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Decision Support SaaS for Autism Outcomes


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$4M valuation cap
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Voted "Crowd Favorite" at 5 Across Pitch Competition. #SocialProof
We've got a crack team of successful founders with multiple successful exits. #Team
Amanda Ralston- serial Founder: 2 ABA clinics in 2 decades with last exit to KKR-back group in 2019.
Ralston is an award-winning businessperson and jobs creator.

Our Team

Better care for autism is possible.

"How many of you know someone impacted by autism?"

Every time I ask this question, I KNOW over half of the room will raise their hands - in any room.

I'm a 25 year veteran to the field I'm creating solutions for - Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA Therapy).

I'm a serial founder, and award-winning entrepreneur, and international thought leader and invited speaker.

In 1999, when I first learned about autism in my textbook at Centre College, it told me that autism was diagnosed in 1 in every 1000 individuals.

And that the gold standard treatment was something called Applied Behavior Analysis or "ABA Therapy"

There was no funding. There was no insurance coverage. There were very few providers. And certification for ABA providers had just started.

Today autism is as prevalent as 1:44 individuals.

There is now insurance coverage mandated in all 50 states. But the service market has outpaced quality.

The result is poor quality, overloaded and dangerous care, and burnout for a young group of providers.

The solution? We're taking a proven medical community technology - and for the first time - "reimagineering" it for ABA and those who care about autism and neurodiversity.

CDSS have been in healthcare for 4 decades, but are new to this market.

It's not a tree with black/white decisions - it "thinks" in shades of gray because human solutions are Not Binary.

Most of the "competitors" listed here are either not using actual CDSS or have limitations to their scope of practice.

NBS aims to create a synergy between the autism care market and the clinical decision support market.

This is a very conservative estimate of our target markets.

We're the right team, creating the right tools, at the right time.

I've (Ralston) surrounded myself with seasoned founders with successful exits, and VC experience.

And all who have worked together in the past.

We have a unique niche to capture. I am my own ICP. I will leverage my considerable networks to drive adoption.

I have several upcoming invited speaking events directed to this audience, as well as my new podcast "Decisions, Decisions" - where providers can listen to me evangelize these technologies while earning Continuing Education credits.

Our team is lean, and I'm wearing most of the hats including sales, marketing, and clinical design. So the first $500k will go to development, analytics, and iteration.