention

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The Contactless Health Sensor with Urgency Alert is my invention that helps me to take care of my father remotely as he refuses to wear any device while sleeping. I believe it will help millions of people. It enables caregivers to provide remote care to patients efficiently. Parents can monitor their baby's well-being anytime with peace of mind.


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