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💪🏳️‍🌈LGBTQ Proud, Female-Founded Company Led by a Former CPA and Successful Entrepreneur
🏆 We Have Roasted 5+ Top-Rated Coffees in the World
😇 Our Lead Investor is a Renowned Serial Entrepreneur, Accelerator & Advocate -Silvia Mah PhD, MBA
🧪 Innovative Brew Technology Perfectly Engineered for Convenience and Taste

Our Team

Our entire team is obsessed with coffee and our goal is to never let anyone settle again for a sub-optimal coffee experience.

Welcome to the New Era of Instantly Better Coffee

Award-winning Coffee, Perfectly Engineered for Convenience and Taste

With our coffee in a brew bag, the coffee consumer never has to settle again for a sub-optimal coffee experience. In fact, they can make an exceptional cup of coffee using only hot water, our compostable brew bag, and a mug anytime, anywhere. Although the brewing method is simple, the science behind the brew bag innovation is not. 

We obsessed over this concept and tailored our coffee to find the ideal qualities needed to make the brew bag taste exceptional. 

We discovered the perfect:

  • Coffee Varietal
  • Origins
  • Processing Methods
  • Roast Profiles 
  • Blend Ratios
  • Micron Particle Size 
  •  Off-gassing Time 
  • Extraction Yield 


  • Brew Directions

To make the coffee in a brew bag taste just like a pour-over!


Our first 5,000 brew bags were launched in June 2021 

We sold out in 2 hours...

Our next Drop is November 2021

Our brew boxes are sold direct-to-consumer in 10-count boxes for $25. That's a 92-Point coffee for $2.50/cup. Goodbye $5 pour-overs or $3 batch brews, hello awesome.

We are also in negotiations with some of the world's largest office coffee and hotel coffee suppliers to sell bulk individual brew bags. 

Why We are Different From Our Competitors

Four Reasons:

1. We created our brew bag with one constituent in mind--the consumer. We put in the time, science and research, so the consumer can have an exceptional cup of coffee hassle-free. 

2. We tailored our brew bags to be just as good as the coffee inside them. That means a 92-point coffee should taste like one when you brew it using a brew bag. It now does. 

3. Lastly, we don't apply a one size fits all approach and co-pack other roasters' coffee for a steep price. Rather, we work with a local partner and our in-house team to roast, source, and make these bags simply remarkable. 

4. We have and will continue to roast the highest-rated coffees in the world. 

It's About More Than Just Exceptional Coffee

It's about doing the right thing, PERIOD.  That is why 5% of our revenue goes directly back to producers like our dear friends Andres Cardona and Felipe Trujillo in Colombia! As we grow, they grow. We see this fund being massive someday. With that, we'll be able to offer grants to producers around the world and we'll ALWAYS visit them and help in any way we can.

How We Got Started:

In 2018, Taylor started Nostalgia Coffee as a mobile cafe--the first of its kind in Southern California! From the vibe to its superior quality beverages, this is truly a third-wave cafe on the go. Wherever Nostalgia is, a unique and workable cafe experience pops up (tables, music, and all)!

Since the founding of the mobile cafe, revenue has grown from $5,000/month to $25,000/month! We plan to keep the mobile cafe on the go for years to come coasting the roads of SoCal and providing coffee at some of the most prestigious events in the county.

What About Cafes?

The primary focus for Nostalgia is the national and international growth of the brew bags; however, we plan to grow our physical presence via cafes throughout the country. It is extremely important for our consumers to interact with Nostalgia in person just as much as online! We plan to open 1-2 cafes in San Diego in 2022 and at least 5 cafes in the next 3 years. 

Invest in Diversity

We are a gay woman-founded company that is proud to be disrupting the coffee industry. Diversity, inclusion, and equity are paramount to our company. We are a coffee company for everyone. From the farmers we work with to our team and community, we ensure everyone is treated with dignity and respect. We work with women-owned farms and washing stations and ensure they are paid what allows them, their families, and their communities to thrive. With our team, we always pay a living wage, never a minimum wage. Below are our values laid out for you.