COVID-19 fuels demand for FBI background checked care for working remotely & returning to work

Last Funded November 2018


raised from 88 investors


Potential unicorn size ROI in a huge market served by a certified black owned business
COVID-19 increases demand for in-home care
Microsoft's GM Benefits and Mobility built the Onēva Concierge Care platform collaboratively with us since 2014
As of February 2020, 102 Filice Brokers began selling Oneva to its customers and inked three enterprise deals
Patents: one awarded for “Creating Trust and Safety and the In-home Care Market” and a second pending for an AI “
Closing the career pay equity and gender gap requires women have more access to trusted care
Caregivers will earn a living rate
Dollars spent with inclusive IBO on the Oneva Platform stimulates economic communities of all

Our Team

Onēva Concierge Care Is a Voluntary Employer Benefit That Connects Employees to FBI Background Checked Caregivers

Awarded a patent for “Trust and Safety in the Occasional In-Home Care Market”, Onēva Concierge Care is an enterprise grade, GDPR compliant technology platform comprised of:

  • a web application for HR department and Onēva Concierge use,
  • the OnēvaMe native application for employee customer use, and
  • the OnēvaPro application for Caregiver use.

In aggregate, these applications allow employee customers to simply and easily select and book repeat care in as few as a dozen clicks saving up to 11 hours per week to find caregivers who may or may not comply with regulations. A live Onēva Concierge is also available 24 x 7 at 800.971.3053 to meet customer needs.