The AI Incentives App that Breaks Addictive Habits, For Good

Last Funded January 2024


raised from 90 investors


✅ Raised $450,000 from established Angel Investors and Venture Capital Funds
✅ Team of prominent leaders, advisors, and doctors in the recovery and health tech space ️️️
✅ Over 40,000 new users
✅ 2,500% Revenue GROWTH year over year in 2023

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Our app uses data-driven AI to incentivize healthy habits by rewarding users with “Oberit Coins” for daily healthy actions needed to achieve a healthier lifestyle (like exercising, a nutritious diet and getting enough sleep). Users can exchange their coins to claim free products and exclusive discounts from top-rated brands to support their wellness journey. 

By gamifying the experience users have fun, want to continuously use the app, and get a positive rush out of winning, effectively swapping a negative behavior for a positive behavior that leads to a healthier life!

Over 1.5B+ people globally (1 in 5) are suffering from addiction or mental health issues, and these numbers are rapidly increasing following COVID-19, inflation, recession, and layoffs. This increase in addiction is devastating lives and hurting the economy. 

To make things worse, there is a severe lack of easy access to adequate, low-cost treatment resources and innovative proven long-term recovery approaches. 

Many treatment centers and programs are outdated, ineffective, shame-based and expensive. Less than 10% receive treatment, while the likelihood of relapsing is ~90% in their first year of recovery. 

There are three lifestyle choices responsible for diseases that cause more than half of the world mortality.

  1. Smoking, Alcohol, & Drugs
  2. Poor physical activity
  3. Poor nutrition 

This has to change, and we have the solution.

Our Solution uses positive reinforcement (called “Contingency Management”) which is proven effective: Oberit has a truly unique selling point that surpasses all its competition. Not only does Oberit help curb addiction, but it also utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to proactively break addictive behavior patterns. In the near future, the data-driven AI will be able to proactively detect when a person is off-course and provide relapse intervention, which can guide a person in the right direction, notify family, doctors, and others to provide support and assistance.

Oberit was meticulously designed with the user in mind, ensuring an easy and motivating experience that encourages users to return consistently for the positive feelings it evokes each day and the helpful content to overcome negative behaviors.

Key sections:

  • Marketplace: Where users can exchange “Oberit Coins” earned for free items or exclusive discounts.
  • Self-investing: Where users can track their daily and weekly progress which includes their daily intentions, exercise, sleep, diet, priorities, days sober, and more.
  • Positive Mindset Priming for the day: Set daily intentions, affirmations, gratitude and priorities to positively shift the mindset and reinforce healthy behavior.
  • Learn-to-earn: Our education section provides online course content to learn about a variety of subjects that propel them toward success. These include, but are not limited to, topics like meditation and the brain, how to be proactive, how to be resilient, optimizing their consciousness to perform at their best, and the power of self-awareness.

But that’s not all, we have more features to improve the user experience and build a strong community. 

  • Daily notifications and reminders have increased app retention by 300%
  • Acquisition of the “Become Program in July 2022 which incorporates group meetings, a group channel, masterclasses, guided meditations, meetups, and an extra level of support to build a community.

Integration with wearable devices to sync and earn rewards for daily positive actions. Currently, we integrate with Fitbit, Google Fit, Apple Health and Oura with more coming soon.

In a short period, we have achieved impressive numbers, showcasing the profound impact we are making in the lives of our users. This success has attracted interest from angel investors and a private equity firm, Limitless Ventures, which have invested $450,000 in our company.

Our impressive customer acquisition cost (CAC) of $2.78 on average showcases our cost-efficient strategies in reaching and attracting users to our platform. See the results for yourself:

The urgency in our mission cannot be overstated, as the devastating impact of mental health and addiction continues to affect 1 in 3 American lives. Oberit is poised to make a significant impact in this landscape, especially considering that the worldwide market is projected to reach $7 trillion by 2025.

Oberit has multiple streams of revenue to sustain its growth and reach our goal of $10M+ ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) by 2026. We will do this through paid subscriptions, marketplace ad listings and sponsors, referral partners, and data exchange partnerships.

In July 2022, we acquired the 'Become Program,' this acquisition provides additional revenue while helping us achieve our vision of preventing relapse. It incorporates group meetings, a group channel, masterclasses, guided meditations, meetups, and an extra level of support to build a community.

One of our top priorities has been to increase user retention. Over the last 12 months, we’ve steadily improved our user retention rates in the Health & Fitness and Lifestyle categories on the Apple App Store. This year, we've hit up to 10X better retention (returning users) than other apps in our same space, which is a strong engagement signal that our app really works.

We have a lot planned in the future to grow Oberit into a powerhouse for recovery and wellness. Here are a couple of the things we have planned:

  1. User data will be shareable with accountability partners such as therapists, doctors, partners, friends, or support groups to track progress and build trust.
  2. Food scanning will assist users in choosing healthy options, enhancing their well-being.
  3. We will establish tighter integrations with strategic wearable partners to track daily performance and increase referrals.
  4. Community-based features will drive even higher engagement.
  5. AI will analyze data from wearable devices to provide personalized recommendations based on users' behaviors.
  6. Most importantly, an AI coach will guide users through the rehabilitation process and help them stay on track.

On top of becoming an investor and joining us on our mission to help prevent relapse you can also get additional investor perks. If you or someone you know is struggling, you can use or gift them a subscription.

Today, Oberit is not just another app in development, it has been funded, developed, and rigorously tested by individuals who have experienced their own journeys of recovery. Our primary objective is to empower people to become their best selves and prevent mental health relapses. We are driven by a mission to prove that modern rewards and incentives yield better behavioral outcomes than the outdated practices of shame and punishment.

We hope you become an investor and see the greatness of investing in a great company fulfilling a powerful mission.