Plant Based Milk Maker: Make At-Home Nut Milk In Minutes!

Last Funded February 2023


raised from 233 investors


Machine can make any type of milk, including soy & rice milk
$2.7MM in sales in 12 months (over 17K Nutr Machines sold)
Contracts signed with several nationwide retailers, including Best Buy, Nordstrom, and Macys
$9B bottom-up TAM

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Our Team

After moving to the U.S. in 2009 following the passing of my father, I made it my life’s mission to fulfill his last wish and become a college graduate. Now as an entrepreneur, I strive to provide families across the globe with a healthy way to make plant-based milks and make the world a better place with each and every pour.


Nutr is changing the way we milk. Millions of people around the globe have turned to plant-based milk to better their health and the environment. We set out to create a convenient way to make delicious plant-based milk at home in a matter of minutes.

As part of the health and wellness community, we understand the importance of putting all-natural whole foods into your body to feel your absolute best. We know how challenging it can be to be met with mass-produced alternatives filled with artificial ingredients, unnecessary sugars, and emulsifiers. Dairy-free milks found at the store are no exception. In addition to the unhealthy ingredients and additives in many store-bought dairy milk alternatives, the amount of waste in single-use cartons is nuts! On average, 17 billion milk cartons find their way into landfills each year.

Thankfully, Nutr is on a mission to change that!

We’re shifting the power of meaningful ingredients back to the everyday customer, by providing a convenient and health-centered solution to making plant-based milk at home.

Did you know that 1 in 3 U.S. adults are avid non-dairy milk drinkers? That’s the nutty truth! With 70% of the population being lactose intolerant, there’s no wonder plant-based milk has become a highly sought after commodity while grocery shopping. 

The $9B bottom up TAM goes to show that this market sector isn’t going anywhere! With more and more individuals making the conscious decision to live a healthier lifestyle, we believe this is only the beginning for the plant-based milk industry (and the end of the dairy one).

As a conscientious consumer with a lactose intolerance, Alicia and her family wanted to seek the best plant-based milk. What should be a healthy product quickly showed its true colors (by a mere glance at the ingredient panel).

Alicia grew up watching her mother make plant-based milks, but couldn’t see that lengthy process working for her busy lifestyle. At that point in time, it became clear that she needed to make a change that would positively impact not only the lives of her own family, but families around the world.

Having launched in 2021, Nutr saw an immediate response to our product offering. Bringing in $2.7MM within the first 12 months (that’s over 17,000 Nutr Machines sold) while maintaining a 73% average gross margin, we’re just getting started!

Current business model and sales channels:

> 60% direct to consumer (online .com sales)

> 30% Amazon

> 10% online retail partners

    This model will continue to shift and balance over time as we dedicate building out our teams and resources.

    So, what’s the latest and greatest in the world of Nutr? We’re improving the functionality and design of our classic Nutr machine through further research and most importantly customer feedback. The Nutr Machine 2.0 features a simplified user interface, a built-in strainer to make prep time even easier, as well as a more powerful internal blade to really chop those nuts. 

    > Single serving | perfect for freshness and reducing waste

    > Heat setting | Make any type of milk, including rice and soy milk

    > Sleek design | Premium look to match the premium kitchen

    > Compact size | Ideal for countertops, travel, and small spaces

    Nutr prioritizes our customer’s lifestyle and makes the process of switching from store-bought milk alternatives to homemade versions a snap. We define our target audience as four individual personas: The Health-Conscious, Home Cook, Eco-Conscious, and Parents.

    Each of these segments prioritizes health and wellness in their day to day choices. Supporting companies that prioritize sustainability and giving back is high on their wishlist while shopping for various products.

    We are making the most of our go-to-market strategy by scaling rapidly, creating strong brand recognition, and building customer loyalty. We’re expanding our product offering to include a monthly subscription option for those who never want to run out of their favorite ingredients for their go-to Nutr recipe. 

    Over the next 1-3 years we’ll be expanding our wholesale accounts and increasing our retail partners to capture both broader online and brick & mortar sales. We’ll also be expanding our product line by introducing Nutr Blend wellness powders for deliciously flavored milks, creating new Nutr Machines with larger size capacity, as well as creating a commercial-grade machine for coffee and juice bars around the world. 

    At Nutr, we pride ourselves on what our customers think of us. We have dedicated teams and efforts to make sure each and every one of our customers is beyond satisfied with their purchase.

    In addition to signed contracts with the retailers shown above, we’re also in talks with other partners such as Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue.