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Invest in O/D Vision, Inc.

We are a technology company fulfilling the potential of telehealth and fitness

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Public Launch on Nov 1 @ 12:00 PM ET
 $8.692M  $6.519M valuation cap Future Equity
Early Bird Bonus: The first $60K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $6.519M valuation cap
Nicholas Fernando Physician Assistant
As a licensed front-line medical practitioner for 32 years, I know well the evolution of the healthcare industry during that time. Costs (and profits of hospitals and insurers) have ballooned, to the detriment of the patients, 30,000,000 of whom have no insurance, and 40% of whom can’t afford to see the doctor even if they have insurance. Telehealth exploded in popularity during the pandemic and is only increasing in use on a yearly basis. But its potential to create efficiency in healthcare is limited by currently being “just a FaceTime call” requiring additional visits to the doctor in many cases. This is because objective sensor data does not accompany patients’ subjective statements during telehealth visits; the objective data must be collected in-office on a follow-up visit. This additional, often unnecessary step, leads to $Billions in waste each year. Tricorder.Zero, as far as I am aware, is the first fully-integrated 7-sensor diagnostic telehealth & fitness device capable of directly solving this expensive problem. It is a portable device that can be used by anyone, anytime and anywhere. Further, it is one of those rare tools that can benefit ALL stakeholders. Not only can it save time and money for patients, it can also reduce costs and increase profits for insurers, hospitals, and independent physicians. Now we finally have a device that can offer a telehealth provider real-time objective data that will lead to more timely critical decisionmaking. This includes faster and more comprehensive prescriptions, testing, and referrals than what is possible in present-day telehealth. I’m not just a supporter of this game-changing technology, I’m also a supporter of the founder and team behind it. I have known Marcus for over 30 years. I recognized his intelligence from a young age, and he has consistently strived to maximize his ability with extensive education and experiences in various domains since then. His past startup experiences, technical/medical/business/legal training and experiences, and passion for contributing to healthcare becoming more accessible and cost-effective make him perfectly suited to leading his team to success in this endeavour. The market for telehealth and telehealth-connected devices is expected to be over $1 Trillion in 2028. The startup has diligently and consistently worked towards protecting its IP, regularly filing nonprovisional patent applications. And Marcus has assembled a great set of advisors with high-level domain expertise in their fields. Finally, the need for this device is perfectly intersecting with reduced technology costs and the ever-increasing overall cost of healthcare. All signs point to Tricorder.Zero and O/D Vision solving this huge unmet need and achieving significant, if not dominant, market penetration. I am proud to be the lead investor in this fundraise.


$1 Trillion market by 2028 with only one direct competitor (and it’s a startup)
Team with high-level domain expertise and prior startup and corporate experience
Bringing a revolutionary tricorder to market; finally making our futuristic sci-fi dreams come true
Working “proof of concept” prototype completed
2 US patents, "Patent pending" on 12+ concepts, multiple nonprovisionals filed w/ PCT
Ad testing validated at ~$3/email lead, unit economics projected at $200 production cost
Ready for a $1.5M+ Kickstarter campaign
Maximizing cost savings for users/patients; maximizing profits for insurers/hospitals/providers

Our Team

Growing up in a family of doctors, I learned about the inequities in healthcare, particularly with underserved populations. I also witnessed all the waste that occurs with duplicate testing and unnecessary care due to a lack of availability of alternative and more efficient care methods. Let’s fix this by making care more efficient and equitable!


2023 IAC Award: Best Medical Equipment Social Media Campaign

2023 IAC Award: Best Medical Equipment Online Ad

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