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Professional sous vide cooker built for the home chef.

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Lisa Fetterman: The Connection of Food
July 6, 2015
Lisa Q. Fetterman is the founder and CEO of Nomiku. She was recently named Forbes 30 Under 30. Lisa’s culinary sensibilities were honed at the best restaurants in the world like Babbo, Jean Georges, and Saison. She has a sophisticated writing and editing background with a BA in Journalism from the prestigious NYU Arthur L. Carter of Journalism. She’s worked for Hearst Corporation in their digital media department and has helped publish multiple New York Times Bestsellers with SMITH Magazine.
A spa for your steak: Sous vide tempts home cooks
July 2, 2015
In 2012, backed by a tech accelerator, the Fettermans turned the solder-it-yourself device into a mass-market one; their first Kickstarter brought in $586,000, showing the collective fascination that other early adopters had about the device. When Nomiku’s immersion circulator came out in late 2013, it was the first clip-on device on the market.
5 Food Tech Innovations to Look For at the ‘Bite’ Conference in Silicon Valley
June 4, 2015
“We’re so honored and thrilled to be part of Bite Silicon Valley; it’s the perfect fit for us as a tech company, enabling home cooks and pro chefs alike to make amazing food,” said Patrick Wong, Nomiku’s marketing manager.
Maker Q&A: Lisa Fetterman, Creator of The Nomiku Sous Vide Stick
April 24, 2015
People in the tech community recognize that not a lot of tech is going on in the kitchen. So we are not thinking about incremental innovation — we’re not making a phone screen that’s just slightly wider. The changes that we’re starting to see are super dramatic. Both sides — the food side and the tech side — recognize that and they feel it dearly. When something new comes around in food and tech it definitely makes a splash.
YC-Backed Nomiku, Maker of An Affordable Sous Vide Machine, Gets Into Software With Tender App
March 11, 2015
This is the Maker movement. We’re makers and this is all about changing the economy from the bottom up.
Cooking With an App: Smart Sous Vide Device Gets Backing
August 19, 2014
The second generation Nomiku heats water faster and attaches to the front of just about any pot. With their sophomore product, the creators say they are emphasizing making sous vide accessible to home chefs of any level.
Lean Hardware Strategy Lets Kickstarter Breakout Nomiku ‘In-Shore’ Manufacturing Back To The U.S.
August 18, 2014
“We can iterate much faster here,” said co-founder Lisa Fetterman. “China is great if you have your design down pat. But if you’re creating something new that nobody’s ever seen before, you need to rapidly prototype.”
Sous-vide startup wants to take the tech-industry’s kitchen darling mainstream
August 17, 2014
”When I first tasted a sous-vide egg it was so custardy and good,” she said. “I thought, if I know that I can cook good food this easy then why the hell would I ever want to go back? People need to eat well. We want to eat real food and we want to savor the food.”
2015 30 Under 30: Food & Wine
June 8, 2014
Fetterman is changing the way homes cook forever by creating the first home immersion circulator for sous vide cooking. Her machine, Nomiku, allows anybody to sous vide with its award winning compact design. Although it was made specifically for the home, it is coveted by top restaurants like Saison and noma -- and even the White House.
Coolest Crowdfunded Food Projects
June 8, 2014
Dismayed at the high cost of immersion circulators, Jean-Georges–alum Lisa Q. Fetterman; her astrophysicist husband, Abe Fetterman; and Wipop Bam Suppipat, an industrial designer with a culinary degree from the French Culinary Institute, invented the Nomiku, a sous vide machine made specifically for home cooks.
Ingredients of Success: Lisa Q. Fetterman’s Journey from the Kitchen to a Crowdfunded Triumph
June 8, 2014
Gaining the distinction of having raised the highest amount of money for any product within its category with just the first campaign alone, Nomiku raised nearly $600,000 within 30 days. Then the company went on to break its own record by raising $750,000 with its next project. Today the Nomiku is in kitchens from the White House to Michelin-starred restaurants around the world.
I'm No Chef, But Here's How I Made The Perfect Steak At Home Read more:
April 22, 2014
I tried out the Nomiku with the intent to cook steak. I'm not a chef, and steak seemed like a daunting dish to prepare in my apartment kitchen. But the Nomiku made it incredibly easy, and I felt like a professional chef as I sat down to eat my perfectly cooked steak.
March 14, 2014
Nomiku is an excellent, well-designed product with very few flaws. Despite the fact that it’s the smallest immersion circulator in the game, it can cook sous vide just as well as any other device on the market.
February 14, 2014
New and improved tools have come in reach of the home cook, who can now prepare a perfectly soft 63°C egg or super-slow-cooked, incredibly tender beef brisket with the simple adjustment of a dial.
A Love Story That Spawned A Hardware Revolution In The Kitchen
November 1, 2013
“When we started, the cheapest immersion circulator was $1,000. We completely disrupted the whole market and we’re making a whole, completely new one.”
30 Under 30: Rock Stars Redefining the Industry
June 20, 2012
Having just raised $750,000 in her second Kickstarter, her team is working with food scientist Harold McGee to manufacture a smaller, second-generation, WiFi-enabled Nomiku in the BayAream and plans to release a companion app for users to crowdsource cooking tips.
Turn Any Pot Into a Sous Vide With This Portable Gadget
June 20, 2012
The Nomiku is a portable sous vide that turns any pot into a slow-cooking water bath. The immersion circulator attaches to the side of any pot, and warms and swishes your water just like those high-priced sous vide machines already on the market.
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