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🌎 Using Anchorage as hub between Asia & U.S. unlocks low-cost model.
🧑🏼‍🤝‍🧑🏻 Doing $90M in 2022 just from Ravn Alaska, its regional airline also based in Anchorage.
💲 High fuel prices increase Northern Pacific's cost advantage.
📈 Icelandair ($1.5B revenue per year) proves the potential of one-stop, hub-and-spoke model.

Our Team

We have a unique structural advantage in doing "Icelandair for Asia" as the largest regional carrier in Alaska. We also believe our timing is perfect with pent-up leisure travel demand and the re-opening of Korea and Japan. We think it's an amazing opportunity not just for our airline, but for Alaska itself and the world's connection to it!

Welcome to the Northern Pacific

We bought Ravn, the regional airline of Alaska (since 1948), out of bankruptcy in 2020.

Our revenues were ~$50M in 2021, and are on pace for ~$70M in 2022.

But for 2023, we have much bigger plans.

This year, we renamed the airline Northern Pacific Airways, and are launching transpacific flights (with a stopover in Alaska, per the Icelandair and Copa Airlines model) between the lower 48 and Japan and Korea in 2023! See our new site at for details.

Our timing could not be better.

Not just because of the opening up of Japan and Korea and backlog of "revenge travel", but also the lower cost to acquire aircraft, plus some matters out of our control... as discussed in this video (with 4M views):

We just received authority from the U.S. Department of Transportation to operate 8 large jets. We have already acquired four 757-200s and are in the process of getting them re-certified for flight operations. We expect to be fully FAA certified by December/January.

And so, we are taking this opportunity to let our friends, family, customers, and all Alaskans to participate in the next step in the evolution of Alaskan aviation!

The Deck:

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.
Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.