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Nwicode a service for quickly creating mobile apps for IOS and Android #NoCode


We made not just a mobile app builder, we made it work with AI and augmented reality
Even the CEO of GitHub agrees that the future is for development without code.
Businesses need new and affordable technologies, Nwicode makes this available. 168% growth in 2021
November 2020 set a historical record in the shopping app segment, an increase of 65% from 2016
In 2021, mobile device sales are projected to make up 75% of all e-Commerce sales.
Gartner predicts that code-free app development will account for 65% of the market in 2024.
Nwicode became a strategic partner of Creative Cloud Adobe in 2021
Integration with the best IT giants: AWS Amazon, Shopify, Stripe, Facebook, Wordpress

Our Team

Founder and CEO
The Nwicode idea came about because small businesses deserve to get new technologies at an affordable price to compete with the big giants. Our mission is to create the simplest and most convenient service for businesses and their end users.
Until 2014, we developed web sites, then moved on to developing native applications. We developed several applications for large customers, the cost and timing were very high not every company could afford it. So the idea was born to make a single platform, so that anyone could create a mobile application regardless of its budget.
Semion Matyash Founder/CTO
My passion for robotics and programming has turned my hobby into a job through which I have helped hundreds of companies automate their businesses.
Alesya Sizova CCO - chief business officer
My charm and ability to listen to people is my main tool in negotiating with partners and colleagues.

App creator for business without writing code Easiest and most effective platform that will enable businesses to use service as an online growth strategy

In 2021, a digital product without a mobile app will lose a significant portion of its audience. Approximately the same story happened at the turn of the century: at the beginning of the noughties, the absence of a site in a serious organization was considered a bad idea, and then the task was greatly simplified by site designers (later - landing pages). Now the ball is ruled by mobile applications, and many are trying to make them with the help of various designers.

Large IT companies and retailers, such as Amazon, Tik Tok, Ali Baba, etc., can easily afford the use of AI, which makes them more successful in providing their services to the end customer.

But for small and medium-sized businesses, this is not always affordable and the lag in development in front of competitors can reach from 3 to 5 years.

Today, many companies have started to order their own mobile applications, spending from 5-10 thousand dollars on them and waiting from 3 to 6 months.

What if they could launch it in a couple of days and spend no more than $ 100?

So, we developed the Nwicode platform, which not only helps small businesses save tens of thousands of dollars, but also increases the growth and value of the company itself, making their customers more loyal.

Website vs. App, which wins and why!

It’s a digital showdown: between the 2 mightiest platforms in the world right now.

It’s a digital showdown, a face-off between the two mightiest fundamental digital platforms in the world right now.

In the Red Corner...

With over 1.7 billion websites in total worldwide, websites have grown to become more accessible, faster and more advanced. Web design and development are accessible to brands and businesses around the world.

Building your own website has become simpler thanks to hosted drag-and-drop services. You no longer need a degree in web design or any coding knowledge whatsoever to build a stunning, SEO-optimised website.

In the Blue Corner...

With over 2.8 million apps on Google Play and 1.96 million on the Apple App Store, apps are the rising star of the digital universe.

218 billion apps were downloaded in 2020 and according to Statista, app revenue is forecast to grow from $581 billion in 2020 to a whopping $935 billion in 2023.

Mobile apps are also now becoming easier to build, Nwicode can provide custom-made apps within just 2 weeks!

Modern web browsing is mobile-first. We prioritise smartphone browsing over desktop browsing and apps play a pivotal role here.

Nwicode Democratizes Mobile App Development

Today, the skill of coding prevents billions of people from bringing their ideas to life. We believe this needs to change. We believe anyone should be able to create an app regardless of their technical expertise.

Because a world where only 0.3% of people can solve problems is a world missing 99.7% of its potential.

We don’t believe the no code space should replace coders. Instead, we believe it should free up developers to tackle even more complicated problems and push technology to new heights!

app creator

We have strong competitors who have been on the market for more than 5 years, in total they have attracted more than 3 million users, such as: Appy Pie, Shoutem, AppMachine, iBuildApp.

"Before we get to that, let me talk about the category of platforms that we call mobile developers."

Many different functions have been created, all of them are blurry and not useful enough, there is a wrapper, but there is no filling. You can create a store, but you won't find the full functionality to manage it, no marketing tools, no good analytics, etc.

For full management, the application must integrate with other systems and platforms, which makes the work of managers and administrators very difficult.

They all have one common problem - they are created for everyone, but with very limited capabilities. Therefore, they are only suitable for startups.

But if you look at them carefully, what they have done new in these five years - nothing! This means that their customers are also lagging behind their competitors in development.

Nwicode eliminates all these problems by providing all the tools in one window!

Usage examples: Clothing store with more than 1000 items, how to find the right thing?

It's so easy! You can do this by uploading your photo to the search, and you will immediately see the product.

Do you want to make an appointment with a stylist? No problem, do it by voice, artificial intelligence will offer you options and an available date, you will only need to confirm.

Convincing? And that's not all we're developing on Nwicode ...

All management in one panel: store, service booking, analytics, CRM, wallet, etc.


The chart below displays how funds will be used to help Nwicode succeed. As the company grows, our management team will reassess the timing and need for its Series A funding to further fuel Nwicode growth.

Meet Our Amazing Team
Our team consists of people who have extensive experience in technology and marketing and live all over the world, including parts of the United States, as well as in various locations abroad — Turkey, Italy, France, Russia, South Africa, London and Brazil. And every day this list only grows.

Become an owner of Nwicode - a positive social impact with great financial growth potential
Invest now to facilitate the development and implementation of new services for millions of companies that find it difficult to compete with large corporations. With your investment, we will complete the pilot development of Nwicode, conduct an analytical study of the demand for new services, and try to implement them within a year.