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🦄🚀Nyoobe can be used for any referral transaction in a $27 Trillion Market
Reaches billions of people - Anyone can use Nyoobe to earn referral income💲.
📈 Nyoobe believes global referrals can generate $1B+ in revenue.
✅Founder has invested over $50M in private investments through a previous fund.

Our Team

👍 Referral marketing is nearly twice as effective as the next best marketing option but is the most poorly executed and fragmented method. Nyoobe built a centralized easy to use platform that compensates people to share and consume business's products and services.

Nyoobe: The Marketing Revolution

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In 2017 Derek Tippins answered a question he'd asked himself time and time again, "Why do I pay for advertising when I'm not sure if I'll get any sales from it?" The answer was Nyoobe.

He decided to make a call

Derek bounced an idea off two of his best friends about creating a mobile application to facilitate referrals for new customers. One was an entrepreneur that thought the idea was great but didn't know how to get an app built. The other was a private equity investor with a large fund that thought it was a great idea but the fund's mandate prevented it from funding "ideas". Mike, the investment guy, said let's keep talking.

Derek got to work

Derek set up meetings with developers to build his idea. He contracted with a group, raised $150k and built a proof of concept. He again called Mike (the investment guy) to talk about his progress. Astonished at Derek's tenaciousness, Mike began a series of conversations with Derek to flesh out the direction of the app development and possible marketing routes and determined Nyoobe meets Mike's investment parameters:

  • It solves a shared problem for billions of people
  • It has multiple avenues of growth
  • It has a strong management team with individual decades of relevant experience
  • Nyoobe participates in a $30 Trillion market.

Excitement was building along with the app! Mike joined the team full-time shortly after.

Murphy's Law

Just as things were going well and Derek was building the team, the developer Derek hired became in over his head with the Nyoobe project. The data intensive application put his team behind on several milestones forcing a change and significant loss of time. Derek contracted with Nikos Computer Engineering and brought Tim Clark on board. Tim's experienced team knocked out the initial version of the project in several months.

The Teams that made it happen

Now Nyoobe is in the U.S. app stores and ready for business

The Nyoobe app was accepted into the Apple store after a significant series of reviews and an even longer review was conducted by ProPay, Nyoobe's merchant services provider. Google Play followed. After a series of testing, Nyoobe is ready for the global market.

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"The modern day Groupon without the baggage." ~ Kevin Harrington
"Word of mouth is still a very popular way of spreading the word about a product or service. The Nyoobe app takes referral marketing to a new level because all you need to do is make a referral on social media, which is where more people go anyway. The best part? You get paid whenever you make a referral. Game changer, for sure!" ~ Jeffrey Hayzlett
"This is a phenomenal idea!" ~ Jonathan Foltz

Members are joining every day along with increasing numbers of transactions. But what has happened ahead of our timeline is that businesses are signing up on their own with out a referral coming from a Nyoobe member or other form of advertisement.

Our team is growth oriented. Every member has an equity stake and committed to the endeavor.

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