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Own real estate for $100 (“Robinhood of real estate.” - Yahoo Finance)

Last Funded March 2023


raised from 2,977 investors


🦄 Own a $500M+ U.S. real estate pipeline
🚀 2021: 2.31x returns, $250M+ AUM, $5.22M EBITDA
🔥 Fastest-growing real estate investor community
🎥 1.8M+ community with 60M+ views in 2023
💯 First Reg. CF real estate company to pay back investors
📲 Trade/exit your investment in 12 months
📺 Award-winning team with 5M+ social media followers
👍 #yfwtb

Our Team

We want to create 100,000 millionaires from underserved communities by 2030.

In 2020, the pandemic created a downturn that wiped out $6 trillion in wealth in just days, kicking off fears of economic uncertainty—and highlighting a scary wealth gap.  

As a response, we opened up access to our self-funded real estate portfolio, hoping to be a beacon of hope and contribute to the reduction of the wealth gap in our own way.

Our overall mission was—and is—to create 100,000 millionaires of color by 2030, with a 36-month target to reach $100M in assets under management (AUM).

Instead, we f*^%#% crushed that, adding $478M to our real estate pipeline, acquired 1500+ luxury apartments ($211M+ AUM), and set a record as the fastest real estate company to sell $1M via. Reg CF. (A record we’ve since broken on this page.)

More importantly...

NYCE brought together/created thousands of first-time BIPOC investors during a pandemic! 🙏

They’re even calling us the “Robinhood of real estate.” 

In addition, we’ve created technology to break down barriers to ownership to open up access to people of color—all colors—excluded from opportunity along the way.

Why do we do this?

Our mission is simple. To give access to ownership to those that never had it.

In America, right now, there’s a wealth gap between those who have and those who don’t. As of today, median Black wealth is projected to drop to $0 by 2053 (and Hispanics aren’t far behind).

The number one driver of this? Absence of real estate ownership in underserved communities.

Just holding real estate ALONE has created more millionaires than any other asset class. That’s why we want to make real estate ownership accessible to ALL.

Not just the “accredited investors.” Hence our 2030 mission. To normalize financial literacy and make real estate ownership available to EVERYONE.

TRACTION: What we’ve done so far…

Since our 2020 launch, we’ve helped create 6000+ first-time investors from marginalized communities, with as little as $79. And now $1 in TEMPLE I.

In addition, we’ve become the fastest real estate startup to sell $1M via Reg. CF., built a $211M+ asset portfolio along with a 1.2M+ strong community of wealth-hackers.

And to this day, to retain control, we haven’t taken a single venture capital dollar.

Yet, in just 12 months, we surpassed (and outpaced) heavily-VC backed fintechs across several growth metrics MOM and YOY, including user growth and active AUM.

(As a direct apples-to-apples comparison, DiversyFund raised capital in the pandemic at a $93.7M valuation with ~2860 users.)

Here’s how we match up with some of our VC-backed peers…

And our community growth vs. the industry…

NYCE: How it works…

NYCE investors can invest in the NYCE portfolio or in the eligible, individual properties for as little as $100. 📌

With our dedicated NYCE trading portal, investors can buy and trade digital shares in eligible NYCE offerings with as little as $1 like the example below. 📲

NOTE: The picture is for illustrative purposes only and does not reflect the actual trading value of TEMPLE I.

What you’ll co-own…

Upon listing NYCE on the platform, SAFEs convert to stock. 

And you’ll own a piece of the entire entity that owns the NYCE portfolio—including our $250M (as of 2022) active portfolio and $450M+ pipeline of properties:

A traditionally illiquid asset class, NYCE’s aim is to help investors have a pathway to liquidity. Per Reg. CF rules, investments become eligible for trading after 12 months.

Our aim is to give investors in this offering access to liquidity on our trading portal at the 12-month mark—a much quicker exit vs. the average 5-7 year holding for real estate.

Oh, by the way, we kinda blew up on social, too...

This also happened along the way...

Which we now leveraged into an exclusive wealth-building community called the TRIBE, our own personal hang-out spot for our investors, followers, and fellow wealth-hackers.

(Yes, Martin, Philip and friends are active in there.)

Anyway, back to the INVESTMENT!

We’re doing a limited round this time to cap off an EPIC 2022 and continue to spread the love. THIS time around, we’ll open up at an even lower minimum investment amount ($100) than last so more people can join.

Real estate is the number one driver of wealth...and wealth inequality 📌

Just holding real estate ALONE has created more millionaires than any other asset class. That’s why we want to make real estate ownership accessible to ALL.

Real estate vs. stock market: How real estate performs

Here’s a chart that shows the strength of the real estate asset class over time—including four of the top publicly-traded landlords in the US vs. the broader market:

For 2023 and beyond, we intend to break down the barriers of real estate ownership even further. Lower minimums (like $1 on TEMPLE I), more product, more access, more wealth.

NYCE 5-yearpro-forma financials

The above chart contains forward projections which cannot be guaranteed. 

More importantly, we want to give people of ALL backgrounds the opportunity to own the type of real estate the Blackstones and Blackrocks own.

Not just the “accredited investors.” But EVERYONE.

With as little as $1. 🙏

Again, every decision we make is stress-tested against a very basic question:

“Does this bring us closer to 100,000 new millionaires by 2030?”

If so, then yes, we do it.

And here we are.