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A home exchange membership for remote workers & digital nomads
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You can work from anywhere, so why aren’t you? It's time to turn your home into a travel asset 🏠

Noad is a membership-based home exchange network. Instead of paying "double-rent" when you travel, host members while you're away and gain access to other member homes around the world for $0/night.

Noad uses a simple Credit system: earn Credits anytime you're away from home and spend those Credits to travel anywhere on the network. The Credit system enables our members to eliminate accommodation costs while traveling.

Noad is a member-owned travel platform built for today's flexible workforce. 

Become a Founding Member by investing in our Community Round here on Wefunder. You'll receive equity in Noad and a membership to travel on the network. Share in Noad's future upside and receive immediate value when you join.

This is an opportunity for you to invest in a tech startup at the earliest stage. As Noad continues to grow and succeed, you will own a piece of that success proportional to your investment.

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How does shareholder equity work on Wefunder? How many shares do I get for my investment? Please do your own research on investing with a SAFE agreement. We highly suggest you read Wefunder's (actually helpful) FAQs:

1. The time is now

Knowledge workers have gained the ability to work from anywhere through hybrid work. However... they are cost-prohibited to action, lacking affordable and reliable work-ready housing options to choose from while away from home.

2. Opportunity where existing housing solutions fail 🎯

We all want to travel more, work from anywhere, or take a month long "workation". Rising accommodation costs are the primary reason most of us don't.

“After 5 years traveling as full-time remote workers, we have intimately experienced the problem: existing housing solutions fail to solve for remote work, affordability, flexibility, or stays longer than one week.”

3. Invest in something people want 🌎

We launched a simple product in May and before we knew it, Noad had member homes in 20 countries in just 6 weeks. We've identified a value proposition that resonates with people around the world.

We are building from the ground up, starting with a strong focus on our community.

Revenue note: In August, Noad pivoted to an annual membership model - previously charging $10/night with no membership.

5 Years, 40 countries and 1,100 nights in Airbnbs...

The idea for Noad sparked when Jonah rented a friend's apartment in Whistler, Canada for 3 months to enjoy the ski season. The friend, Mike, works remotely for Shopify which has a “Work From Anywhere” employee program that encourages all employees to work abroad for 90 days/year. Mike had always wanted to use this benefit but couldn't justify paying double-rent for 3 months...

🔗Read our Founding Story here.

No, hosts do not make money on Noad. And that's the beauty. Simply keep paying your rent/mortgage and join a $0/night travel club!

Check out the details:

For more "how it works" questions, check out the 🔗FAQ page on our website.

Noad operates on a simple membership model. We believe travel should be affordable for everyone, and now it is.

TL;DR: We are taking this proven business model to a new, broad, international audience: today's modern workforce.

Since the very beginning, we envisioned building a company that could somehow share ownership with our most valuable asset: our users.

When we learned that a Community Round was an option, we immediately saw it as a huge step towards realizing our vision of sharing the upside with the value creators, rather than outside investors.

Additionally, the Noad network hinges on building trust between members. With the Community Round, we’re creating a system where our Founding Members actually own their share of the platform. When our members have ownership of their home, their travel experiences, and the platform enabling them to maximize both, the quality of each interaction on Noad will increase.

We have closed a Pre-Seed Round from a group of individual Angel Investors and are growing quickly. We are raising this Community Round to accelerate our growth and reach 600 members within 12 months.

Note: Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

An investment in Noad today is a long-term, 3+ year bet on the growth and success of the company. Our commitment to all our members is transparency, so we've laid out two simplified outcomes below.

TL;DR: In the next 3 years, if we reach even 3,000 members (out of 127 million) - we will have built a compelling business, together.
Note: Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Number questions? 🔗Chat directly with one of the co-founders.

Our use of funds is simple: add more members and improve the travel experience for those members.

We have established partnerships with leading newsletters, podcasts, and service providers to bring Noad's value to a global audience. We will deploy capital in these areas and grow our marketing presence to attract new members.

To date, 30% of our members are personal referrals. We plan to lean heavily into our referral program, incentivizing members with Credits and perks for expanding the community through their trusted networks.

It's 2023. Customers have no patience for subpar software products, and neither do we.

This October, we'll be launching an entirely new online experience. We've listened to our members and are modernizing the entire travel experience for today's flexible traveler.

Features in development:

  • Wishlist: Providing personalized home suggestions for where members want to go
  • Availability: We're taking an innovative view on "availability" by adding an "I'm flexible" option to encourage members with location flexibility to get out there!
  • Improved search and filtering
  • Custom member chat, seamlessly approve or modify booking requests right from the chat
  • Local ambassador program with destination guides
  • And we're just getting started...

1. As an investor and Founding Member, here is the gist of your "bet":

  • An investment today is essentially a bet that in the future, Noad will be worth more than the current $3M valuation.
  • Noad's valuation increases with every new membership purchased and new home added, making the network more valuable.
  • After reaching our Year 1 goal of 600 members, we have a roadmap to 5x+ growth from Year 1 to Year 3.
  • By becoming a Founding Member and using your membership, you are immediately increasing the value of your investment. You hold the keys!

2. Read Wefunder's Investor FAQs:

You do not need to be an accredited investor to invest. Please do your own research on investing with a SAFE agreement.

3. We also hope you will view your financial bet on Noad as a vote for our mission:

A vote for affordable, reliable travel - set up for remote work by default. A vote to help more people have the incredible "work from anywhere" travel experiences that have changed our lives over the past 5 years.

If you are interested in becoming a Founding Member, click the red INVEST button on this page.