Octane Coffee

We're building the world's first Fully Automated Coffee Drive-Thru!

Last Funded February 2021


raised from 116 investors
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Our business will be automated and requires 30 mins of labor per day for projected $1K+ daily profit
Founders have raised $200k+ and built an amazing technical, business, marketing, and mentoring team
FoodTech Automation adoption has accelerated due to COVID and we're set to launch and grow quickly
Founding team has a combined 50+ years in foodservice, manufacturing, and automation design

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Our Team

Our founding team has suffered through too many long waits in the drive-thru lane and we decided to completely reimagine a classically stagnant industry. Our founding team's background is in manufacturing and custom automation solutions, but we're coffee geeks as well, so this project was a natural fit. We sell time, with a great cup of coffee!

Octane Coffee - Intro with Adrian Deasy

At its core, Octane Coffee is focused on reimagining the drive-thru coffee experience using a full suite of advanced software and hardware automation. We've built an amazing team of founders, supplier partners, and advisors to help us launch and grow this business.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created huge shifts in customer demand for Quick-Service-Retail (QSR) and Coffee Shops and we're poised to provide a completely contactless drink production and delivery concept that has gotten a lot of good feedback from our early BETA test groups. The drink quality is there and the production automated is proven out, our next step is to scale our unit up into a full size drive-thru location.

    Our target market is the 18-45 year old commuter who buys a coffee on-the-go as part of their daily routine. They are typically busy professionals, parents with kids in the car, and students with expendable income. The 'away-from-home' coffee industry is huge, FIVE TIMES bigger than the ‘at-home’ market and estimated at $73.9 Billion dollars per year.

    We've always believed that the romantic view of Starbucks WASN'T how most of their customers actually used the service ("I could bring my laptop/book down here and sit with my coffee or have a quick informal meeting."). Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson came out with a statement in April 2020 when Coronavirus shut most of the companies stores down: "about 80 percent of orders were placed “on-the-go” even before COVID-19" showcasing that customers ACTUALLY used Starbucks in a grab-and-go fashion 80% of the time, even before Coronavirus. We sell to that 80% that doesn't care about luxurious interior build-outs or the sights/smells/sounds/ambiance of the coffee shop experience, they just want their coffee and want to get on with their day.

    Our vision is to franchise our automated drive-thru concept nationwide (employee-free!) and we hope to be the first QSR 'drive-thru' company to achieve automated delivery via drones to moving cars on the freeway, it truly is the pinnacle of convenience (obviously lots of safety, logistical, and regulatory hurdles!). 

      We hope you'll invest in Octane Coffee and we look forward to bringing our concept to your city to be a part of your daily routine!

      For more info, please contact me via e-mail --> [email protected]