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Invest in Noble Story Co.

A studio that makes movies worth re-watching

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You'll own equity AT THE COMPANY LEVEL in a new film studio using a proven business model.
We use the funds to ACQUIRE GREAT STORIES, which are bank financed with budgets between $7mm - $35mm
Investors get paid when each film is financed, BEFORE FILMING STARTS.
After each film begins global distribution, investors receive their proportional share from GLOBAL PROFITS.
Currently developing FIVE FILMS and TWO SERIES, focusing on "stories that deserve re-watching."
Our project teams have wide-ranging experience including NETFLIX, LIONSGATE, FOX, UNIVERSAL, SONY PICTURES, and more.
Our executive leadership team has over 30 YEARS of combined business and producing experience.

Our Team

Entertainment should be more than just a time filler - it should contribute something to the world. But these type of stories take time and resources to bring to the screen - hence, Noble Story Co.!

Want to own a film studio?

How about a film studio that makes movies you actually want to watch?  By investing as little as $100, you can become a film studio owner.

Imagine saying THAT to your friends... while watching one of your movies.

Disclaimer: Investors are only eligible to receive a return if the company succeeds. There's no guarantee that the company will reach a revenue-generating point to be able to repay investors.

Need more info?

If you've read this far, you're a fan.  So, let us tell you a bit more about what makes our company so exciting!

We're using a proven business model, but in a new way!

Film production companies are nothing new, and we're using the same sophisticated and proven business approach trusted by the most successful independent production companies.  

This business plan involves acquiring and developing story IP, utilizing the development capital provided by investors like you.  The production budgets of our films are largely funded by entertainment banks, and protected by completion bonds.

We work with established industry leaders during every phase of our projects - including top-shelf screenwriters, insurance brokers, directors, agents, studio executives, and more.  We also connect our films to the global market of filmgoers by engaging licenses with the world's leading distributors.

What's different about Noble Story Co. is we are a fan-owned company.  Do you want a say in which movies Hollywood makes?  Well, now you can speak up and support the films you want made.

You're investing in a company, not a movie.

We are inviting you to own equity in our film production company.  By owning a part of our film studio, you'll play a part in each of our films and relax in knowing that your risk and profits are diversified across a number of individual films.

We don't finance production budgets.

Unlike other production companies, Noble Story Co. does not finance production budgets.  Instead, we use our company resources to find and acquire "stories worth re-watching," develop them into production ready packages, and use a sophisticated finance plan for each picture which includes bank loans, accredited investors, and tax incentives.

We (you) get paid when production starts.

And unlike other film investment opportunities, you don't have to worry about box office success, "waterfall payments," or whether theaters will ever come back.  No matter how deal structures change, our revenue source won't be affected.  Because we don't finance production budgets, our revenue comes from a Development Fee, which is payed out of the production budget just like the Director Fee, Producer Fees, and Actor Fees. 

Be a part of stories worth re-watching.

For as little as $100, you can become a film studio owner, and even more importantly, help us change the world by telling meaningful stories..  It's time to put that money to work doing something truly worthwhile. Will you join us?